Meet the characters aot rc

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meet the characters aot rc

I stated the whole story with my City Skin, 'RC Boss City - Curtain Call'. Boss Titan that we fought against just after the Custom characters came out on RC Mod. I'll meet you on the other side, but hey- It's one in a million. Jan 1, Explore akemi arlert's board "eremika" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Shingeki no kyojin, Eremika and Rivamika. Review and Buy Attack On Titan 2 Nintendo Switch by Koei at the best price and offers your relationships with key characters in the 'Attack on Titan' universe.

Titan Shifters seem to age irregularly and it is yet to be confirmed whether some of them were originally humans or titans. A few Shifters have appeared during the series' run and all of them have had a great impact on the story. Eren Jaeger Eren is the main protagonist of the story and the half-titan hope of humanity.

He was completely unaware of his powers until they were awakened during his squad's first mission. Unlike the other half-titans, Eren's capabilities seem to be growing and he has yet to reach his full potential. Eren's titan blood is directly related to his late father, though he has a very vague recollection of his childhood.

Eren's titan form has quite a different look compared to his human form. His hair grows longer and his facial features are a far cry to from his normal look.

Like most half-titans, Eren has enhanced strength and endurance while he is a titan. Eren also possesses one of the most powerful abilities among half-titans called "The Coordinate". This power allows Eren to influence and control regular titans bending them to his will. He doesn't have full control of this power yet.

Aside from this power, Eren also acquires the skill of hardening which allows him to harden his body and create hardened structures. Annie Leonheart - The Female Titan Another graduate of the th training squad Eren's squadAnnie is one of the more exceptional fighters in their group. She is more of a lone wolf and doesn't get along well with most squad members. She's been trained to fight ever since she was little and has a knack for hand-to-hand combat. Annie's titan form is also very similar to her in terms of facial features and physique.

Her fighting prowess also increases with the stronger and faster titan form. While a titan, she possesses unbelievable endurance and can continuously chase a target for long periods of time. She also has the capability to harden portions of her body for defense or offense.

Another unique thing about Annie's titan is that she can call other titans and draw them towards her in a feeding frenzy. Bertolt Hoover - The Colossal Titan Bertolt is a quiet and reserved person who seems to always stick by his childhood friend Reiner.

He is a graduate of the same squad as Eren and was also formerly a member of the Survey Corps before his true identity as the colossal titan was revealed. A lot of mystery still surrounds the origin and home of Bertolt. Bertolt's titan form is the largest titan to ever be encountered and is the lone 60 meter class titan. His size allows him to rise above walls and gives him enormous strength.

Aside from his size and strength he also has the ability to heat his body and nearby surroundings to extremely high temperatures. However, because of his size he moves slower than other titans. Reiner Braun - The Armored Titan Another graduate of the same squad as Eren and former member of the Survey corps, Reiner was often looked up to as the big brother of the squad. You'll rarely see Reiner without Bertolt as they are childhood friends.

Reiner's titan form is very similar to his features while he is human. He has most of the advantages of titans in terms of strength but he also has immense speed.

His skin is a golden hardened shell that can break through gates and and even repel cannon fire. Like the colossal titan, the armored titan can also emit steam and heat from its body. Ymir - The Dancing Titan The graduates of the th training squad continue to be decorated with the addition of Ymir. Ymir is a very close friend of Krista though she is a very secretive person.

meet the characters aot rc

She's mostly cynical and sarcastic unless it is towards Krista. Ymir seems to know a lot about the past and the secrets of the titans and humanity but she does not reveal this to her squad. As a titan, Ymir is the smallest one among the Titan Shifters, only about 7 meters tall. Her physique resembles that of a chimpanzee and she possesses great agility paired with sharp claws and fangs. Unlike Annie, Ymir's titan form does not have any feminine features.

Frieda Reiss Frieda was supposedly the heir of "The Coordinate" which she inherited from her uncle. Unbelievably good at games. Accelevi Head Moderator on the fenglee fourms since the near beginning. Infamous for being a little too passionate about his job. He was the only member of the staff with direct contact to fenglee, via private email. Fedda Famous for being the one and only god of the game.

People strive day, and night, only to get on half his level. His glory can only be matched by the amazing feats he preformed in his time of playing.

Long retired, living alone, deep in a cave in the mountains of Norway, one can only speculate what he is up to. One thing is for sure, no one will ever truly reach the same heights that he did with the help of the amazing Fedda. Xedma The creator of the yoyo technique. Started playing in latehe became a prominent member of the guild Talons of Liberty. Other notable accomplishments include being the first to defeat Annie Abnormal without using her ankles and discovering the Overdrive.

