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the weasleys meet dursleys fanfiction archive

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They both felt very guilty. After all it was up to Harry. The boys came back an hour later. The girls had sent them shopping for the boys wedding supplies. Everyone in the room stopped as Ginny's face became bright red with rage. Suddenly all the boys burst into a fit of laughter. Harry came through the door loaded with at least five bags filled to the rim.

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He put them on the table and kissed Ginny on the cheek grinning slyly. Hermione seemed deflated by this. He seemed so content not to ever marry her, this hurt. Holding tightly onto Harry's hand Ginny pulled him away from the table up to their room. After closing the door, Harry pulled her tight to him. Kissing her heavily on the lips which she deepened, wrapping her arms around his neck. After a while Ginny pulled away.

This caused Harry to moan slightly. Prying her finger away from his lips he hugged her from her waist. Laughter escaped his mouth; he stopped quickly at the look on her face. Taking her hand, he led her to their bed. Sitting on the edge, Harry put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. Resting her head on his chest she closed her eyes, breathing slowly. Pulling herself up to look at him, she simply shrugged. I guess it has something to do with the fact that this is my parents' house.

He would feel slightly uncomfortable is he had relatives in the house while he was with Ginny. Her eyes sparkled and beamed at this simple sentence. Laughing, he kissed her nose. After a few moments she nodded her head slowly. I just thought we would wait until we were married, but now that I think about it I wouldn't exactly enjoy being a married couple if my parents we next door. Suddenly her stomach let out a low growl.

Blushing, she rolled off him and carefully found her feet.

the weasleys meet dursleys fanfiction archive

Pulling Ginny back by her arm, he whispered in her ear, "I have it covered. Ginny looked at him quizzically. A few moments later a plate full of food landed in his hand. After saying it again Harry had collected dinner for both himself and Ginny. After recovering, Harry and Ginny were sat on the bed digging into the food. It was ten minutes past midnight and the house was asleep. Except for Harry and Ginny, although both of them were pretending, not wanting to disturb their partner.

Ginny stared at the moon outside of the window. She had her schoolmates from Hogwarts but she only kept in contact with a few. Date a bloke and have a drunken snog Hermione was sweet, caring,and a tad neurotic but Ginny loved her.

the weasleys meet dursleys fanfiction archive

He had just finished his first year as the assistant captain of the Chudley Cannons who was being headed up by Angelina Johnson, a former Hogwarts student. He had also just broken up with his headcase of an ex-girlfriend, Lavender Brown, due to the fact that he wouldn't marry her. She'd much prefer Hermione. Why not one of your other brother? The way you talk about them, I thought that I would be better matched with Percy.

She chose Ron because he was the most passionate out of all her brothers. The way he was when he concentrated on making a new gameplay for the team was the same way Hermione was writing a fifteen page thesis on English literature.

Though many of their personality traits were different, Ginny thought they were perfect one another. I can't talk to people, or flirt with guys like you. Her figure was curvy though trim and she was confident. Hermione had watched her friend at work and she saw the glances of many of the male customers who appreciated the beauty she was. Hermione had a very poor self-image of herself.

She tried to hide behind her books but Ginny knew behind that laid someone whose beauty was beyond exterior. She loved its familiarity, its coziness, and the happy memories with her boisterous family.

When she had moved to her flat in London, she had been horribly lonely and had almost decided on coming back when she got her job at the cafe. There she had met Hermione, and changed her mind.

the weasleys meet dursleys fanfiction archive

Looking around, she found her mother in the kitchen along with the rest of her family. Her brother Bill was peeling potatoes as his wife Fleur nursed their daughter, Marie. Her other brothers were sitting around the table discussing the new Ministry laws about flooing when they saw their baby sister in the doorway. She smiled at the young girl and handed her the baby. She missed her own sister, Gabrielle but she glad to have Ginny who brought stories of her escapades in the London.

The 'incident' referred to her almost engagement to her Hogwarts boyfriend, Dean Thomas. He had proposed to her after she graduated and though she loved him, she wasn't in love. Ginny had refused him and then ran off to London. Her mother nearly had breakdown, and in turn, Ginny had received more Howlers than anyone in the family Yes, she had turn down a perfectly good proposal but Ginny knew, deep down, she wanted more.

She wanted someone who knew her inside and out, someone who she could sit in silence with and not be bored, someone who made her stomach jump. She wanted what she knew Ron and Hermione would have if they ever got together Ginny rushed to greet him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He looked happier than the last time she had seen him. His face was rosy from the October air and he had bulked up. While Fred and George had their twin connection, it might've seemed like Ron and Ginny had a similar bond.

Ron had always known Ginny better than anyone else. He respected her free spirit and always knew to not meddle or try to stop her. Ron was very anti-Dean, while he like the bloke, he wasn't well suited for his sister.

