Team fortress 2 meet the demoman russian names

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team fortress 2 meet the demoman russian names

The Demoman's Fro is a cosmetic item for the Demoman. It is a paintable afro hairstyle with short sideburns and a team-colored headband. . Meet the Team. 2: Meet the Demoman (Russian), Team Fortress 2: Meet the Soldier (Russian), Developed by Magic Nipples (which might be the best band name I've never. Meet the Demoman Kill 2 people in a single sticky jump. The name of this achievement is based on Valve's co-op shooter Left 4 Dead. .. The Bolsheviks were a faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.

During the censored portion, the Demoman actually says: The music that plays during the battle sequence — " Drunken Pipe Bomb " — did not originally appear on the Team Fortress 2 Official Soundtrack similar to "Magnum Force", the track that plays during Meet the Sniper. Update on December 17, During the video, the Demoman can be seen with blank badges on either shoulder.

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The ending shot of all nine classes shows the Demoman with his original dynamite badge, later changed to a generic bomb and finally to the current Stickybomb shoulder badge. The teams' roles are reversed from what they are in the game's Gravel Pit. Several crates of beer can be seen behind the Demoman. These are made by ' Red Shed '.

team fortress 2 meet the demoman russian names

The Demoman's unused Dynamite Pack weapon can be seen on his desk, most prominently at 0: The Demoman's grenade bounces, then explodes on contact with the enemy Pyro. The Highlanders were famous for their charges. A single-handed claymore would be held in the right hand and used to stab the enemy, the targe would be strapped to the left arm and used to parry sword or bayonet blows, and a small dagger held reversed in the left hand and overlapping the targe would be used to slash.

Meet the Demoman

The Stickening Kill 3 Heavies from full health with a single sticky bomb detonation. In the film Highlanderthe Quickening is the phenomenon which occurs when an immortal decapitates another, acquiring the sum total of their power, knowledge, experiences, and skill.

The second Highlander film is also subtitled "The Quickening". Kill 10 enemies while assisting or being assisted by another Demoman. A plaid is a pleated cloth often worn with a kiltmade from the same tartan and worn over the shoulder, fastened at the front. In the USA, "plaid" can also refer to any cloth with a checked pattern, similar to tartan. Bootlegger Bootlegging was originally the act of concealing hip-flasks of alcohol in the legs of boots.

Chargin' Targe A targe is a small shield that was used by the Scottish Highlanders up to the 18th century. Eyelander The Eyelander is a reference, both in name and design, to the film Highlander ; specifically the character of Connor McLeod last of the clan McLeod.

In the film, when one immortal decapitates another, he acquires the sum total of their power, knowledge, experiences, and skill similarly to how the Eyelander works in the game. The Eyelander, which is a two-handed claymorealso bears close resemblance to the sword thought to have been used by William Wallace.

team fortress 2 meet the demoman russian names

The "eye" part is a direct reference to the Demoman's cycloptic nature. Zatoichi is a fictional character who appears in many Japanese films. He is a very able swordsman, despite being blind. The "half" part of the name comes from the fact that the Demoman is only blind in one eye.

It is pronounced similarly to "lock", but the "k" is softened. Loose Cannon "Loose cannon" is a term for a person who has little to no self control. A nine iron is a type of golf club. The modern 18 hole game of golf was invented in Scotland, the Demoman's homeland. Scottish Handshake This weapon's name is a reference to the myth that a Scottish person will usually greet others with physical violence, due to their stereotypically aggressive nature. The label on the bottle indicates that it was made inthe same year that the notorious pirate known as Blackbeard was born.

Scottish Resistance This weapon's name is a reference to the period of extended Scottish insurrection against English rule after being invaded inculminating in two major wars fought from and not to be confused with the Jacobite rebellions.

Ullapool Caber A sober person would throw it Ullapool is a small town in the Scottish Highlands. It is also the Demoman's birthplace.

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A caber is a large wooden pole used in the caber tossan event practiced at the Scottish Highland Games. Cosmetic items Aladdin's Private Reserve Originally owned by some punk kid in Syria, this Arabian wish-granter is a lamp full of liquid courage. Simply rub, think liquory thoughts, and pour. Aladdin refers to a story in the collection of folk tales titled One Thousand and One Nights, in which the main character finds a similar lamp which contains a genie.

A private reserve is a set of bottles generally of higher quality set aside by the manufacturer of alcohol to sell for special occasions.

