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meet the ukippers documentary channel

John Adams (CEO) – is a film entrepreneur whose focus is primarily on the Geographic, and the highly controversial DAYS OF UKIP for Channel 4. BBC documentary 'Meet The Ukippers' happened. And despite having fair warning about what was going to happen it was still terrifying. Channel 4's Nigel Farage documentary was so cloying even UKIP browbeating the Tories at a public meeting, thrilling a UKIP conference.

In all the programme told us nothing new about Farage and his acolytes. The little Englanders were for all to see, Heale's right hand man Trevor Shonk getting pilloried by a Labour activist on the street about why they had issues about a tweet they got wrong mistaking Westminster Cathedral for a Mosque whilst at the same time another two from Labour telling him they had no chance of doing anything.

UKIP councillor fired over these "deeply racist" comments

None of that bothered the UKIP man much. Nor the animal activists taking umbrage at their appearance at a rally to stop the Export of Live animals, considering their views on fox hunting, they felt it was slightly on the hypocritical side how they cared about some animals and not others and wondered what made them turn up. The animal activists were unequivocal in their resentment of UKIPs presence.

They were lucky to come out alive after that encounter.

Expelled Ukip councillor Rozanne Duncan insists she is not racist - ITV News

Mr Farage made a few appearances with the obligatory pint in hand and how the rest of the non entities all wanted a selfie with him on their phone. He does not make interesting television, a one dimensional pub bore is the insufferable Farage, in all these programmes when he is featured, it's the same old anecdotes, more than enough to put a glass eye to sleep.

meet the ukippers documentary channel

I fail to see the fascination the media has with him and neither these 'working classes' with a posh banker. What unravelled is the party has nothing really to offer, the wind of immigration has been taken out of its sails by Cameron and all it is left with is a load of suited knuckle dragging relics and Rozanne Duncans. Mr Farage said far from being racist, Ukip endorsed a "re-embracing" of the Commonwealth nations. The event was ticketed and attendees had to pay a charge to attend.

meet the ukippers documentary channel

Mr Farage was given a universal standing ovation when he closed his remarks. A Channel 4 documentary team was almost banned from the meeting after a Ukip official said the channel was "not trusted". The team was understood to be making a documentary about the climate surrounding Romanians during the elections.

'Meet the UKippers': It seems we already have | The Bolton News

A party official said: Eastleigh resident Mark Latham was among the protesters outside the venue before the meeting began. And, indeed, he expired on the street a few minutes later, which was a pity given that the always excellent Rory Kinnear had made him one of the few interesting characters.

I liked, too, Abigail Lawrie as surly, stroppy council estate teenager Krystal, but the middle-class characters never rose above the level of cardboard cut outs spouting vile attitudes - just as they'd done in the original novel by Rowling, who'd been on the wrong end of the welfare system herself before Harry Potter made her rich and famous. Class and ethnicity were also at the core of Indian Summers, which began a week run on Channel 4 and which seems just the ticket for those viewers old enough to feel nostalgic about the series, The Jewel in the Crown.

That was adapted from Paul Scott's Raj Quartet of novels and was set in the run-up to Indian independence.

Ukip win sparks riots in C4 drama

Here, though, we were inwith no indication of the sun ever setting on the British empire, though with lots of indications that all was not well, especially for those who didn't happen to be wealthy and white. Yet, though due consideration was given to the plight of the native underlings hindsight's a great thingnearly all the dramatic attention was paid to the privileged rulers and to their sexual and social dilemmas.

meet the ukippers documentary channel

So a bit like Downton Abbey, then, and with Julie Walters promising to be a sub-continent version of Maggie Smith, though a good deal feistier than that frigid fusspot.

There was a handsome young Indian clerk, too, and I confidently expect him to have a torrid romance with blonde-haired Alice, who had just arrived at this foot-of-the-Himalayas stronghold after the end of an unhappy marriage.