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meet the couple wedding website

Struggling to write your own wedding website and need a helping hand? You might want to include details about how you first met, your first date, your proposal story, You can write your story together as a couple, or even relay your own. Read How Real Couples Met (From Their Wedding Websites!). A stylish, multi-tasking wedding website and app for you and your guests. Share events, manage RSVPs, collect photos and more!.

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Monica and Jared It was Fall Jared had recently moved to Tallahassee to begin his new job at Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, and Monica had recently moved home after college.

Jared and Monica met through mutual friends and became friends themselves; little did they know that Monica's sister Rachel was already devising a plan to make their match happen!

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Jared was working on Christmas Eve that year, and Rachel took full advantage of that situation by inviting him to their family dinner. It should be noted that Rachel did not inform Monica of this addition until Jared was already at the door—needless to say Monica was slightly surprised!

meet the couple wedding website

Even though it wasn't until several months later when Monica finally agreed to go out on a date with him, she can look back and know that Christmas Eve was the night she started falling in love with her future husband. Jared looks back and knows it was worth the wait! Louisans had flocked to the hundreds of bars in St. Louis that were showing the Cards game that night. Ed's friend Jeff suggested they go to a bar in the Tower Grove neighborhood to watch the game and meet up with another friend of his.

meet the couple wedding website

Victoria had plans to watch the game there too, with some friends of hers. As it turns out, Ed's friends and Victoria's friends knew each other, and introduced them. Ed and Victoria seemed to hit it off immediately, in their own awkward way.

meet the couple wedding website

After getting to know each other over a few hours, Ed was clumsy enough to spill a drink on Victoria, which is her favorite part of the story to tell. Appy does not require any coding or design skills — simply enter your content and your website and coordinating app are automatically created.

meet the couple wedding website

All your event details can be organized with our pre-built sections or completely customized based on your needs. Pull in our special widgets to help guests book their hotel, find your registry and secure local transportation. You can also hide certain activities in your itinerary with specific privacy settings.

Gorgeous Wedding Websites You'll Want to Copy

Manage separate invitee lists for your rehearsal dinner and reception. Send reminders to guests about the RSVP deadline and set up push notifications when a guest responds, so you can stay updated in real time.

meet the couple wedding website

Then there are all the fun features that allow friends and family to get involved before your big day. Appy Couple's photo sharing feature is like having your own private Instagram.

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Not only can guests add photos of you directly from their phone but also edit them and add filters so they look good. On your wedding day, your photo gallery can be streamed through Airplay or Miracast. Just for fun, Appy also includes thoughtful digital keepsakes:

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