The boondocks meet cindy

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the boondocks meet cindy

The Boondocks was a daily syndicated comic strip written and originally drawn by Aaron Greg Melvin, McGruder's editor at the syndicate, met with him in an unsuccessful attempt to talk the cartoonist into returning. . Cindy McPhearson – A white girl in Huey's class who appears to be utterly clueless about racial issues. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Riley F., Cindy McPhearson Leggo:) Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks or any of his characters. "We obviously should meet at your place. Read four ; pink + white from the story HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART, cindy Now that she moved she meets the Freeman family again and is stuck in the.

He picked it up, and un-folded it. My Un-knowened Aiight so you probably already know, wait, you don't though, because you haven't been told, I just can't think about what I want to say- Even though I've been thinking' about chu' all day- But I think you'll be confused and will just walk away.

But it'll be too late, you'll be on your way You'll leave me alone, there with no-one to hold, You'll be so cold, that you won't pick up your phone, You'd be annoyed, listening to me drone on, and on, and on, and on, so- That's why you'd neglect, even when I feel so vexed, Maybe if we have sex, it'll change your mind and um- I won't be your Ex, cuz we'd be married with some- Little babies, that we'd share, you'd provide for them, and I would care We would be a family, unless you don't want one, we could be together and lonesome, and it could be fun, without a son, running from the cops, bonnie and clyed, we'd Escape and find somewhere to hide But what's the use of this dreamin and schemin' He won't want me, I'm just to much of a heathen Imma outcast, even a wanna be, What's the point of it all, me and this beliving- about "LOVE" what does it do, Does it make to people stick together like glue- Is it when someone bombs up a school, when another one looks at him starry eyed, thinkin he's cool?

Or is it when someone looks at you funny, and then they get knocked out for "Messin with my honey! Riley stared at the paper a little longer, he didn't know why, but a Laaaaaarrge grin slowly swepted across his face and he began dancing.

She really like me! She really likes me! My phone is Vibratin'! IT's vibe- oh nigga, my phone is vibrating! It's a Tweet from Then footsteps up the stairs. He yelped, turned off the closet light, closed the door, put a Hannah Montana wig on, then hid behind a stack of clothes, and then he quickly kicked the box to the back of the closet. She started to dance. Then she took her earphones out her IPod and her IPod in the dock.

I like your flaws, your perfect the way you are All I would change is your name, to make you mine I like your attitude, can't even get mad at you! I thought you loved Hannah Montana! She walked toward the closet. Don't go in the closet! Noooo, don't come in here! Riley sat quite, trying his best not to make a move. She looked around humming, and then her eyes sat on the opened the box.

Riley sighed, realizing he didn't get caught. Riley started to grin, knowing what he was doing wrong and that he should probably turn away, but he couldn't. All of a sudden she stopped. She picked up the top, then the skinny jeans, then she tried to get back up and She tripped over a Riley rose to his feet as well.

She backed him up to the back of the closet. She leaned over to pick it up.

the boondocks meet cindy

Did you read this too You're not, and your probably gonna blow my rep to, with the big "Hannah Montana" thing She looked up at him, confused. You know what that means? She leant forward, and his soft lips met hers, and for the best and LONGEST three seconds they had in their entire life-time, was spent together She took her lips back, and he was still standing there, looking dumb-founded. Riley smirked, positioning his head for her to whisper something into his ear.

She cupped her mouth over with her hands I thought we waz cool! She kept pushing him down the stairs, snatched her wig back, and shoved him out the door. And she mouthed out the words. Cindy winked at him, waved, and then shut the window.

Riley shoved his hands in his pockets, with a smile on his face, as he began walking. He looked up, and what he saw, was quite shocking. Jasmine was walking, arm-and-arm with Huey wasn't smiling, but he didn't have on his default super frowny face on either. Huey suddenly look up, saw his brother standing there with a large smirk on his face, and smacked himself in the forehead, sighed, then rolled his eyes. Huey looked around, glaring.

Flash back Jasmine runs after the afro-headed boy, with great intentions. Tom is often seen talking sometimes arguing with Huey about current politics, while Huey tends to deride Tom for being a conformist yuppiesometimes going so far as to sarcastically suggest that he is not really black.

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For a while Tom was kicked out of the house by Sarah after he called her a "two-timing political floozy" when she voted for Ralph Nader instead of Al Gore.

Four years later, Tom kidnapped Nader in hopes of preventing him from taking votes away from John Kerry and costing the Democrats the Presidential Election. Huey eventually persuaded him to release Nader. Jazmine Dubois — Thomas and Sarah's biracial daughter, who seems to like Huey, despite his general coldness toward her.