Seamoose Known as the second player to master yoyo, other accolades belonging to Seamoose include fame for his Hydra Strike Tutorial and Pomf Pomf rendition and his Annie skills. Among other things, Abe is known for running out of gas during the ASO damage duels.

Strike The premiere moderator of the AoTTG subreddit, Strike is a talented player and a known purveyor of dank memes across multiple Skype chats. Tornado76 One of the most skilled damage duelists, Tornado is a well-rounded powerhouse, capable of excelling at almost anything he tries. Eisenlocke A player with a large amount of salt farmed to fuel the meme forges of FinalArt.

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Formerly known for having the biggest "Eisenluck" in the game jumping from 5. Rouge A german player known for shameless use of reel out rebinds, unlike every other german player.

StTil Fast as fuck, makes things look like sex. Also most likely the coolest person in the entire AoTTG community and it's history. Lmfao ShiniGami An exceedingly skilled max damage player, ShiniGami frequently hits 5k and above, much to the chagrin of Toast. Chistoefur Formerly TwerkBoner, Chistoefur is phenomenal at hitting high damage Traditional Cuts, and is equally skilled with both default blades and guns. Cerberus Usually called Cerby or Cerb by his friends. Nice,kind,and annoyingly modest,he plays on Forest servers in the ASIA Region and is known for his damages and love for damage duels.

He used to be a member of Fatality which was formed by Edz though the guild was disbanded after a year or so,he created a guild called Afterglow which was basically Fatality version 2 because of how most of its first members were from Fatality.

Doesn't really play much anymore. Daisy Known as the first damage duelist, Daisy helped popularize a subculture that has since grown in both size and scope. Runs aside, Skittle also excels at comboing and dueling. Chronos Lee The original Damage God!

In the earliest versions, Chronos Lee discovered a game breaking glitch involving jumpers and players moving through their napes as they jump. His highest damages were between kk. Was also a Member of Serenity and founder of Infinity. Famous Speed Players Speed players are players that specialize in killing titans quickly. Speed players engage in various challenges such as speedruns, speed duels, and attaining high stylish bar values.

Supra Mayro Supra is among the best speed players, and currently holds one of the highest 10 Minute Run records. Unfortunately, he is not very good at Splatoon. Endogenesis Although it has been a very long time since he last made an appearance, Endo is an exceptional speed player with a uniquely smooth style. Ph3x A uniquely talented speed player, Ph3x has unusually high damage combined with speedy kills. Uses an azure color in their username and is known as the fastest Captain Levi on the game, a very fast speed player and the best survival player with a record of titans before off'ing themselves.

Still occasionally plays on public Forest servers. Does not duel or do speed runs. He also possessed the record back with the old titans. TornadoLevi Well known for his unique, disorderly playstyle, allowing him to keep fluidity and speed during his runs while keeping zero form to his movements. He was a speed oriented all-around player. Often considered the Antithesis to Leach.

He was also known for being a bit arrogant. Gun A speed player known for her fundamental based playstyle, she's the most "by the book" player you'll ever see. Also known for her fancy art within the community. Leach Well known for his unique, effective playstyle, his movements resemble that of a grid system; often considered the antithesis of Tornado Levi.

Attack On Titan 2 Nintendo Switch by Koei

Also known for being extremely quiet. And also known for being a brony. Kamui Known through out the community for being a speed kill player. He can get damage but he always says he's a speed player. Starting playing the game in and is still playing as you can find him in US and Asia servers. In the valiant corps guild. Has a tedency to say the word gay.

meet the characters aot rc

Shissui He's Currently the best aottg player of the world. Also known as guy that banned Jony from the tournament because of 2 guildtags. Overall, he plays for fun and doesn't take the game too seriously, just be sure you don't steal his kill or you might be inclined to be removed server. He also hosts a very successful YouTube channel called The Sokka with a sub count of 3, people.

Coriidor5 Guy who made this wiki. Usually plays on 1k servers, or Abnormal forest survive. Highest damage is He's friends with Mr Booty God and Minatoes. He's learning to mod and so far his mod "Reiken's Cyan" is working well.

He's usually found being cancerous on RP servers and 1K's, sometimes skate pvp. Reiken is well known for his ability to edit this wiki page and add himself in, however, his stand Adolf Platinum is by far his greatest asset. He goes by multiple alias's, such as; Reitler, Joseph Joestar and Comedy.

