Meet the fokkens documentary addict

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meet the fokkens documentary addict

Spectacular anti-utopia about smartphone addiction, the ecology of images and documentaries such as Staying Alive in Jo'burg and Meet the Fokkens which. The films were curated by Nick Shimkin, a film programmer and writer based in the methadone, addicts find themselves in Methadonia for years, or decades. . who have seen and done everything (and everyone), Meet the Fokkens is a. Meet the Fokkens (Ouwehoeren) -- "Identical twins Louise and Martine Fokkens discuss their Sex and Culture Documentaries You Should Stream on Netflix.

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Meet the Fokkens

Arecent National Film Board documentary titled Who Cares aspired to be a call to arms on the subject of street prostitution, tying the activity together in a package with drug addiction, violence and pimping. One can understand the film's vibe of dire straits: The police presence exists not so much to control the trade but to take DNA samples of the women to help with identification in the event that they ended up dead.

meet the fokkens documentary addict

At the very least, the made-for-European TV doc Meet the Fokkens offers a somewhat less bleak view of the flesh trade. In Amsterdam, where prostitution is legal and the workers operate from their own storefront operations, a prostitute can stay in the business into her old age in comparative safety. That is precisely the case with Martine Fokkens, 69, who used to work in the Dutch city's sex trade with her twin sister Louise, before Louise finally dropped out due to arthritis.

Martine looks downright grandmotherly in animated conversation with her sister.

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She looks considerably less grandmotherly in dominatrix duds, tapping on her window front to passersby or administering spankings to one of her regular customers.

Martine isn't in it to support a drug habit or appease a pimp. She still keeps her hand in, as it were, because she can't afford to retire.

She also can't afford to show her resentment of this fact to her customers, although she freely admits her feelings to the doc filmmakers, referring to her profession as "this nonsense. At the age of 69 they have been working in Amsterdam's famed Red Light District for 50 years. One of the sisters still works while the other does not because of problems with her hips. A Documentary Meet the Fokkens about their lives and adventures premiered this year.

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In time for Christmas the imaginative sisters have also released a book about their lives. There has been no better example of Dutch honesty then to watch and hear the Fokkens on the television and radio talk show circuit over the past two weeks.

Click on the link of an interview with the sisters by the National Broadcaster with English subtitles to watch the women talk about their profession.

With over titles and many events and exhibitions running paralel to IDFA it is hard to list favorites.

meet the fokkens documentary addict

Below is a list of this years prize winners. Best Feature Length Documentary: Special Jury Mention and the Audience Award: Montenegro Argentina is about the hermit life of a man and a dog on a quiet island.

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