The 5 people you meet in heaven book setting

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the 5 people you meet in heaven book setting

Aug 14, This story takes place in several different locations in both heaven and on earth. The novel begins at Ruby Pier. Eddie grew up very close to. I was forced to read this book, and at first I really didn't want to. Reading further, though, I found that this book is a mix of simple lessons, and wonderfully woven. May 10, I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom, over the weekend. It was a tremendous book! Come read my book review! this post includes a summary of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, my takeaways.

Eddie goes to save her, and dies when the cart falls on him. The Blue Man tells Eddie that in heaven, he will meet five important people who will each teach him a lesson about his life. The Blue Man explains that he turned blue as a child from medicinal silver nitrate, and led a lonely life thereafter. He explains that he died because of Eddie: The Blue Man teaches Eddie the lesson of human connection—that all lives are connected, even those of strangers.

Eddie again travels through the colors, and then arrives in a familiar jungle battleground. There, he meets the Captain. Stationed in the Philippines, Eddie and his unit are taken captive by enemy.

the 5 people you meet in heaven book setting

Months later, they plan and execute an escape. While setting the village on fire, Eddie thinks he sees a small shadow moving in one of the huts, and tries to save the person. He is then shot in the leg and knocked unconscious.

Setting for The Five People You Meet In Heaven

He comes home permanently crippled and bitter. In heaven, the Captain reveals that it was he who shot Eddie, trying to get him out of the fire.

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He also reveals that he died during the escape while trying to get his men out. Before leaving him, the Captain teaches Eddie that sacrifice is vital to life, and should be sought after rather than lamented. Eddie travels again, and lands outside of a diner in the mountains, where he sees his father in the window. In heaven, a woman named Ruby appears, and tells Eddie that her husband, Emile, built Ruby Pier in her honor long ago.

As he runs around the pier he also sees the weight guessers, fortune tellers, and dancing gypsies. This setting is symbolic of Eddie's childhood; as a child Eddie was happy, naive and carefree.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven Summary & Study Guide

He was not yet discouraged, depressed or bitter. The white paint of the rides could represent Eddie's purity as a child; the primitive rides, weight guessers, fortune tellers and dancing gypsies are symbolic of childrens' naivety and love for the simple things in life. As the novel illustrates Eddie's experiences later in his life, we notice that the rides on the pier become more modernized and complicated as Eddie becomes older and depressed.

the five people you meet in heaven - book

The sky changes from a blue to a dark, charcoal grey. The scene is very dark with fallen trees, blackened rubble and the sound of bombs exploding in the distance.

the 5 people you meet in heaven book setting

This setting is particularly dark because when Eddie was at war he was older and not quite as limber as he was as a child. The darkness of the setting also signifies how Eddie becomes injured during the War, which plays a large part in the depression he experiences for the rest of his life.

the 5 people you meet in heaven book setting

The third place Eddie finds himself, in heaven, is a large mountain range surrounding a huge lake. The mountains have white, snow-capped peaks, rocks and purple slopes. The lake, in the center, was black and reflecting the bright moon. In the snowy field, below the mountains, Eddie sees a diner with neon lights.

All of the customers in the diner are from a different decade and most appear to be injured. The diner is there because Ruby wanted to feel as if she had returned to her younger years, when she worked in a diner, and had a simple and secure life.

Since the pier had caused her much pain and suffering, she wanted all those who had also suffered at Ruby Pier to be safe and secure as well. She also wanted to remain far from the sea and thus chose the mountains. This setting shows us that, along with Eddie, others have suffered at Ruby Pier: Ruby, Eddie's father and all of the other patrons in the diner.

Before Eddie meets Marguerite in heaven, he finds himself journeying through many wedding receptions of different types and cultures. The weddings all seem more lavish that his and Marguerite's had been.