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meet the colors blue youtube

Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, ), known online as Markiplier (or simply Mark), His father served in the military, where he met Fischbach's mother, who is of Korean descent. . with fellow YouTubers Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee, who created and ran the YouTube sketch comedy and music channel Cyndago. If your channel is in the YouTube Partner Program, and you've turned on ads for turn on ads for videos that meet our advertiser-friendly content guidelines. Meet the Letters - Meet the Numbers . Preschool Prep Series™ - Letters | Numbers | Shapes | Colors · 56 videos Play all.

Originally, Fischbach studied to become a biomedical engineer at the University of Cincinnati[12] but dropped out of college to pursue his YouTube career. Currently he lives and films in Los Angeles, California, and has been dating girlfriend Amy Nelson since In the video, Fischbach elaborated on his extensive personal background with firearms, revealing that his father was a member of the National Rifle Association and a proud gun owner, collector, and enthusiast who taught Fischbach about firearms from a very young age and how to handle them, shoot them, and respect them.

He stated that while he believes in the Second Amendment and supports the right of people to keep and bear armshe doesn't believe that people should be allowed to access assault riflesand thus believes they should be banned from civilian ownership. He further advocated for stringent licensing and registration requirements for firearm ownership in general as well as mental health reform.

Fischbach is also an ally of the LGBT rights movementhaving raised money for the Human Rights Campaign in one of his charity livestreams.

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He does not censor the profanity in his videos, although he often subtitles his curses as "duck" sometimes "luck" for "fuck" and "itch" for "bitch". He is known for branding his channel with a pink mustache a reference to his alter ego, Wilford Warfstache and has since dyed his hair pink, blue, and red. He has also been involved in Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet fans. He has also collaborated with celebrities such as Jack Black [22] and Jimmy Kimmel.

meet the colors blue youtube

He has had acting appearances in TomSka 's asdfmovie series, Smosh: A recurring staple of Fischbach's channel are charity livestreamsduring which he plays games while campaigning for and collecting donations for various charities, including Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centerthe Depression and Bipolar Support Allianceand Best Friends Animal Society. At this point in the evening, Vice President Gore had been declared the winner in Florida.

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This, of course, would not be the case by the following morning. YouTube Perhaps the stigma of red in those days explains why some networks changed colors— in what appeared to be random fashion—over the years.

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Still, there were reversals and deviations. Inwhen NBC debuted its mammoth electronic map, ABC News employed a small, rudimentary version that used yellow for Ford, blue for Carter and red for states in which votes had yet to be tallied.

Anderson carried no states, and orange seems to have gone by the wayside. During the four presidential elections Wetzel oversaw for NBC, from throughthe network never switched colors.

Republicans were cool blue, Democrats hot red. The reasoning was simple, he said: And that settled it. Forget all that communist red stuff, he said. Both papers used red for the Republican Bush, blue for the Democrat Gore.

Meet the colors blue

The election dragged on until mid-December, until the Supreme Court declared Bush the victor. For weeks, the maps were ubiquitous. Along with images of Florida elections officials eyeballing tiny ballot chads, the maps were there constantly, reminding us of the vast, nearly even divide between, well, red and blue voters.

meet the colors blue youtube

From an aesthetic standpoint, Overberg said, the current color scheme fits with the political landscape. Republicans typically dominate in larger, less populated states in the Plains and Mountain West, meaning the center of the United States is very red.

meet the colors blue youtube

Red is a lighter color. Did I Miss That Memo? That is, the cooler color blue more closely represented the rational thinker and cold-hearted and the hotter red more closely represented the passionate and hot-blooded. This would translate into blue for Republicans and red for Democrats.

Put another way, red was also the color most associated with socialism and the party of the Democrats was clearly the more socialistic of the two major parties. Gore—the color arrangement seems unlikely to reverse any time soon. Ina Republican and a Democrat even joined forces to create Purple Strategies, a bipartisan public affairs firm. Sara Quinn, a visual journalist now at the Poynter Institute in Florida, said she sees no particular advantage to either color.