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meet the board event

Corporate Board Member's industry-leading events set the bar for content-rich of the board has unique oversight responsibilities to help the company meet the. Earlier Event: September African American Day Parade. Later Event: October 3. Black/African American Webcast Career Event. How Rolls-Royce devised its first 'Meet the board' After that, our next challenge was announcing the event to all 50, employees, many of.

Antony is determined to spend his time on the Board helping both manufacturers and builders alike have a voice in all aspects of the association, from legal assistance through to finance and advice.

meet the board event

Mark is MD of InEvexco and over the last 22 years has worked with contractors and suppliers within the event and exhibition industry, arranging bespoke specialised insurance and providing risk management advice. Having previously served on the board 5 years ago, Mark was proud to take the opportunity and be involved in the structure and strategy of the association when he was voted back onto the board in Mark has the greatest passion for the events industry as a whole and has endeavoured to support the companies and associations within it.

My experience and position as Operations Director at Mash Media gives me a rounded view of the industry.

Meet the BID Board Event – 7th June 6pm

Andrew sees on a daily basis how ESSA makes a difference and he enjoys very much being a part of the team that continues to drive ESSA into the future. Always trying to ensure practical solutions to the challenges that we face as an industry. Lou is looking forward to the opportunity to bring a different experience to the table during her time on the ESSA Board.

Steve Comar Director of Operations Freeman Ltd Over his year career associated to the exhibition industry, Steve has worked with numerous clients to help deliver cutting-edge brand experiences across the European region.

Career highlights include managing a team of 38 professionals to deliver more than events annually, with a particular focus on efficiency and innovation. As the aim of the meeting was discussion, it made sense that most of the minute meeting would be spent on a question and answer session.

meet the board event

After that, our next challenge was announcing the event to all 50, employees, many of whom are based abroad. It would have been impractical and costly to have people travelling from overseas to attend a minute meeting, but we still wanted to make the event relevant to everyone.

meet the board event

We thought about broadcasting live, but it would have been really disruptive in the middle of the day, particularly when many of our factory employees do not have ready access to a personal computer. People in different time zones would also have found it difficult to join in. We sent an email to all staff inviting them to submit a question for the board and UK-based employees were invited to apply for a place at the meeting.

Communications sent to employees outside the UK were translated into five languages and non-English speakers were given help submitting questions.

meet the board event

Posters were displayed in factories and workshop supervisors were given briefing packs so they could encourage their teams to submit questions. This meeting was designed to be a major step towards better engagement, so it was important that everyone was clear about what to expect. The board question and answer session needed to be an open and honest conversation — the only restriction we put on questions was to remind people that the board would not be able to comment on HR issues or individual matters.

Invitations Over 20, UK employees were invited to apply for a place at a meeting with seating for aboutso the fairest way to decide who got a place was via a ballot.

Although drawn at random, on a no names basis, we were careful to ensure we had representation across all sites, businesses, and staff and management grades. Rolls-Royce employees are a diverse group of people and we wanted the audience to reflect this. As well as UK employees, we worked with our travel coordinators and training teams to invite non-UK employees who were in the UK for business or training.

A number of seats were also reserved for our works council representatives, our European works council representatives, and the heads of our three employee resource groups, representing our African and Caribbean, LGBT, and female staff.

meet the board event

Attendees were sent a confirmation that included venue details and a data protection notification to make it clear that the meeting would be recorded. On the day After our AGM finished at Our community investment team had set up a number of exhibits at the AGM showcasing the work they do in schools and the communities where we are based. Each employee was given a programme and a name badge. The programme included housekeeping information about the venue and an overview of the board, including biographies.

Meet the BID Board Event - 7th June 6pm - Halesowen BID

The name badges helped our security team to see, at a glance, that each attendee had registered and also made the event a great networking opportunity for people from different businesses and sites who would ordinarily not get the chance to meet. The meeting started with a welcome from Chairman Ian Davis, who then invited Irene Dorner to talk about her new role as board champion for employee engagement and what this would mean for employees.

Questions and answers The session was a mix of questions from the floor and those submitted in advance. We thought people might feel a little nervous about being the first to stand up and ask a question, so we invited one of our works council representatives to start the ball rolling.