She is notable for her insecurity over her biracial status. Early in the strip she was deliberately ambiguously colored so as to cloud the issue of whether she was white or black. It even prompted her to be directly asked by her teacher. She disappeared for roughly two years, and it was revealed she had been so frightened of terrorists that she would not leave her house. She tried to turn herself in to the FBI three times, because she thought she was helping the terrorists by being scared having heard statements to the effect that "If you live in fear, the terrorists win".

She eventually came out because of a "Credible threat against her teddy bear. Huey's suggestion to Tom that he and Sara try "emphasizing the natural beauty of her African features" rather than trying to help her change her appearance fell on deaf ears. On one occasion when Jazmine was complaining about her "big and poofy" hair, Huey interrupted her to ask what she thought of clouds. She thought clouds were pretty, but completely missed the point Huey was trying to make.

Uncle Ruckus — an elderly, overweight black man who is notably racist and self-loathing. He is the darkest skinned character of the cast. He first appears in December as a replacement mall Santa Claus after Riley took out the first one with a flying folding chair.

He appeared again in his first Sunday feature in September as Huey and Riley's bus driver and he also admitted to working as a janitor at the school. He and Robert are sometimes seen playing checkers together between and after the aforementioned appearances. Cindy McPhearson — A white girl in Huey's class who appears to be utterly clueless about racial issues. She shows a fondness and curiosity for rap musicparticularly Snoop Dogg.

Hiro only appeared in the original Diamondback version of the strip. Principal Williams — The principal of J. An out-of-touch white man who prepared for the arrival of Huey and Riley by renting several blaxploitation films, mistakenly thinking of them as representative of black culture.

Cindy McPhearson VOICE

He somehow has access to FBI files of Huey. John Petto — Huey, Cindy, and Caesar's white teacher, who is as clueless about how to handle them as the principal is.

Old-fashioned and not used to black people, he is intimidated by Huey's intellect and has struggled trying to debate with Huey during class. Peterson — Riley's teacher who has a strict rule of giving her students no special treatment, where they must pull their weight or fail.

Because of this, she once failed a girl from Romania, who was a math genius, but could barely read or write. Head Bitch In Charge, boo. But you still one.

the boondocks meet cindy

And it ain't a good look for a dude to be lookin' like a bitch, my nig. Riley gave her his mischievous look before he bounced the ball. Then he turned to Cindy again. For the past year and a half since Riley turned eighteen, the two had been pumped that they could finally start hitting the clubs together. They went frequently, always getting buzzed prior to going. A few months ago, they had made a deal that when Cindy was 21, she would hook him up by ordering drinks for him.

Cindy McPhearson

They weren't too worried about getting caught; the club wasn't very strict and Riley and Cindy knew a lot of the people that worked there anyway. They were confident they wouldn't get in trouble.

All they wanted to do was have a good time. It went in flawlessly. The only thing we gotta do is make sure Huey McHater don't catch us.

the boondocks meet cindy

I ain't worried about shit. I just don't want him up my ass about it… no homo. I don't kiss the ass of no hoe.

the boondocks meet cindy

Riley just smirked down at her and gave her a once-over. You really want me to answer that question, white girl? Then she grinned at him.

the boondocks meet cindy

Riley snickered and nodded with a small smirk. They'd always been that comfortable with each other. Cindy smiled at him. Booty dance, the booty dance! Booty-booty-booty, do the booty dance! Jackin' my shit, man. You just mad cuz I make it look good. Riley shook his head at her and gave her the bird. What do you say? Riley sighed before turning back and glaring at her.

Riley managed to lift her up and toss her over his shoulder, now beginning to walk with her. I'm bout sick of you. Cindy huffed playfully as she took her keys out of her pocket.

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The small bumblebee charm that Riley had gotten her hung from the key ring, making Riley grin. Riley sucked his teeth.

I'm good enough to drive your car when you need it checked out, but you won't let me drive it based just on the fact that we homies? And two, I don't let anyone drive my car. Actually, I think you the only one. So consider yourself lucky that I trust you that much with my baby.

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He loved Cindy's car. It was a convertible Camaro that she'd gotten designed exactly like the model from the Transformers movie: I'mma jack some food, chill out here for a while, then walk over later. She gave him a tiny wave before she pulled off, already blasting her music. Riley shook his head with a grin as he headed up to the house. When he got in, he glanced to the living room and noticed Huey and Jazmine on the couch as they watched TV.

I know y'all ain't done no shit on this couch durin' this 'break. Freeman in the house, silly. Upstairs ain't down here, is it? Jazmine continued to look at his profile before she grinned. Cuz you got a little somethin' on your cheek. Riley raised his hand to his cheek and rubbed off something slightly sticky… and shimmery. Cindy's lip gloss… dammit.

But you had to do shit outside though? Y'all know we just homies.