Meet the millers funny scenes in movies

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meet the millers funny scenes in movies

It's not the funniest or most thoughtful comedy, but We're the Millers Poulter steals several of the film's best scenes and Kenny is easily the. We're the Millers had it all great acting and it was extremely funny right till the end . The best scene was definetly when the cannabis batch disguised as a baby. Movie review: The modestly funny 'We're the Millers' not one but two steamy strip scenes, or Sudeikis's bland affability — which in this case is.

On their border crossing trip, the group encounters one setback after another, each one bringing them a step closer to their promised payday - as well as a taste of family they've each been missing. Jennifer Anniston, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts, and Jason Sudeikis in 'We're the Millers' Given its R-Rated setup - which includes strippers and swingers, in addition to the main drug smuggling plot line - We're the Millers is not going to be for everyone.

It's an unapologetic and self-indulgent comedy that often takes its jokes one step across the line into some genuinely uncomfortable and subsequently funny territory.

Several of the characters are held hostage by thin caricature and the overall plot is a mishmash of genuinely creative familial awkwardness dragged down by a number of excessive gags that can, at times, wear out their welcome.

The storyline succeeds in selling the core premise, providing a good reason i. The overarching plot itself offers few surprises, and relies heavily on familiar stories of characters that are united by financial hardship - only to discover a deeper sense of camaraderie on their journey.

Yet, the various comedy beats that punctuate the experience are rife with life and inventiveness - made possible by a cast that commits to each of the madcap setups. Will Poulter and Molly Quinn in 'We're the Millers' Sudeikis spends a majority of the film with a goofy smirk on his face and the Clark character is responsible for many of the film's cliche story beats.

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However, even though Clark is the least memorable or likable of the main cast, Sudeikis makes smart use of the role - goading his supporting players instead of hogging the spotlight. Given that Clark isn't the most sensitive or fatherly leading man, Rose is tasked with injecting much needed heart into the proceedings and is key in elevating We're the Millers above similar raunch-comedy offerings.

Dave Clark Sudeikis decides the best way to do this is to recruit a fake family to make it look like they're just on vacation.

meet the millers funny scenes in movies

Clark recruits his neighbor, a stripper, and a local homeless teen to be his fake family complete and the Millers are born. This film is non-stop laughs, as I said earlier Sudeikis was hilarious, but surprisingly so was Jennifer Aniston.

There are a lot of knocks against her, especially when it comes to comedy, but whenever Rachel plays a fowl mouthed, raunchy character, I see her in a whole new light, and she was terrific in this film. Will Poulter is another stand out from the film, he's been acting since a very young age, but to my knowledge has never been in a comedy before.

meet the millers funny scenes in movies

Here he plays a loveable geek that would easily fit in with the cast of the Big Bang Theory. Out of all the funny scenes and outrageous moments, it's Poulter's that made me laugh the hardest. Is this the best movie I've ever seen? Not even close, but it's one of those comedies that just keeps coming at you and never stops. While the story is a bit ridiculous, I promise you will still laugh until you're sides hurt, because We're The Millers is the best new comedy I've seen all year.

Overall a funny movie and well put together compared to most comedies I've seen over the year. Jennifer Anniston was looking pretty amazing Rest of the cast was great.

meet the millers funny scenes in movies

I wasGreat movie start to finish! I was surprised to see the score at 6. If you haven't seen this film before the holidays it's a must see in my opinion.

Yes, it's cliched, but they did it right. Yay for Jen Aniston! There is no second guessing to where the screenplay, written by Bob Fisher, Steve Faber, Sean Anders and John Morris, is heading but there is questioning as to why this movie needed 4 writers!

David Jason Sudeikis is a drug dealer, who, due to financial circumstances, becomes a drug smugglerseems there is a distinct difference between the two--and has to acquire a family to cross over the border to Mexico without looking suspicious. He hires Rose Jennifer Aniston who lives in his building and works as a stripper who gives lap dancers, to be his wife.

Nick Offerman and Mrs. As in many movies of late there are the dirty talk by females sequences, masturbation, crotch jokes by the males and talks about tampons along with the sweet virgins exploring their future.

meet the millers funny scenes in movies

Aniston and Sudeikis work well together and the cast feels very comfortable working off each other. The director, Rawson Marshall Thurber, should have, and could have, easily cut the movie by 15 minutes letting too many scenes go overlong and not feeling that he had to get in every word of the four writers! Not an award winning, or a must see, film but certainly more fun than expected!

And a special to Jennifer Aniston, seems that she becomes an even more beautiful and sexy woman.

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Even though it's predictable and dumb, it's a very funny, fun movie. Jason Sudeikis has a lot of potential to be a great comedy actor. Jennifer Aniston is great as always,We're the Millers has a nice cast, fresh jokes, and is a lot of fun.

A lot better than I expected.

meet the millers funny scenes in movies

The best scene was definetly when the cannabis batch disguised as a baby got run over by the truck. Comedy is so subjective. If you like The Fockers or any of Sandler's early good movies then you will like this one. The chemistry is real good between all the leading cast. The supporting cast leaves aRaunchfest of cosmosistic proportions. The supporting cast leaves a little to be desired. The over the top antics are hilarious.

Drink a bottle of scotch and then go see this movie. Much better than the critics have said. With the exception of a rater cheesy moment near the end, I don't know what could make this movie better. Great cast, good humor, and just an all around fun movie. Unfortunately this movie falls somewhat in the same category as let's say the Hangover movies, so all the wannabe movie criticsThe movie has its flaws, but I was entertained from start to finish and that's the only thing that matters.

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Unfortunately this movie falls somewhat in the same category as let's say the Hangover movies, so all the wannabe movie critics will give it a low rating based on solely that. I think it was because of Jason Sudeikis drive for fortune that really keptAlthough I have my ups and downs about this film, my night was not disappointed with this film as it did bring out a barrel of laughter with its relationship humour.

I think it was because of Jason Sudeikis drive for fortune that really kept a good pace to the film and brought out the good jokes of the film.

It isn't the best comedy of the year, but if you are looking for an excuse to get out the house, or if you are looking for a film that will leave chuckling all the way home, then I would recommend this to all of you. Really funny, one of the better comedies in recent years, and Jennofer Aniston 1 of 1 users found this helpful10 7 gaminggod Nov 10, Awesome funny movie, so much better than i thought it would be. Jennifer Aniston still looking hot as ever! Good cast, they worked well together.

I would recommend this movie to watch, i would describe it as aAwesome funny movie, so much better than i thought it would be.

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I would recommend this movie to watch, i would describe it as a light hearted comedy with cheeky adult humor.