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meet the frackers kcet

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They brought this same attitude of disregard for the environment and public health to their recent U. This video was produced for the awards: Freeport will operate not only the Inglewood oilfield, but many other wells throughout Los Angeles.

The 61 active wells that are under the Beverly Center are theirs. The 58 active wells at Pico and Spaulding. Elsewhere in Southern California, they also will be at the helm of major oilfields across the San Joaquin Valley -- which has become California's new fracking epicenter. According to industry self-reporting on the website Fracfocus.

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And the acidizers, the steam injectors, and the horizontal drillers. It wasn't that we did a study and found out oh no look cigarettes cause cancer, it was 40, 50 years of ah There's the young urban gas jock making a bundle on a rig outside Fort Worth.

There will be holes in the ground and we will be there. Jacki Schilke is also blaming fracking for her failing health. They could give a crap less what they are doing here.

They will come on your property look you straight in the eye and lie to you. It's not bigger than Texas - it is Texas There's a strange twisted beauty here.

meet the frackers kcet

It's more than just a complex multi-layered web of inter-connecting freeways - it's a monument to America's energy paradox. In a car dependent nation, dependent on others for fuel, the high five loops and rolls out over some of the richest shale fields in the Lone Star State.

And that means the new neighbour moving into the suburbs around here may well be a drilling rig. You don't have to travel far to witness a collision between community and commerce, family and industry.

This is Southlake - a prosperous community on the outskirts of Dallas. A few years ago Forbes magazine named this the most affluent neighbourhood in the United States - a place where usually money talks. But right now the talk's all about the riches of the Barnett shale field underneath suburbs like Southlake, home to Dr Gordon Aalund and his family. Things like napthene and benzene which we know are linked to leukaemia The emergency room doctor and his band of suburban activists often gather here at the local Mexican restaurant with their children to discuss the perils of a process they may not have even heard of a few years ago even in oil savvy Texas - fracking.

Neighbours like Diane Harris and her family. There is no amount of money that will convince me that we should have this in the middle of our neighbourhood". It wasn't that we did a study and found out oh no look cigarettes cause cancer! It was 40, 50 years of exposure". The process that so worries the doctor is hailed by the industry as the key to energy independence.

Meet the Frackers: a Spinwatch lobbying tour

The drill holes can go three kilometres down and then push out horizontally for kilometres as well. A cocktail of more than five hundred chemicals, millions of litres of water and truckloads of sand is then used to break up the shale and release gas and oil. The process has transformed the energy business in a few short years. But the jury's out on its impact on the environment and people's health.

Nobody's done drilling in an urban setting and studied the long term effects of what's going to happen. And so again it comes back to my health, clean air, clean water. Those are things that we can't live without. We could all live without gas royalties".

It's not worth it. The risks are not worth the reward. I knew that if I didn't act and if gas drilling occurred near my home and one of my children got sick I would never forgive myself".

Meet the Frackers

As many Southlaker's school themselves up on the fracking process, this documentary has been proving popular at the local Blockbuster. It's called 'Gasland' and this is its most famous scene. Many, many families and people started to realise oh my water's turning black, my water's bubbling, something smells funny, my kids are getting sick.

They're all comparing information and then they discover low and behold that they can light their water on fire right out of the tap". Josh Fox is the Gasland guru. It's hard to overestimate the impact of his heartfelt, homespun yet very powerful documentary. Josh Fox has become the anti-fracking pin up, an inspiration for those fighting big oil and a serious challenge to the industry. Oil and gas pushes people around.

It's bullying, it's aggressive, it gets its way. It's about time we're done with that way of doing business, with the culture of that because it is literally toxic in every aspect. It is toxic to the environment and it is toxic to our political process". Here in Texas they're used to big oil.

For generations oil and cattle have forged the formidable Texas character. And here, not far from Southlake, at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo the crowd loves their cowboys and the big oil operators that bring jobs and prosperity.

God bless XTO thanks a bunch". But the pace of the fracking frenzy makes a wild bucking bronco seem sedate. In just a few years, drilling rigs have sprouted up through the Texas suburbs like towering hills hoists - across from shopping centres, close to schools - otherwise residential neighbourhoods have become industrial zones. When the fracking starts, trucks gather round the well.

The sand, water and chemical mix is pushed deep underground at extremely high pressure. Escaping vapour drifts in the wind. I see a lot of injuries.

I've seen somebody actually get blown all the way back from a blowout.

meet the frackers kcet

On the other hand, energy companies may well be attracted to areas they hadn't considered if the state identifies them as likely spots for fracking. Overall, though, the notion of a scientific assessment if hard to argue with, if it's performed by independent scientists.

The permits would be valid for no longer than a year. Applicants would be required to provide information including the well identification number and location; the time period during which the fracking, acidizing or other chemicals would be used; a water management plan covering how much water will be used in the process, where it will come from, and where it will be disposed of; a list of chemicals used; a ground water monitoring plan; and estimates of solid wastes produced and a plan for their disposal.

The ingredients of chemical agents used in fracking are often claimed as protected trade secrets. DOGGR's database of fracking chemicals will not be readily available to the public for that reason. SB 4 prohibits certain basic information, such as the chemical composition of additives, air pollution information, and health and safety material, from being listed as a trade secret, though it does allow companies to protect the relative proportions of the ingredients in their well enhancers.


SB 4 requires that frackers "shall post or cause to have posted to an Internet Web site designated or maintained by the division and accessible to the public, all of the well stimulation fluid composition and disposition information. If companies demand that their recipes be kept as protected trade secrets, DOGGR will evaluate each demand for validity. If members of the public demand the release of that information, the companies will have 60 days to file a legal response to keep DOGGR from sharing the info with the public.

DOGGR is required to have its disclosure web site up and running byand in the meantime, drilling companies will be directed to use the controversial fracfocus. SB 4 provides reassurance to the fossil fuel industry that fracking and related practices can continue in California while the state crafts its regulations.

Opponents of fracking, acidizing, and other techniques used to enhance production of oil and natural gas from wells had been hoping that the state would enact a moratorium on the practice while the relevant state agencies get their act together to oversee the process.

meet the frackers kcet

A previous version of SB 4 included a moratorium on new fracking until the completion of the scientific assessment mentioned above. But under pressure from the fossil fuel industry, that moratorium was dropped in June. In its place, now, is language stating that DOGGR "shall allow" fracking and other well enhancement techniques before that scientific report comes out, as long as the drillers abide by a few rules, most of which are covered in the permitting procedure described above.