Phineas and ferb across the second dimension ending a relationship

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phineas and ferb across the second dimension ending a relationship

Phineas's feelings for Isabella, on the other hand, are relatively unknown, varying but towards the end of the show's runtime, it is shown that Phineas actually he is unsuccessful (Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension). Phineas and Ferb - Rated: K - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, Spoilers from the movie "Across The Second Dimension". Just a Perry centric reflection on his relationship with the Flynn-Fletcher boys. Rodney has a plan that will end the OWCA, but when it involves hurting Perry, will Doof stand for it?. "It's About Time!" is the twenty-first broadcast episode of the animated television series Phineas This idea was used for the second season episode, "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo." Perry is depressed about their "break up" and reminisces about their past . Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension. Other.

phineas and ferb across the second dimension ending a relationship

Perry wants to retell his secret to his owners. Takes place after the 2nd Dimension. One shot, maybe more depending on reception.

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Doobee doobee dooba doobee doobee dooba Agent P! He was about to go when Candace held him back. Agent P by reviews It all started with a platypus K - English - Chapters: Takes place in the other dimension, and features other dimension Candace and platyborg Perry. M reviews What happens when the Flynn-Fletcher family goes out to the movies, and Perry the Platypus is left home alone?

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A collection of one-shots that take place directly after the ATSD movie. The movie had a happy ending, but what if it didn't? What if Perry had to leave forever? He gets relocated to the Bi-State Area with the Danger family who's just awful.

Isabella and Phineas's relationship

Doofenshmirtz - Complete Back Across by Radar reviews Phineas and Ferb wanted to devise a system for remembering everything, but a switch in the blueprints changes the entire day.

How will the boys escape and will Perry be able to save them? Possible spoilers from the movie "Across The Second Dimension". D and Phineas, he feels awful about it. Feeling that their lives would be better without him, he decides to run away from his family and quit the agency.

phineas and ferb across the second dimension ending a relationship

Can MM convince him to stay? Present Life Phineas and Ferb meet their 1st Dimension counterparts, with the former believing that they are being replaced with duplicates at first. He shares an emotional hug with Perry-1initially believing he is his Perry, before he tells Phineas-1 of the nonexistence of summer in the 2nd Dimension.

After Perry-1 departs, the four all decide to go to the house of Isabella for help, during which they are joined by Buford. The five then arrive at the Resistance headquarters via chute, and he, Ferb, and their 1st Dimension selves find out that Candace is the Resistance's leader.

Candace agrees to help Phineas-1, Ferb-1and a recently arrived Candace-1 retrieve a captured Perry-1, but tells him and Ferb to stay behind. However, they stow away in the mine carts used by the Resistance to get to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.

When the group manages to rescue Perry-1 and get pursued by Norm bots, Candace is forced to separate the mine cart containing the 1st Dimension characters, resulting in their capture; Phineas protests against this, but he is overridden. Later managing to get recruited into the Resistance along with Ferb, Phineas arrives at DEI to rescue Candace, who was captured after aiding the 1st Dimension characters. She initially disapproves of her brothers' decisions, but after seeing they can handle themselves, she changes her mind and the three share a loving hug.

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Phineas is later among the Resistance members that congratulate the 1st Dimension characters for defeating Doofenshmirtz. He is also reunited with Perry, whose evil was "fried out of him" after a climactic showdown with Perry-1, and he returns to his home dimension with his pet Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension.

Following Doofenshmirtz's arrest, Phineas settled down into a peaceful life with his family, feeling happy that Perry is now back. He and the other kids settled down, reinvigorating their sense of fun towards sports. However, the glee is cut short when two giant insect robots attacked the park and Perry is kidnapped by several animal cyborgs who happen to be the missing agents of O.

Phineas Flynn (2nd Dimension)

Phineas later learns from Candace that Doofenshmirtz's ex-wife Charlene was the one responsible for turning the agents into cyborgs and kidnapping Perry, Phineas aids the Resistance into rescuing Perry. He and Perry later aid Candace and a restrained Doofenshmirtz into finding Charlene's penthouse, where they learns that Doofenshmirtz and Charlene had pretended to be divorced because of several finance advantages.

Plus, Charlene revealed that the park attack and the kidnapping was nothing but a ruse to trick the Resistance into freeing her husband.

As such, Charlene sets her animal cyborgs to trap Phineas, Candace, and Perry; in a more darker note, Ferb was supposedly captured by Pandaborg and turned into a cyborg.