He currently resides in shooting up schools and Russians. He forever hates those fucking russkies, but some are cool.

Zero This faggot started off life as a RP bitch who got around pretty well in the community, that is if you don't count in modders, of course. Originally proclaimed to be a person called Finn, she went across server to server as most of us do. This used to be happy-go-lucky player now looms in her own sorrow as she continually jumps from map to map, searching for her purpose in this "community" of players.

She's normally just hangs out in 1K servers or some shit. She also blames herself for the downfall of the new Abstract due her horrible decisions. His YouTube page is extremely popular, and he boasts over 3, subscribers. SashaKai Famous for her song parodies, montages, and lets plays, SashaKai is one of the founding members of the guild MEA, and runs a very successful YouTube channel with over 3, subscribers.

She is mainly a damage player, which her YouTube montages reflect, though her fame mainly comes from her channel and her interaction with fans, namely being a cumstain to them. Probably working at a maid cafe somewhere in Shibuya. Toxic's skill for a long time could be described as "jack of all trades, master of none" until the AHSS update came along, where he excelled with the new maneuvering gear and helped evolve the AHSS vs.

Y'know, until it got essentially replaced by "skate pvp blade" servers. Rough summaries of his work consist of new titan animation, new customization options for characters, and new titans in general. You can view his work on his youtube channel here. Aside from his personal work with Feng, he is also the creator of the Unofficial Update Mod which didn't take off too well due to bugs and performance issues.

Mew Great map creator and fix your fricken map. Izaya Orihara We don't know much about this player. He's a modder and his personality it's a mistery. He's in "The Family". He often play pvp, italian server's or test some on other players for his fun.

Attack On Titan 2 Nintendo Switch by Koei | Souq - UAE

Taka A good player pvp bomb and damage, he's sociable. He like to dredge with girls. In his early days of YouTube he wasn't known at all by the existing community on the forums.

He produced montages focusing on kills on abnormal difficulty. It wasn't until meeting and befriending ToxicPaste to motivate him to produce his debut montage, Colossal Damage. This put him on the radar of damage dealers at the time, and was one of the first people to break 2K damage. He popularizing "Aly Style", a technique that focused on getting titan kills off of the enviroment instead of directly hooking them.

He became heavily involved in the community, helping plan and commentate various tournaments. Tailex is also a highly skilled rapper, specializing in freestyle JPro A name synonymous with cheating, JPro rose to infamy after faking a number of 10 Minute Runs and races with Cheat Engine.

Fenicks A person ninnymonger Ninny is one of the driving forces of the community. He is the chief organiser of the ASO tournament, a prominent member of the 27th Survey Corps, and at one time the owner of some sick dreads. AKA, that one guy everyone likes.

Abiicias Abii Founder of the guild "Ascension" Abii is known for having the longest abnormal killing streak of kills and the highest recorded ping of "," at the time of the screen capture. To this day, his ping reaches an average of and is still able to play at an above average level. MJ After Infernification popularized 10 minute speedruns he was among the first to make records on it.

Creator of the current standard duel set and the first duel club, notoriously known to roast and to be salty in victory. Pulse The man is known by many and knows just as many. Now engaging in mostly racing servers to become a better racer, Pulse still stands firm as a well-rounded hybrid in great scores in both speed and damage. If you want to know something that is going on within the community, Pulse is usually your guy to find.

Kuro Usagi A former officer for the AoTTG Expeditions Organization, Kuro is known very well for his boastful personality by proclaiming to be a god amongst men; mostly by just saying "I'm a motherfn god!

Regardless of this boastful attitude, he's generally a kindhearted individual who influences positivity when it matters. This brought him to be one of the most active, accepted, and socially interesting players in the current community.

Felucio Early player trained by Shiru and his advisor,good thinker with great judgemental skills,tactical and strategic importance in clan. Shows good training of r-spin and hydra and it's highly known for his planning specialty on battlefield. Wise and focused,he became valuable ally of Seal Corps and among the brightest minds. Saki One of strongest fighters of Seal Corps with deadly precision and elegant style,with uncommonly strong titan dispatching and landing insanely high damages with ease.

One of the strongest members in the clan with beautiful and satysfying performance. Nightstalker First gunner in Seals clan and currently the most formidable gunslinger within clan,known for his trigger finger developed over his marksmanship in AHSS.

He excells at great precision and firepower making him effective and deadly beyond human combat. However,he didn't just stop on his AHSS and learns heavy damage really fast. Asphyxia Great well rounded player on heavy killing and speed killing.