He had been one of those who had supported her move and secretly helped her with the flat deposit.

the weasleys meet dursleys fanfiction archive

Ginny watched as her mother wrapped her arms around her father's neck and her father's eyes glazed over as he looked as wife. Pulling her close, he murmured into her ear, "Hello dearest". The scene was so intimate, so tender and she almost sighed in wanting something like that. She blinked and looked over to him. He had to admit that he missed coming home to someone but Lavender wasn't the right person. He didn't want an overzealous woman wanting marriage to come home too.

Ron wanted someone smart, funny, a person who he could argue with. He wasn't up for his sister's attempts to set him up.

the weasleys meet dursleys fanfiction archive

Ron was rescued by the sudden apperance of food. They help themselves quickly, Ginny being the fastest. She knew that if she didn't grab it fast than she wouldn't eat. She talked amongst her brothers inquiring on Fred and George's stores, Charlie's work in Romania, Percy's work in the Ministry and the new home that Bill and Fleur were moving into. When she was finally satisfied, she gathered her plate and brought it to the sink. After cleaning it, she returned her seat.

It was then that barrage of questions began. Her brothers looked at her in pity. Molly, though a wonderful mother, was a bit old-fashion. She could not understand why her daughter insisted on living on her own.

She attempted to get up her mother pushed her down. She looked at her father in desperation. Arthur knew the limits of his daughter. He had been through six boys, several talks about love and marriage, 'the birds and the bees', and the proper ways to treat a woman. With Ginny, he could only hope that the boys she dated had these talks with their dads.

Molly was bit over the top when it came to Ginny. She imagined a little girl to dress up, what she got was a female version of her boisterous sons.

Meeting the Dursleys Chapter 1: The Headline, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Ginny looked like a beautiful woman but didn't act feminine; she was bold, daring with a sharp tongue. Ginny gave her mum a hug and kiss. She followed by hugs for all her brothers and of course, Fleur and Marie. Her father walked her outside and wrapped him in a huge hug. Harry Potter hated Halloween. It wasn't that he hated candy or costumes but the dreaded rememberance of his loneliness.

Nineteen years ago on Halloween night, a car had crash down a ravine killing both James and Lily Potter. Miraculously, their one-year-old child, Harry had survived. For eighteen years of his life, he lived with the Dursleys, his only surviving relatives on his mother's side. It had not been pleasant, he went to a regular school and was very much a loner there. His relatives seem somewhat resentful and he never did feel wanted so he worked hard to find a way to escape them.

He graduated with top marks and ended up with full scholarship to the university in London. He worked in the daytime as a stockroom boy in cookware shop.

Harry tried not to dwell on his memories. They made him sad, and a lot of the time, it made him angry. These moments of sudden anger were interupted with something breaking in his lonely apartment.

That Halloween evening, he had decided on going to a local bakery that was open later than most, he could sit by their window looking out at the full moon until they closed. Walking through their open door, he greeted the old woman who ran the store and looked in the glass case trying to decide what he wanted. His eyes landed on something when-- "You're not going to take that last apple fritter, are you? Her face was a creamy with only sprinkle of freckles on her cheeks.

Her eyes, a lively brown, looked playful and her berry lips were curved in friendly smile. She was dressed in a hand-knit jumper and jeans. He took her hand and he felt how soft they were against his callous ones. He was tall and lean and there was something about him that made her hair in the back of her neck stand. Ginny was disappointed but she had known more inept gits who really didn't understand the art of flirting.

She took the plate, as he ordered her hot chocolate and a coffee with two lumps of sugar. After he paid, he walked her to the table by the huge window. It was strange how naturally they had taken to one another. He wasn't so taken with strangers but he loved the way she was so talkative, it was like a breath of fresh air from his quiet life. Ginny looked at him with a pretty smile. I didn't but I think I'll start believing," she said softly.

Well, he should've been tired after everything they did. She was all for having a great shag but never with a complete stranger.

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She crawled out of bed quietly and grabbed the clothes that were thrown on the floor. She went into his restroom and put on her clothes quietly and quickly. How this had happen, she'd never know. They had spent the whole evening talking until the bakery closed. Ginny had told him about her family.

Yes, she had told him a few white lies. Her father for one worked in security as well as Percy but she told truth when she said her mum was a housewife. So what if she said that Charlie was doing animal research in Romania or that Ron was an assistant captain in local football team?

Bill was a simple bank teller with Parisian wife and a little baby. Walking quietly, she gave him a kiss on the forehead and he moaned. Harry's story was a much sadder one. His parents had died when he was a year old and he had been placed with his horrible relatives. He slept in a small, dark bedroom and they made him work for his food as a child.

They had walked the streets until two in the morning and she look at him as he told his story, his bright eyes glittering with sadness.

Between the bakery and his flat, Harry had taken her hand. It fit perfectly with hers. Before she replied Harry pressed his lips against her in slow kiss.

He was gentle but Ginny was the one who made it go further. She was the one who asked to go up and they spend the rest of the night together. When they finished their lovemaking, he kissed her gently on the lips and she ran her hands through his hair. It wasn't that she didn't want him, he was perfect.