A Whiff of the Old Brimstone Your enemies will clap in delight at the cartoonish innocence of these old-timey bombs, making it that much sweeter when you blow their arms off. The name of this item is a reference to the end of Meet the Demomanwhen the Demoman declares "I'll be waiting on ya with a whiff of the ol' brimstone! A carouser is a participant in a noisy, lively drinking party or one who consumes plentiful amounts of alcohol - this is obviously a reference to the Demoman's drinking habits.

The description is a reference to The BibleExodus It also refers to World of Warcraft, the original inspiration of this item. Conjurer's Cowl I put on my wizard's hat.

The description is a reference to the phrase "I put on my robe and wizard hat", originating from an IRC discussion by a user named bloodninja which became popular on the internet. Splash the pot with all you got. These are a reference to Strong Bad's low-budget, Ed Wood-esque action series Dangeresque, where they are worn by his sidekick, Homestar Runner.

Demoman's Fro The Demoman's Frowith its small size and headband, closely resembles the afro worn by rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Glengarry Bonnet The Glengarry bonnet is actually a traditional boat-shaped hat without a peak. This hat more closely resembles a Balmoral bonnetwhich was worn by several Scottish military regiments until they all switched to the Glengarry in Hair of the Dog The name of this hat refers to the colloquial term "hair of the dog that bit you", referring to the act of consuming an alcoholic drink to relieve the effects of a hangover.

Mask of the Shaman An invincibility mask made by the Ancients. It hasn't worked in a long, long time.

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This is modeled after the mask worn by the nomads in the game From Dust. Upon the capture of the control point, a team specific counter starts counting down and stops upon being captured by the opposing team. The first teams' timer to finish counting down wins. Payload Race, like Payload, both RED and BLU teams push a team-colored cart to a checkpoint, unlike Payload there is only one checkpoint at the end of the track and no timer.

The team to reach their checkpoint first wins. Unlike Control Point only two points are accessible at a single time, upon a team's successful capture of a point the "stage" ends and the accessible capture points change. When a team only has control of a single control point they are blocked from capturing the opposing team's control point, and the team must wait until the time limit is up and the accessible capture points change.

A team wins by capturing all the control points. A team wins by holding the briefcase on a loading platform until they reach the top of the platform. To win a team must deliver a set number of pickups to the drop-off point. The player on each team with the most pickups is highlighted for everyone to see and gives passive healing to themselves and the teammates around them. To win each team must score 5 goals or have the most number of goals at the end of the timer.

To score a goal, a single ball, the "jack", can be picked up and thrown. Robots and tanks drop cash upon their death, players can use this cash to buy upgrades for themselves or their weapons. The players win upon successfully defending their base from the bomb until the last wave. Training mode exists to help new players get acquainted with basic controls, and how to play four of the nine classes. It uses wood dummies and bots to teach players. The number of bots, their difficulty, and the map can all be adjusted to a player's preference.

For example, Halloween included an extremely difficult Mann vs. Machine round involving destroying more than enemy forces. Offense The Scout Nathan Vetterlein is a cocky, fast-talking baseball fan and street runner from Boston, Massachusettswho practiced running to "beat his maddog siblings to the fray. The Scout can double-jump and captures control points and pushes payloads twice as fast as other classes.

As a tradeoff, he has low health. The Soldier Rick May is both the second-slowest class in the game and the class with the second-highest health after the Heavy Weapons Guy.

A jingoistic American military man hailing from the Midwest despite the fact that he was never actually in the Army[34] the Soldier is armed by default with a rocket launchershotgunand a folding shovel. The Soldier can use his rocket launcher to rocket jump to higher positions at the cost of some health. The Pyro Dennis Bateman is a mentally unstable pyromaniac of unknown gender or origin, clad in a fire-retardant suit and a voice-muffling gas mask.

By default, they are armed with a shotgun, fire axeand a homemade flamethrower that can set players on fire. It can also produce a blast of compressed air that knocks away nearby enemies and projectiles, and extinguishes burning teammates.

Though he is the slowest class, he can sustain and deal immense amounts of damage. His default weapons consist of his fists, a shotgun, and an enormous minigun that he affectionately refers to as "Sasha".

He can also remotely destroy his structures using his Destruction PDA. By default, the Medic is also equipped with an air-powered syringe gun and bonesaw for situations in which his teammates don't protect him.

In a TF2 short, it is discovered that a dove is accidentally left inside the Scout's body. The Sniper John Patrick Lowrie is a cheerful New Zealand ocker -style character raised in the Australian outback[42] equipped by default with a laser-sighted sniper rifle to shoot enemies from afar as his weapon has no damage falloff or spread with guaranteed critical hits on a shot to an enemy's head though this may not be the case, depending on the rifle selected.