Meet the man whos playing jesus

Modern-day messiahs: meet the men who claim to be Jesus - Photography

meet the man whos playing jesus

But this is what he has spent the past three years doing: chronicling the lives of men – and they are all men – who claim to be Jesus returned to. "And you desire to date a man who loves Jesus like you do." "Well not height, hair color, or his ability to sing and play the guitar). Whatever you decide is the bar he must reach, do not go on dating men who sit below it. Here are some of the actors who have played Jesus in movies over the John Wayne, who had one line: "Truly this man was the son of God.".

meet the man whos playing jesus

What part of this had the greatest affect on you? Is it possible to isolate a moment or time?

meet the man whos playing jesus

I felt like a great presence came within me at times when we were filming. I just want them to see Jesus. And through that conversions will happen. Throughout this, when people put on Christ when they go outside, that is all nonbelievers see.

This is serious because they know the Body of Christ. They know what that is.

Meet the man who acted Jesus Christ in ‘The Passion’

Many of our Jewish brothers are terrified. We are all culpable in the death of Christ.

meet the man whos playing jesus

My sins, your sins put Him on that cross. I want my Jewish brothers to see this film. I want non-religious people to see this film. This film does not play the blame game at all. Here we are breaking our backs for you. I have this shoulder separation.

When the Man Who Played Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ” Met John Paul II

In one part of the movie Isaiah the prophet is speaking. He said that Jesus was disfigured and he was beaten and bruised so much that he was hardly recognizable as a person. We wanted to take it to the point and keep people there. I was lit up like a Christmas tree!

meet the man whos playing jesus

I was doing the Sermon on the Mount. I knew it was going to hit me about four seconds before it happened. What they saw was fire coming out the right and left side of my head. Illumination around the whole body. Five minutes after I got hit, Jon Mikalini, an assistant, walks over and says are you okay? And then he got hit. All I felt was this giant tremendous slap on my ears and a few seconds of a pink, red static infront of my eyes.

You had a literal miracle on the set. What do you attribute it to? You could have died. Or I could have been incinerated.

meet the man whos playing jesus

Jon, who came up to me, had already been hit. I mean three lightning strikes on one film, one guy getting hit twice, and me obviously getting hit one time. And there were a lot of miracles other than that kind of a miracle.

Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus (Documentary Exclusive)

Well, one of the guys working on the film was a Muslim. That type of God, without a face without a personality, that is very abstract to me. But being one who likes to touch and feel things and encounter them first-hand, it was this amazing opportunity to go and do exactly that.

While such an approach could easily find itself tumbling into satire or mockery in the hands of another, Bendiksen keeps an appropriate distance, choosing not to focus on reductive binaries of truth and falsity, instead seeking to narrate the whole, cosmic phenomenon in its entirety.

Prior to this, that was always the prime, prime question. They are lives that are probably much more meaningful than they would have without.

Modern-day messiahs: meet the men who claim to be Jesus

Is it then really so critical, whether it is true or not? I wake up and at my door, I see the grey and normal street; I see the forces of nature at work; I see cause and consequence, the mechanics of the world playing out.

Whatever meaning I want to have in life, I have to create myself with the people around me. But with these people, they go down the same street and they see signs and importance everywhere.

They see meaning, they see messages from God — revelation everywhere. They see cosmic meaning in everything around them, where I would just see normality.