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A vast majority of the Tales games I've played have always left the Asch had childhood feelings for Natalie, while Tear and Luke . his own consciously and tries to supplant that relationship with Asch, His hair is one solid tone of red, instead of lightening (Luke) or darkening (Asch) at the tips, he wears. A page for describing YMMV: Tales of the Abyss. Alternative Luke and Tear are , of course, the Official Couple and get the most Ship Tease. Concerning Guy. Let me know in the comment's section which fictional romances got you to think as well. Tear and Luke Tear and Luke Tales of the Abyss.

When Tear starts to sing the Grand Fonic Hymn, the final boss's battlefield turns into this.

About the relationship between Luke and Tear... (spoilers)

Is it Luke or Asch in the final cutscene or both? There are hints, but it's impossible to be sure. Anime of the Game has substantially higher graphical quality than ingame anime cutscenes. It was even recycled for the animated adaptation. A few parts, the plot demands you to go to a town that's half way across the map. The game gives you an option to immediately warp there if you want to.

During the stealth section, you have to sneak the party past a large regiment of guards. If you get caught enough times, the game will give you the option of just brute-forcing your way through by fighting the guards in normal battles. You get a fast travel ability right as the plot starts taking you to various known locations at a rapid pace.

Luke fon Fabre considering that the Score ultimately reveals the destruction of Akzeriuth was supposed to set in motion a series of events that would result in The End of the World as We Know It. The Big Bad deciding to make it happen on his terms and creating his own Apocalypse Maiden in the form of The Hero to do so is what kicks off the plot. You only fight with four characters, while you have a total of six; complete with Hand Wave as to what the other characters are doing while your main party is fighting, with the exception of the final battle, where a skit right before it says that 2 of the 6 party members will be in charge of finding and maintaining a safe escape route as the other 4 take out Van and free Lorelei.

Everything seems to come in sevens: The AI can actually use items themselves. Natalia is often seen as wasteful, but her AI does seem to know never to touch the expensive or rare items.

Guy has an ability called "Center" that heals him a good amount. His AI almost never uses it if he needs it - even if he's the only one taking damage or has a chance. Luke, after he realizes what a complete ass he's been and gets an Important Haircut.

Anise, after Ion's death. Spinoza, after the death of his colleagues due to his betrayal. His friends from Class I also offer their lives to delay Van in order to atone for his betrayal.

Mieu is also an atoner since he's been exiled from his village because of his actions. He is just a small child, but his playing around lead to a horrible fire that killed several of his kind and started a war with another species that is now dominating and terrorizing his people.

They are a pain in the ass to learn how to useand either require a particularly unfavorable HP level to activate or have a high cost associated with themgald for Anise. Also, Luke and Anise's only be used once per battle. This means Jade and Tear cannot use their Mystic Artes until someone else uses one with no extension, and nobody can cast a fonic arte.

There is also a risk that Anise's can lock up the game if there are no sound effects for Dying Moon, your game will freeze.

Both can only be used once, however. Fortune's Arc also has an extension, which deals extra damage and gives status buffers. Essentially all of the Character Development for Guy and Jade comes from their past. Most of Guy's Back Story is right there in the open during the plot. To get most of Jade's, you have to go looking for it. Everyone but Spinoza in classes I and M, all the way.

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Culminates in four Heroic Sacrifices. Aside from the usual ridiculously large inventory space, both Guy and Luke somehow manage to put the various BFS into hilts far too small to hold them.

Jade has a literal bag of holding that he uses to pull out his spears whenever he needs them, Hand Waved as a Fonic Art. Sync fights with only his hands. Anise's Strike Artes fit this mold also.

Luke, in a rare male example of this trope, always has his cloak showing off his abs. The Keterburg Hotel Spa.

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Complete with Fanservice outfits for everyone! It can even be addressed in skits if you take the characters into battle wearing their spa costumes.

Lampshaded by Anise in a skit. Because Destiny Says So: Holy crap, does it ever. Why don't the people of Auldrant do anything when something bad happens? Because the Score predicted it, so there's no point meddling. Why does Grand Maestro Mohs want to start a war between the two major superpowers of the world? Because the Score said it would happen.

