Meet the female team tf2 scout

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meet the female team tf2 scout

Pyro is a class that carries a deadly Flamethrower in Team Fortress 2|Pyro In the "Meet the Pyro" video, a mini female gender sign is put in the sky of. Team Fortress 2 HWM models that are fan made or enhanced. "Introducing the Enhanced Female Engineer! . Meet The Spy - Dialogs. As a class-based shooter, every character in Team Fortress 2 has a fixed set of equipment and abilities, and a role to Now's your chance to Meet the Team.

Soldiers can still use a Shotgun if a Pyro Air blasts their rockets. The HeavyEngineerand Medic can usually run from the Pyro's flames while shooting at it, thus making ambushes essential.

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Be aware of that and if Medics are backpedaling and is out of Flamethrower's range, shoot your secondary at them. The Flare Gun works really well in this case. Against another Pyro, the Shotgun is best as the Pyro's suit prevents being lit on fire, though the direct damage from the Flamethrower itself still occurs. The Pyro's default primary weapon is the Flamethrower, which appears to be constructed from a propane tank, an old gas pump, a shower-head and other assorted plumbing parts; the overall appearance of the weapon is a unique "homebrewed" effect.

The Flamethrower weapon deals plenty of damage in close-quarters but has a phenomenally short range. This means that an enemy can quickly move out of harm's way to pick off the hapless Pyro.

The Flamethrower also possesses a unique Compression Blastor what some people call an "Airblast". Not only is the Compression Blast able to blow away enemies, but it can also be used to reflect dangerous projectiles except bullets.

meet the female team tf2 scout

It can reflect anything from rockets to even an arrow from the Huntsman Longbow. This blast can also be used to help your team in a way; by blasting it at a teammate who is on fire, you will blow off the fire leaving your teammate saved.

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You also have to be cautious when using this ability as it uses a considerable amount of ammo, Reflected projectiles do mini-crit damage, so if they hit the user who shot them, they will take mini-crit damage of their own shot! The Pyro's default secondary weapon is their Shotgun.

It is just like the other standard, pump-action Shotguns used by many other classes in the game, but the rounds stay slightly more condensed at far range compared to the other classes.

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It is very reliable to the Pyro as it's the best weapon for the Pyro to use when combating another Pyro. Despite it being more efficient in a Pyro vs. Pyro situation, it still has a very short range, making it ineffective at mid-range targets.

The Flare Gun solves this problem, because it shoots a projectile that will on hit set the enemy on fire.

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Because of its slow traveling speed, it will descend, which requires it to be aimed at the head. Because of both the Shotgun and Flamethrower having such a short range, the Pyro must use ambush tactics in order to kill enemies without getting many serious injuries. In JuneValve hinted that the Pyro may be in fact a female, or may not even be human for that matter. Although clearly referred to as a male, the card ends with the phrase 'if he is even a man at all.

Also, the Spy Update added the sentence "When Pyro hears about this she'll be inconsolable. In Julyafter years of fans telling Valve to finish the Meet the Team Series, Meet the Pyro was finally released showing not only the weapons of the Pyro, but also showing the mentality and understanding of the Pyro's psyche. Compared to the other classes, the Pyro is the most insane.

meet the female team tf2 scout

He sees everything as a magical fairy tale land, which Valve dubbed "Pyroland". In Pyroland, he sees enemy players as small, round, flying babies, and his acts of killing and maiming them to him is nothing more than playing with them; however, his mask might be the cause of the Pyroland illusions. In front of the mask, it reads "Optical Mask". Optical illusions usually play tricks on your eyes and your mind, so the mask might play tricks on the Pyro's mind, thus causing Pyroland.

This has been hinted by the Pyrovision goggles which were introduced after Meet the Pyro. In gameplay, if anybody listens to anybody else at all it tends to boil down to either competence, or the willingness to take charge, although Medics and Heavies do frequently end up being rallied around.


Leaning on the Fourth Wall: A considerable number of the lines used in Valve's competitive matchmaking casually references the 6v6 format, like Demoman claiming he watched the scrim of the other team, and Heavy not used in 6s outside of last point holds claiming it's not his usual job.

As of A Cold Day in Hell, the classic team have canonically appeared in the TF2 universe as a band of older mercs brought out of retirement, cemented by the catch-up comic explicitly naming them as the predecessors of the modern team. Nevr Learned To Read: Four of the Mercs are stated to be illiterate, but it's unclear which ones and to what degree. It's worth remembering that people who are ashamed of their illiteracy can go for years undetected by learning little tricks such as pretending to read books, repeating what they know to be written, and correctly guessing from pictures the reading matter of books and instructions.

They can even be quite intelligent in many other ways. In particular, the Heavy, could be an expert in Russian literature the subject of his PhD and still need to be referred to as illiterate.

Many of the unlockables qualify for this.

meet the female team tf2 scout

Valve likes to describe the genre of the game as hat simulation. Even factoring in their inherent insanity and skewed morality, they're still a lot more redeemable than Gray Mann or the Administrator.

Medic and Heavy, but also Pyro and Engineer. Personality-wise, they don't initially seem like they'd get along, but they work perfectly in and out of battle.

meet the female team tf2 scout

Can occur between the Spy and the Scout, respectively. Spy is implied to be the most mentally stable member of the team, although you can't forget what he does for a job. Heavy and Engineer could have applied but one of them names his guns when he's not enjoying killing people a bit too much, and the other has sawed his right hand off.

All of the Team. Whether the team is professional in the "gentlemen" sense of the word is