Meet the candidates 2013

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meet the candidates 2013

Candidate for Chair-elect: Megan Fresia (Milliken and Company). I am originally from Clearwater, FL. In , I graduated from Furman. The Wellfleet Community Forum hostedt a ”Meet the Candidates” Night on Thursday, April 11, at PM, at the Wellfleet Public Library at 55 West Main. "MEET THE CANDIDATES " FORUM, SPONSORED FOR THE FIRST TIME BY A COALITION OF LOCAL CIVIC GROUPS, IS SET FOR.

Accountability involves holding ourselves and others responsible for our actions and promises. The VTP proposal will help deal with issues of sustainability, parking problems, and unsafe driving. With Collaboration, we aim to unify the campus and academic schools by creating an environment where students not only identify with an academic school or major, but with IC as a whole. A way for students to feel a stronger identity to Ithaca College as a whole, is to increase the student voice at the administration level, by calling upon the administration to have more students on college- wide committees, where students can have direct interaction with their administrators to voice the student body's opinions.

The constructionists are also grounded by experience. Not only do we all have general SGA experience but we also have direct experience for each position: Scott Nachlis, our candidate for President, is a current ex-officio executive board member and has worked very closely with the current President and and the rest of the executive board to have a clear understanding of what is expected. The learning opportunities have been enormous.

I marvel at the generosity of people who give their time to run workshops, contests, write for publications, organize auctions and serve as jurors for SND. For more than three decades, these diehard volunteers have been busy, professional people with families and personal demands.

My heart has always been with SND.

meet the candidates 2013

I am ready to dive back in to the heart of the organization. Among my top interests would be finding possibilities to work with other organizations looking to collaborate on visual storytelling opportunities. The American Institute of Graphic Arts, for example, has seen an uptick in membership from the visual journalism world as newsrooms have downsized and more people have moved toward freelance projects.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the boards of AIGA and I see potential in developing new training events, social media conversation and cross-promotion.

meet the candidates 2013

Similarly, there might be outreach opportunities with the National Scholastic Press Associationthe Associated Collegiate Press and other student-focused groups looking for partners. Last but not least, there are endless possibilities for networking with The Poynter Institute. As the world of design increasingly intersects with technology and new platforms, the needs and opportunities are great for SND.

meet the candidates 2013

Thanks for considering me. I hope to be able to serve the Society for News Design. All the best, Sara Bio Sara Quinn teaches visual journalism, social media, writing forms, leadership and multimedia at the Poynter Institute. Sara teaches in-house workshops for newsrooms and universities around the world, most recently in Vienna, Madrid, Copenhagen, D. Sara has edited and designed magazines, websites, books and newspapers.

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Lee has been that newsroom utility guy since the mids, taking any job that comes along. He has built his portfolio covering city hall, drawing editorial cartoons and charts, writing columns and features, copy editing stories, designing pages and blogging. Design editor for Hearst Newspapers in Connecticut, Lee oversees design for four daily and seven weekly newspapers, in addition to special publications and prototypes.

He says for young people, he can talk directly to their issues. And for those voters older than him, Malthouse represents their children's future. I want to address our concerns. For a Green Party member, that means creating long-term, local jobs with a small ecological footprint through a sustainable economy platform. It also means proportional representation, the creation of a provincial parliamentary budget officer, and streamlining the government.

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Despite a background that aligns with the Green Party -- he was a 4-H club member, humanitarian charity fundraiser, ecological economics grad and PRIDE representative for his bank -- Malthouse has only recently become partisan. Malthouse criticizes Fleming for his sparse portfolio that's failed to address green jobs and who was, at one time, in favour of fracking.

He thinks now is the time for B. As she grew older, Lu connected with the youth of her area through her church and organizations seeking to engage young people in politics. Now she's looking to connect with them on a whole other level. As a wife, homeowner and daughter of entrepreneurs, Lu says she can relate to older adults' economical concerns as well.

She says she stands behind any government that, like the BC Liberals she says, is responsible when it comes to balanced budgets and avoiding debt. Premier Christy Clark is the inspiration for this Simon Fraser University political science graduate.

meet the candidates 2013

The year-old BC Conservatives candidate had the television on in the background, a distracting box that, along with reading newspapers, has been his main source of political engagement.