Meet the vloggers cars

Inside the world of the supercar vlogger

meet the vloggers cars

Meet The Vloggers is a YouTube channel made up of three from a very rich family in Dubai hence are able to afford super-cars like Audi R8. A place to discuss automotive vloggers and YouTubers. Taylor RayALL MY CARS ARE BROKEN! . Classy morning car meet, and rowdy night meet. He's been called “the current undisputed car king of social media” and “an almost cult-like figure.” Fans stop him in the street and ask for selfies.

A maniacal Ferrari fan, the energy he gives off on camera is engaging and his content is constantly fresh and genuinely interesting.


He gives off a sense of honesty and humbleness that makes his channel very approachable. Now, here is his Superfast video: By following these YouTube stars and obviously being involved within mainstream automotive journalism, I had the impression that there's been a slight tension building between the old powerhouses and the new young bucks of our space in media.

And, finally, it came to a head on Twitter just last night. I won't name any names, but another mainstay of the UK car vlogger community responded to a since deleted tweet.

Question: Would you rather cars were reviewed by journalists or vloggers?

Said tweet called-out manufacturers for inviting influencers to car launches instead of 'proper' journalists, highlighting a lack of quality, seriousness and taste from the new guys on the block. The vlogger's reply read as follows: Now, using the phrase 'no one cares' was a bit of a rash call from the prominent YouTuber, as in swung the editor of one of the biggest car magazine titles in the business: Then things started to get rather petty, with subscriber counts and video views being used as cannon fodder in the same way as an eight-year-old kid would flaunt his fidget spinner collection in the school playground.

Things got messy after this From day one my approach has always been to take the audience along for the journey together with me and immerse them in the experience as best I can.

meet the vloggers cars

More broadly, why do you think people engage so much with influencer content in general? Influencer content also operates within a meritocracy. Unlike TV where content is pushed to you based on what the producers think is good — online we find what we actually want to watch.

Meet the vloggers: Self employed and 'worth a fortune' - BBC Newsbeat

But there are still only a few that rise to the top within each of their fields. Mr JWW stands next to a supercar From a brand perspective, what are the advantages of partnering with someone like you?

meet the vloggers cars

Would you agree that targeting influencers can yield better results than getting coverage in the mainstream press? Since starting her channel, she has participated in a number of massive ad campaigns and was one of the first Youtubers to release a lifestyle guidebook.

Currently, she and her hubby are preparing to have their first silver-spoon born baby. Before starting her lifestyle-based Youtube channel, she was a regular Canadian girl who briefly experimented with having dreadlocks. Start a jewelry line! She is the daughter of a prominent Republican Orange County family with ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.

Despite his transparency, many viewers have doubted he is actually as rich as he claims. These people clearly have no idea how expensive it is to live in Manhattan. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where everybody has the means to voice their very unhelpful opinions, and Charles is often on the receiving end. Despite being creative, open, friendly, and relatively successful, he is often criticized for being materialistic.