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meet the soldier mlp equestria

Meet the pyro in Equestria by *Electrixocket on deviantART. gooloomy grin hat multicolored hair my little pony my little pony friendship is magic pink hair pinkie. Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us. Twitter. MLP: Friendship is Magic® - © Hasbro Inc.® Fimfiction is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro Inc.®. It has been said machinery in Equestria is powered by unicorn . TF2-MLP classes (i.e. Twilight as Engie, or soldier, or even medic in this.

Twilight manages to defeat her alongside the human counterparts of her Equestria friends, Sunset befriends them. The second film Rainbow Rocks focuses on her efforts to redeem herself and fit in among the student body.

Although doubtful due to the manipulations of the Dazzlings, Sunset finally puts her past behind her and completes her redemption. In the third film Friendship Gamesshe is now the protagonist, and she helps to save Twilight's own counterpart from magical corruption. She is the followup guitarist and backup singer of the Rainbooms. Sunset did not become a main character until the second draft of the script for the Rainbow Rocks film.

The character appears in all Equestria Girls films, being depicted as Sunset Shimmer's ex-boyfriend who takes a romantic interest in Twilight Sparkle. His counterpart in Equestria, a royal pegasus guard at the Crystal Empire, also appears in the first film, and has brief appearances in Friendship Is Magic.

Both versions are voiced by Vincent Tong in all appearances. The Dazzlings — The Dazzlings are a "villainous band" of sirens introduced in the Rainbow Rocks lineup. In the Rainbow Rocks film, the trio serves as the antagonists, being banished from Equestria and aiming to control the residents of the parallel world through their enchanted singing.

Principal Abacus Cinch — Cinch appears in most of Friendship Games media including the film as the main antagonist, but no toy of this character has been released as of She is portrayed as the strict principal of Crystal Prep Academy, a prestigious school that rivals Canterlot High School, and is obsessed with maintaining her school's reputation by manipulating her prized student, the alternative universe counterpart of Twilight Sparkle.

She is voiced by Iris Quinn in the film. In out-of-the-show aspect, their name is shared with Nightmare Moon's illusion based on the Wonderbolts flight squad from the latter part of Friendship Is Magic pilot. In the film and other tie-in media, she is depicted as the main antagonist behind the damages at the camp, and, by magic, she eventually transforms into a creature named Gaea Everfree.

The character appears in the Legend of Everfree film and other tie-in media, but no toy of him has been released as of October He is voiced by Brian Doe in the film. Juniper Montage - Juniper Montage is the main antagonist of the Equestria Girls miniseriesappearing in episodes two and three, Movie Magic and Mirror Magic, respectively.

In Movie Magic, she sabotages her uncle's movie production in the hopes of being cast as the lead actress.

meet the soldier mlp equestria

In Mirror Magic, she finds an enchanted mirror that corrupts her into a monster. A toy of her was released in late August She is voiced by Ali Liebert.

Wallflower Blush - Wallflower Blush is the main antagonist of the first one-hour special Forgotten Friendship. Ignored by the school population at large and jealous of Sunset's transformation from hated bully to beloved friend, she uses a mystical stone to erase Sunset's friends' good memories of her. She is voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent. Vignette Valencia - Vignette Valencia is the main antagonist of the second one-hour special Rollercoaster of Friendship.

Pyro kind of wished he didn't dream about the bad parts of his life.

meet the soldier mlp equestria

Then again, there weren't many good parts. He set about polishing his flamethrower and mask, whistling a small tune he remembered. Today was a good day: Meet the Pyro was soon to be released! Hopefully it would show how cool and nice he was, right?

meet the soldier mlp equestria

In fact, he thought he had heard that the Medic had previewed it. Pyro found the desk phone, which was on the desk. In fact, it was nailed to the desk. Pyro picked up the receiver and dialed the Medic's number. The Medic was also one of the few who could understand him through his mask, though why this was was completely unknown to the Pyro. I am in ze middle of something," the Medic answered. How was Meet the Pyro? Oh dear… Er, maybe it is best I… save ze surprise for… Later," finished Medic, immediately hanging up.

Pyro was confused, but thought to himself "I must look really spectacular in the trailer if he can't tell me anything about it!

In fact, he had once sold the rights to his name and face to a restaurant called "Pyro's Hamburgers", only to find that TF Industries had bought the restaurant. He wondered what would have happened if the restaurant was successful?

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Thinking of the service he had had there, he frowned. Probably a zombie apocalypse or something. He quickly abandoned this unhappy tangent of thought and went back to polishing.

It was in the shape of a simple door, oval-shaped and large, but made of metal. Behind it was a vast machine, with plenty of technological arrays, gears and pumps. Today was the big day! She would finally see if her work paid off.

Spike was fast asleep, and it was the weekend, so the library was closed for the day. She had also invited Pinkie and Rainbow Dash over to see the big experiment Rainbow was bored that day, and Pinkie was always open for something fun.

Speaking of which, where were they? She heard a knock from the door, and zipped down to answer it. Pinkie appeared in the doorway, giggling at some unknown joke. Where's that dimensional space-hole thingy?

meet the soldier mlp equestria

Fortunately, nothing was broken, so they continued over to the next room in the library, which housed Twilight's workshop and the door. Next time I think I'll sleep in. The universe we go to might be made of candy, or on fire, or invisible.

Twilight flicked a switch and the door lit up yellow, as the pumps started pumping magic into the device. It would be a real educational opportunity.

meet the soldier mlp equestria

Twilight hurriedly scribbled a note and, mustering up her courage, followed them into the dimensional void. As part of the effort to convince the poor unfortunates of TeuFort that you are not idiotic mercenaries destroying their buildings and worldly possession with bombs, this has been a tremendous failure, and I blame all of you for not trying hard enough. Pyro watched, rapt, as footage of his teammates played.

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Weren't they supposed to make him look cool, and likable to the other team members? The real Scout was cringing, almost as if he expected Pyro to attack him. The Pyro was almost indignant at this. Scout thought he was a girl? Pyro kicked open a door, flamethrower out and ready.

He remembered that day. The video then cut to the Spy, and the Pyro brightened. Surely with the Spy's oratory skill, he would say something good about him, right?

Pyro was now shooting a stream of fire into the air, while buildings burned around him and dramatic music played.