The singer monica last relationship

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the singer monica last relationship

Who is Monica dating right now? Child's father is her now ex-fiancé, Rocko. the Shocker, uncle of rapper-actor Romeo and singer-actress Cymphonique. Singer Monica Brown shot to fame in the 90s but what's she up to now? 1 / 3. Pre- Grammy Gala MORE: For all the latest news. Real-life rivals. Monica Arnold has come a long way from the year-old singer who See, for years following Monica's split from ex-fiancé and baby father.

They get that option where I have no clue who they are. But you know who I am, you know where to find me. So that's the other part that makes it hard when going through [infidelity], but I think it was the best experience for me to go through because it prepared me for what not to allow today!

Girls aren't the only thirst buckets out there. So as soon as news kind of came out that 'Ok, I'm single,' it was the complete opposite.

Monica Brown Is A Talented R&B Artist, But Her Boyfriend Killed Himself In Front Of Her

It's weird, it was so weird. Because I'm kind of the around the way girl, I don't get butt naked on the 'gram and all that and I'm thinking, 'Those are the kind of girls they like, they ain't looking at me. It was so weird. I didn't know [I was a hot commodity]. I didn't know that. Coming out of a relationship for years, I just felt like a mom. Don't act like you ain't been fine, now!

But I'm not an 'action figure' when I'm solo and single. And I'm talking very well established thirst buckets; it was odd! But it was good for my confidence because my confidence was completely gone.

I was focused on nothing else but being a mom and I felt like I was the opposite of what every man would want.

He was like hey, we need to talk. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do. You can't measure up one man by whatever you've experienced with another. So let me show you who I am or I'm about to cut this off. I was naturally nervous. You know, single mom with two boys.

the singer monica last relationship

And just was very afraid, if anything else. I haven't had any issues with him, that's the part that is so crazy.

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And I'm thankful for that. But I think I've had to go through so much hell before him [with men], that I had to ask 'God, could you shed your light? Because I get it now.

I get what you're trying to tell me? He told me the day we met that I'm going to be his wife. We met at my video shoot for 'Love All Over Me', he was the leading man. They had won the championship the week before so the girl that was working for me said 'You need Shannon Brown' and when I saw him I was like, 'Damn, that's like a big, fine version of Chris Brown.

the singer monica last relationship

Some of that soul and maturity may be the result of her childhood—she was raised with three brothers in a single—parent household, and has battled various critical snipes and salacious rumors since the start of her career. Born Monica Arnold on October 24,she was joined by a quick succession of three brothers before her parents split when she was just four.

She would have little contact with her mechanic father, M. Monica and her brothers were raised by her mother, Marilyn, who worked full—time to support them, with help from her own mother.

the singer monica last relationship

Monica's mother eventually became a consumer affairs official at Delta Air Lines and was remarried to a minister, Dr. While the singer was on promotional tours for her first album, she told Ebony 's Ewey, she met other teens who had also been through less—than—idyllic childhoods.

Despite her rough work schedule, Marilyn was also devoted to her church and choir, and passed on that love of gospel music to her daughter. Growing up in College Park, Georgia—a suburb of Atlanta—Monica began singing in the church choir alongside her mother when she was just a toddler.

the singer monica last relationship

As a child in the mid—s, Monica was a huge fan of Whitney Houston, who enjoyed a string of hits throughout the decade. One song in Houston's repertoire—which also reflected her own heavy—duty gospel background—was "The Greatest Love of All," and Monica made this song her own when she first sang it publicly at the age of nine.

An obvious vocal prodigy, she joined a traveling gospel choir, Charles Thompson and the Majestics, at the age of ten. Soon Monica was winning honors in Atlanta—area talent shows with "The Greatest Love of All," and at one of them a record—industry scout introduced himself and set up an introduction for her with one of his friends, famed producer Dallas Austin. Though the Rowdy label later went under, Austin had an affiliation with Arista Records, one of the music industry's pop and rock giants.

Monica began working with Austin on improving her voice and developing her songwriting skills, and at the age of 13 sang for Arista's legendary president, Clive Davis. Davis had been instrumental in charting the careers of Toni Braxton and Houston, and signed Monica to the label.

When her debut album, Miss Thang, was released inMonica was just 14 years old. The LP reached No.

the singer monica last relationship

Monica had co—written the songs with Austin over a two—year period when she was between the ages of 12 and Given the all—knowing, heartache—laden themes of her vocals, Austin and Arista were criticized for burdening such a young talent with decidedly adult topics. But as Monica told Elysa Gardner in the Los Angeles Timesthe songs reflected her own peer—group experiences and were collaborative efforts based on incidents in her life.

I would definitely say that a lot of my friends grew up faster. I mean, you're just a product of your environment," the singer said.

Few teens, no matter how mature, could enjoy a single on the soundtrack of a Michael Jordan movie "For You I Will," featured in the animated film Space Jam at the same time she graduated from an exclusive private school a year ahead of schedule with a 4. Monica had accomplished this despite a heavy touring schedule since the release of Miss Thang ; Atlanta Country Day School had provided a tutor who went with her on tour and allowed Monica to fit her classtime in according to her energy level—meaning she was often hitting the books late at night after a performance.

Still, Monica did face tough times in the press after her stellar debut. There were also rumors that Monica had had a child, which she adamantly denied—a pregnancy that with her size—two frame and touring schedule would have been difficult to conceal at some point.

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In interviews Monica always stressed the close and positive relationship she enjoyed with her own mother. Furthermore, her singing career is managed by her cousin, Melinda Dancil.

Her aunt is the proprietor of an Atlanta salon, but Monica has encountered far less hospitable receptions at other establishments.

I walk into some jewelry stores, I can't get help. It always goes that way," she continued.

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It gave Monica another platinum record for the creative collaboration with Austin; Rodney Jerkins and Jermaine Dupri were among some other notable names involved as songwriters or producers. The first hit single, however, came before the LP was even released: Other singles from it also did well, such as "The First Night"—celebrating a young woman's refusal to acquiesce to sex—as well as "Angel of Mine" and "Street Symphony," a sad teen lament about a girl's attempt to halt her boyfriend's forays into drug dealing; the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was brought in to back Monica on the song in the studio.

The pair performed the song for the first time live together, but rumors erupted that they had come to blows during rehearsals, and this was the reason for the great distance between them on stage during the number. A black eye and swollen lip were supposedly camouflaged by makeup and lighting.