The road father and son relationship

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the road father and son relationship

One theme in The Road is paternal love; this is the relationship between the father and his son. Their bond plays a powerful part in the novel and impacts the . Feb 25, Free Essay: The Road: How does the father and son's relationship change through the book? One theme in The Road is paternal love; this is. The brutality evident throughout The Road is somewhat tempered by the relationship between father and son and their quest to find purpose and assign.

Their relationship evolves until the death of the father. I wanted to analyse three aspects of this father-son relationship. First of all, I wanted to analyse the role of the father as a substitute of the mother which leads to a very close relationship between both of them, a relationship that unites father and son so much that they become one.

In the second part I wanted to discuss the fact that throughout the book the child grows up and the main consequence is that it changes the relationship between both men.

The Road: Relationship Between the Father and Son

So he grows up without a mother. The man tries to replace his own wife, and tries to be the father and the mother at the same time. He plays the roles of father and mother. The symbolical image of the stomach is to be found in the novel: Then he acts like a mother; a kind of substitute.

At that moment of the story the boy says a very important sentence that unites both father and son: As a consequence, both father and son are one. There is another moment in the book when the identity of the man and the boy are both blurred.

At that stage of the book, the reader is completely confused and does not know who is who p. Who is the boy?

the road father and son relationship

From one character they will become two again because the child gradually becomes an adult. He also asks his father to tell him a lot of stories, which is the symbol of his youth. But throughout the story he loses interests in both his toys and stories.

First, the boy does not pick up some toys on the floor anymore p. The boy does not want to ride his cart either this is considered as a game between both father and son at the beginning of the story. He gradually becomes a teenager and relationships between parents and teenagers are most of the time difficult. He does not want to hear them anymore because he thinks he is too old, and stories do not tell the truth. He wants to face with the harsh reality of life, and the responsibilities of adulthood.

Throughout adolescence teenagers ask their parents questions.

the road father and son relationship

Here throughout the whole book, the child keeps asking the same question: This is one of the principles of the Bible: Throughout the book, the man provides his son with education. It is only a pause in the education of the boy, because at the end of the book another man educates him. All the Boy knows is limited with the Road, poor and starving life within the shelters and constant walking ahead.

Cormac McCarty does not detail the life of this two for the last months or years, past from the death of the Woman wife and mother.

How many shelters did they change, how many storages with goods did they found earlier, how many trucks did they used, carrying own belongings, how many simple meaningless dialogues did they performed, reflecting events on the Road. In fact, Father has lost all the light of life, giving all his best to the Boy, marching behind.

Both in The Road book and The Road movie readers and viewers are stunned with the scenes, depicting the Man, who is going to perform inconceivable act — to shot his own Son with a gun. He is ready to do this unthinkable thing in order not to allow cannibals to take the Boy, rape him, kill and then eat this child.

Not because his own life will soon end with a painful and humiliating death, but as a loss of the only meaning of life — Son, have been pushing him forward all these years. We tent to feel strong emotions with contrasts — of all comfort we have today on the one side and deadly images of ashes and dump on the other.

the road father and son relationship

The road novel is maybe the grimmest and dark version of the future for mankind. We found no colors apart from black and grey. Roads and trees, towns and field are covered with grey ash. The Road characters bypass former big cities and travel through the American rural areas. Metropolises may no longer exist, destroyed with atomic bombs or something even worse. Starvation and weather slowly kill remaining inhabitants of this world of grey colors, but the one thing with is far more dangerous and rapid consequence is a meet with another people on the Road.

Another man is now the most dangerous event on the Road. The fittest and enduring ones now form groups to hunt down and kill travelers to obtain belongings and to eat these poor victims. This grey world of future gives only two sources of provision to survive. The first one is the remaining supplies of former world — generally preserves: The very next can of vegetables, once found inside abandoned houses or stores, maybe the last. Storages with goods and supplies are a kind of miracle.

the road father and son relationship

Road gangs and even small groups of people kill lonely travelers and eat them. Cormac McCarthy knocks out the reader with a number of book scenes of cannibalism. Former companions eat the body of a bandit, killed by the Man.

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A group of people, two men and a pregnant woman, cook born child eat this living being. Cannibalism is an issues which generally pushes away the most impressionable readers and viewers.

The Road movie The road movie adaptation is an example of exceptional work with the original fictional world of a novel by Cormac McCarthy.

the road father and son relationship

These two pieces of art complement each other. The road movie all in all close to the book, reflecting all the main events. Characters of Father and Son are more live in the movie adaptation. Viggo Mortensen did his dramatic best, depicting the image of the Man.