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You would think Wilbur practically moved to the past because of how much time he spent with his dad that summer.

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He two were practically inseparable. Lucille quickly looks up from behind the tree and turns to Wilbur with a smile. You picked the perfect day to come visit. The way Lewis's parents were always overly happy made Wilbur feel uneasy whenever he visited.

Suddenly an image of coffee beans pops into his mind. Whatever they were currently drinking, they either needed to lay off or switch to decaf. Plugging up the Christmas tree, the brilliance of the lights and the garland that circle the pine tree are being danced on by the ultra violent rays of light look absolutely fabulous. The angel tree topper just makes the magnificence of the tree that much more breath taking.

Lewis and Wilbur stare in awe at the breath taking scene in front of them. With that said, Bud stands and follows Lucille into the kitchen, leaving the boys alone in the living room. Lewis begins informing Wilbur of what's been going on with him since Wilbur's last visit to the past.

The bubbles will carry everyone of any weight. Everyone, but my uncle Joe Wilbur mentally says to himself. Setting his cup of hot chocolate down on the coffee table, Lewis heads to the tree and grabs Wilbur's gift.

Taking a seat back next to Wilbur, Lewis hands Wilbur his gift.

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Lewis smiles and embraces Wilbur in a hug. I don't want you to worry me of the future or Franny. Lewis walks over to the door and places his hand on the knob, but doesn't open the door. Releasing Wilbur, Lewis now opens the door. Reaching it, Wilbur hops in and fires the machine up as he sets the course for Putting the gear in motion, the time machine lifts into the air as it becomes visible. Looking down, Wilbur notices Lewis is standing in the front door watching him.

Waving to the blonde, Lewis waves back as the time machine now reaches mid-air. Putting the gear in drive, Wilbur disappears in a flash of light.

Taking one last look at the night sky, Lewis goes back in the house and closes the door behind him. The wind shield now becomes clear and Wilbur immediately spots his house. Noticing the garage door is still open, Wilbur flies the time machine in and quickly turns it off.

Grabbing his gift from the back seat, Wilbur jumps out and runs into the house. Quickly reaching the living room, Wilbur notices the entire family is standing around the tree. Taking off his coat, Wilbur joins his family at the tree by taking a spot next to his dad. Cornelius notices Wilbur and smiles. Carl does as instructed and turns the tree on.

From the gold Christmas tree star, the humongous Christmas tree is decorated with blue and purple garland, white doves, and multi-colored lights that are illuminating the other decorations, making the entire tree glow with extreme beauty.

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Wilbur and Cornelius now exchange smiles. The two turn back to the tree, continuing to bath in its beauty. Turning to the clock on the right corner of the desk, Lewis notices the time reads: Tearing the paper away on his gift, Lewis now finds out what was beneath it. It's a picture of him and Wilbur in the garage standing in front of the red time machine.

They are both smiling. Continuing to look at the picture, Lewis notices the tiny writing in the corner next to himself and takes a closer look. I couldn't have asked for a better best friend and Father. A smile finds its way on Lewis's face. Setting the picture on the corner of his desk, Lewis turns out his desk lamp and climbs into bed. Doris was one of those devices.

Instead of sticking to the menial tasks that she was created to perform, she took control over the wearer. She goes on to meet Mike Yagoobian, realizing that someone else shares her fondness of evil and hatred for Cornelius Robinson.

However, it does impart a sinister air to his style.

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The bowler hat man also finds a sense of power in the accessory. For what reason, nobofy knows. It can simply be a case of Hollywood designers mimicking each other.

Or, maybe it is that the hat has some sort of sinister appeal. Whatver it is, we are sure that today the Bowler hat is just as stylish and classy an accessory as it ever has been. Not long after reaching out, Assist M. Robinson with a bed to meet all of her needs at home. Robinson was finally one step closer to improved quality of life. However, someone was going to have to breakdown the old bed for pick up, and set up the new bed once delivered. Robinson nor her neighbors within the Senior Community could complete this on their own, 2 van drivers with POSP transportation volunteered to help with the switch.

While setting up a hospital bed is not a part of the everyday job responsibility of a van driver, Robert and James knew how important this bed was for Ms. Robinson to be independent in her transfers, and decrease her potential for falls in the home, and therefore were happy to be of assistance. Robinson, and Assist M.

Below is the thank you email sent to Assist M. I really needed that bed.