Meet the sloths sebastian

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meet the sloths sebastian

Clip - Meet Baby Sebastian, one of the stars of 'Meet the Sloths' a documentary about the world's only sloth sanctuary. Sebastian is a patient in the . News Sloths Act Like Birds and Reptiles in This Bizarre Way. Sloths seem to have evolved an approach to energy unlike the rest of their family tree, shutting. This is Sebastian. He's wearing "specialized sloth pajamas" made out of sports socks. So. Cute.

To be fair though, things aren't very slothful at the sloth sanctuary, very busy times!! However I can promise that I will take some pictures of all the things I mention here and post them over the next 2 days I know many of you already know the sad sloth news, but I will break it anyway. Over the last couple of months we have lost a few of the well loved babies including Alfie, Ella, Will and Lilo. Alfie was a complete shock to all of us, although he was always one of the small ones who had trouble growing - something we call failure to thrive.

This was sadly the case with Ella too, although she hadn't really been herself for a few weeks prior. It's always very hard to see one of the sloths not well, since veterinary care for them is super difficult.

There are few internal medications that they can handle, so most problems need to be treated topically. And this is where their careful, secretive nature catches them out - they don't like to let us know they aren't well, so they pretend to be absolutely fine until the very last moment when it's often hard to know whats wrong, and almost impossible to diagnose and treat.

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Blonde baby Will had we think neurological problems since the day he arrived - he was very erratic and didn't quite behave as we have come to expect. Sadly he deteriorated and passed away while snuggled up with his buddies in the incubator. Lilo was slightly older than the others, and probably came as the biggest shock. He had appeared happy and healthy, but had apparently been building up gas in his stomach not normal since sloths can't fart or burp!

Although it turns out he had experienced some funky digestive problems as a baby that we thought he had grown out of.

meet the sloths sebastian

Judy has come to learn that there is generally a reason why the babies who arrive here have been orphaned - their mom's probably know if something isn't quite right - and a lot of the time, these problems don't become apparent for a while! While speaking of sad news, many of you will know of Mateo - the little feisty fuzz ball always getting into trouble - well he isn't his usual self at the moment.

Meet Baby Sebastian the Sloth

He has some strange open sores on both his hands that don't seem to want to go away and he is all bandaged up to the shoulders to keep him from chewing at them. He is now being spoiled rotten and refuses to be left alone for more than 5 mins at a time, meaning there is always someone wandering around with him snoozing on their shoulder. He is snoozing on mine as I type this I think we need to invent some kind of sloth pouch so he can keep out of trouble!

Now Wookie has also experienced a sad series of events involving, unfortunately, his penis. It came out with a fungal infection which was treated and went away, but he couldn't resist scratching the itch which awkwardly caused it to tear and need stitches I know men reading this are cringing at the thought!

Ok so there are a few new characters who I need to introduce you to She is a Mateo look-a-like who couldn't be more like Oprah Winfrey herself.

She came from Monteverde as we closed the new sanctuary and can be constantly found clinging to her yellow hippo stuffy in the nursery. Next came Bindi - she is a little 3-fingered baby from the Pacific coast with a funny little fluffy hair-do.

She was found on the ground and with Judy's careful instructions including finding a real life goat to collect milk from she was cared for by a woman for the next 3 weeks until someone could get over there to bring her back. Finally, we have Luigi! He was brought in clinging to his dying mom and must have only been a day old.

His mom passed away shortly after arriving here, and it turned out she had one normal lung, and one tiny underdeveloped lung. Sadly, the stress of giving birth probably pushed her over the edge. She is named Mirra short for miracle and is fully formed and perfectly healthy! New borns aren't usually that small, so we think she was probably a twin who was rejected as the weaker one.

She is happily paired up with another very small baby recieved this month named Velcro he is clingy Half way through the month, we had a group of people bring us an adult 3-fingered female with a baby. They were found on the ground cold and wet, so were brought in to be checked over.

It turned out that the female was fine, she had just fallen and gotten too cold to climb back up the tree. On first inspection the baby seemed fine, but upon release she rejected him. He was brought back here and I took him out for a walk - only to notice something a little special - he had no coordination what-so-ever and his left side was very tense and stiff.

meet the sloths sebastian

I took him to see if he could climb which turned out to be a complete disaster - he definately can't climb. We think that he bashed his head when he fell, meaning that, like a human after a severe head injury, he has spasticity. This means that when he tries to clamber about, he can at best only use 3 of his legs, and completely misses the bars with each grab. More often than not he holds onto himself, then lets go with his other arm thinking he is holding on Despite this though, he is doing very well and I take him out daily to practice his climbing technique - He is lovingly now known as Cory.

meet the sloths sebastian

Ok onto my project. It turns out I shouldn't have been looking for a pile of bright red pellets, but when I chop them in half, the inside changes from a normal green colour to a red-ish brown when the dye is present.

I discovered this after giving more dye to all my 3 girls, then using a sharp knife to open up every pellet individually. I was able to seperate the pieces into either red or green and make percentages of dye-pellets to normal-pellets. And the news you have all been waiting for - it took 25, 27 and 30 days for my 3 females to produce lovely all green poops for me!!!

Thats a long time spent digesting I am now preparing to repeat this and will be giving them another tasty drink of carmine red over the next couple of days. I had a minor disaster with the daily diaries - a couple of my batteries broke, meaning I was a battery short. So for the last few days Jewel has been device-less while we arrange new battery packs to be sent out.

Apart from this though, everything is going perfectly and I am getting some very interesting data!

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For starters it seems they can control their body temperature much better than previously stated in the literature! So as of today, Animal Planet are here to start filming a sloth sanctuary documentary. The producer, Lucy Cook has some very exciting things in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the year when it will be aired globally if all goes to plan!

This is how you get an unwilling 2-fingered sloth out a box Lots of sloth chocolate flowers. I dont yet have pictures of some of the new babies etc since my camera is still off being fixed. But I am expecting it back over the next couple of weeks so when I do, I will add many-a cute picture!!