Meet the parents cat milking scene from mad

meet the parents cat milking scene from mad

Apr 15, The scene between Stiller and De Niro was reminiscent of their work together on Meet the Parents, where De There were more than a few references to the film including references to cat milking and the 'Focker' last name. War Of The Realms, and Mad Cave Highlighted in Diamond Calendar. Nov 24, We rarely remember the filmed dinner scenes that went well. of big reveal, and this one from Meet The Parents is so action packed that finding but that hardly seems relevant now that Greg's past of milking kittens has come forward and the memory of Jack's mother has been desecrated by the family cat. Apr 15, Ben Stiller spoofs Michael Cohen as they recreate polygraph scene from Meet the Parents in SNL cold open . 'Yeah, like with a cow or a goat or a cat. The line about milking cats was directly taken from Meet the Parents. Idolator 20 Insane Rock n' Roll Rumors That Turned Out To Be TrueIdolator.


meet the parents cat milking scene from mad

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