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Well, this time you will have to look very The Croods Spin Puzzle www. Croods Word Search www. Well, this time you're gonna need a lot of skill and precision that the only Well, this time all you have you Croods Memory Game www. Well, this time you have to be very prepared for the hottest aveuturi of our new games The Croods, where you have to be very attentive to each detail that you will receive from us and make sure that you always be ready to learn new things with this special family in our games with the Croods.

Try to always be the center of attention, namely when you manage to collect as many of the points that have them and to advance farther.

"The Croods" Voice Actors and Characters

One to tell you something about this group that I prepared it now, where you will learn some very interesting things. Well, we start by your present characters that you will meet in this animation are Gruga father Ugga family with his wife, Sandy EEP, Tuk little son and grandmother Gran.

These are people who live in caves and prehistoric doing all they can to stay alive. They are among the last people to live as they have always stood very hidden and they thought the only way they will be able to pass each of the difficulties and dangers of the world was there.

Father Gruga believes that the only way they will be able to live further, namely to follow the strict rules and come out only when you do not hunt and never needed it. Eep sneaks out when she sees what she discovers to be a torch of fire, and she encounters an inventive modern human boy named Guy and his pet sloth Belt.

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He warns her of an impending apocalypse and offers to take her with him, but concerned for her family, Eep stays, getting a shell horn from him to blow in case she needs his help.

Reuniting with her frantic family, she tries to tell them what Guy told her, but fearing things that are "different" and "new", they destroy her horn. A massive earthquake then destroys their home, and to avoid carnivores, they descend down into a tropical forest that lay hidden behind their cave all the time. Encountering a "Macawnivore", a brightly colored feline that Gran dubs "Chunky", the family flees him until he is scared off by swarms of piranhakeets that devour a ground whale.

Using another horn, Eep calls to Guy who rescues them from the birds with his fire. After a great deal of confusion regarding their first contact with fire, Grug imprisons Guy in a log until he can guide them somewhere safe. Guy suggests the Croods go to a mountain where there are caves. Grug refuses at first, but he decides to go.

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The other Croods were worried that they would get tired, but Grug doesn't listen. When Grug finds a bird, he decides to hunt its egg for dinner. Eep also wants to hunt the egg, but as she's grounded, she gets replaced by Thunk, who is too tired to hunt it.

Grug and Thunk fail to capture the bird's egg, so they get a scorpion instead. During a fight between Thunk and Gran, Eep notices Guy moving away and stops him. Guy wants Eep to stop, so he asks her hunt with him.

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Eep goes with Guy to hunt, while the others fight among themselves. Eep and Guy make a trap in order to capture the bird but fail when the two get tangled up, and the bird doesn't step in the trap. The bird captures the puppet with Guy in it and throws him up in the sky until he lands on the log.

Grug asks Guy where Eep is, and he finds her being chased by the bird. Grug gets angry but doesn't notice that he was about to step on the trap, so Eep pushes him out to save her father. The bird steps on the trap and is thrown up in the sky until it crash-lands on the ground.

The Croods cook the bird, and Guy is tied up with a root chain on his right leg. After dinner, Grug tells them a story, which is based on a true story, about a tiger who is similar to Eep and embarrasses Eep. Guy says that his stories never end up like Grug's stories, so the Croods decide to listen to Guy's story much to their interest. Guy also tells them stories of "Tomorrow", a heaven of safety where he is headed and in which curiosity is not deadly as Grug has claimed.

Outrunning the destruction, Guy is trusted enough to be let out of the log, and he gives the Croods rudimentary shoes to walk over the harsh landscape as he leads them to a mountain in which he says will be safe.