Why doesn't Tear's uncle think that a city is going to fall? The Score didn't say it would, so physics be damned, he's not even going to go check.

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NPCs admit to deciding what to have for dinner based entirely on the Score. But that was how it was always destined to go in such an unpleasant love.

Lelouch and CC Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion This was a romance that was all based in subtlety. CC was the one who gave Lelouch his geass.

At first, the two have a somewhat adversarial relationship, with CC seeing Lelouch as a means to ends unknown. However, as the story progresses, you see her bonding with him, seeing his resolve and it awakening a fire inside of her that was long-since gone.

Eventually, she confesses seeing him as more than a comrade. In the first series, the last interaction she has with Lelouch is kissing him, before going off to fight. She finds him again and helps him regain his memories with another kiss. From then on, they are significantly closer, but they still keep a kind of distance from one-another, due to their own histories.

Kim and Ron Kim Possible Mock this if you must, but there was a lot of authentic feeling and good examination of high school relationships in this one. How Kim and Ron got together even felt authentic. Having been a loyal friend and comrade to her exploits, Ron Stoppable was probably the best friend a person could ask for.

When he finally realizes that he has feelings for Kim, it is an interesting look into his psyche as he is trying to process it. Kim initially denies her feelings for Ron, with him being a guy in the place all guys hate — the friendzone. But he is there for her when she needs him most, showing her that the best guy is right in front of her. Plus, it makes Ron a hero for escaping the friendzone.

As the series goes on and you see their relationship develop, there are a lot of good and realistic moments, despite the nature of the series. They fight, they have issues and at the end, they worry about going off to college and being apart. It was a cute little couple and it made the show that much better. Zuko and Mai Avatar: Zuko and Mai, on the other hand, are a very fascinating couple. Both of them coming from very harsh upbringings, their relationship has a lot of history.

After he returned from being banished, she rekindled an old flame. What made their relationship work was how real it felt. The fights they had were intense! Their harsh moments were as engaging as their sympathetic moments. Plus, they actually had a very good break-up and reunion, with her desperate to understand why he left and still showing she cares, even though he hurt her.

It was a nice dichotomy between two very introverted people.

Luke fon Fabre

When Will and Lyra first met, it was a very confrontational event, with Lyra charging out of a building and attacking him. From there came a very slow building of love that eventually explodes into a mountain of passion. They are very different people, with Lyra being a silver-tongued devil who is outgoing and Will being a quiet introvert who just happens to have a very quick mind underneath his outward frigid bravado. The two grow to support each other despite their similar stubborn attitudes, and Tear ultimately confesses her love for Luke near the end of the story, after the battle with Van in Eldrant.

Tear is a Seventh Fonist capable of casting unique spells known as Fonic Hymns. While Natalia's healing artes focus on single targets, Tears utilizes area-based healing artes such as Healing Circle and Revitalize.

Apart from being one of the primary healers of the game, the aforementioned Fonic Hymns also grant powerful offensive spells such as Judgment and Grand Cross.

While she primarily remains a long-ranged caster, she is adept to fighting up close as well. Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Tear wields various staves and wands typical of the healer class, but her regular attack is unique in that her weapon fires out small orbs of fonic light a short distance, allowing her to keep enemies away.

Other Appearances Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Tear is a playable character in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythologyclassed as a Priest with the "Mysterious Intruder" title. She appears along with Luke, having to cope with the latter's selfishness and arrogance because she feels responsible for taking him out from his safe mansion. While they use their time going around and look for a way to get home, they are in the end asked by Mormo to give them their help while they still are in Terresia.

They agree to this, and are afterward available to use as party members in the Ad Libitum chapter in Gavada. While staying there, she shows her interest for cute things, as she becomes obsessed with Mormo and the Gavada chapter's leader, Eugene Gallardo from Tales of Rebirth. It is stated that Luke and Tear reached Terresia though a hyperresonance reaction, much like what spirited them away to Malkuth in the beginning of the game.