Tony blair movie the special relationship imdb

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tony blair movie the special relationship imdb

In , Labour leader Tony Blair goes to America and is impressed by the policies of President Bill Clinton, which he uses to reshape his party. Two years later. A dramatization that traces former UK prime minister Tony Blair's relationships with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Michael Sheen, Demetri Goritsas, Adam Godley. Follows the rise to power of Tony Blair, and his friendship and rivalry with his contemporary, Gordon Brown. The Special Relationship is a British-American political film directed by Richard Loncraine from a screenplay by Peter Morgan. It is the third film in Morgan's informal "Blair trilogy", which dramatizes the Cast[edit]. Michael Sheen as Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Sheen previously played Blair in.

Never one to miss the opportunity for a photo call or a sound bite he was very lucky to become party leader due to the death of John Smiththough he wasn't so lucky to become Prime Minister.

The Special Relationship (TV Movie ) - Michael Sheen as Tony Blair - IMDb

He comes across as some type of outsider who wants to be the most popular person in the room but doesn't know how to go about. Realists will state with more than a little cynicism that if that's the case Blair is in he wrong gamebut to give Blair is due he had a damned good try. The film starts in where on a trip to Washington Blair is introduced to the American Democratic spin machine and is told in detail what voter demographic to targetTellingly he's also told that crime weighs heavily in elections.

No one honestly thought that during his tenure as shadow home secretary Blair thought up his sound bite catchphrase of " tough on crime - tough on the causes of crime " on his own and it's here it's revealed as being the invention of American spin doctors.

The Special Relationship (TV Movie ) - IMDb

Not only is Tony Blair wanting to be best friends with the USA he also wants to be best friends with everyone in Europe in general and the French in particular. Jump forward to May and Blair is taking congratulations from Chirac over the phone only for the call to be cancelled when President Clinton calls.

What makes the scene so amusing is that Blair is crestfallen when he realises Clinton has him on hold.

tony blair movie the special relationship imdb

I'll say one thing about Blair and that is he's very forgiving. Most people would have held a grudge at this display of bad manners. That said however very few people spend their entire lives trying to be best friends with the most powerful man on the planet.

tony blair movie the special relationship imdb

What the film is very good at it is comparing the contrast between Blair and Clinton. Blair comes across as a rather weak personality but a brilliant politician where as Clinton comes across as a weak politician but having a forceful personality compensating for his character and political flaws What the film does rather badly - and it's a pretty big fault - is the motivation of the two leaders over Kosovo.

Blair and Clinton had a difference of opinion over the conflict with the American President wanting to limit the war to air strikes while the British Prime Minister wanted to send a NATO ground force in to the province from the outset. But is this actually true?

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If so why'd Blair suddenly turn in to a real life Russell Crowe character? Davis began filming her scenes at the beginning of August.

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Davis told The New York Times" Her accent has changed a bit over the years. Inwhen she became first lady, she had quite a bit of Arkansas still in her speech from her 13 years there. That's really gone now.

tony blair movie the special relationship imdb

So her accent has kind of shifted over time but she's lived in very different places. McCrory reprises her role as Blair's wife from The Queen. SinceCherie's autobiography has been published, meaning McCrory did not have to rely on hearsay to learn about her. Her husband Damian Lewis recommended that she should meet her again to research the role, but McCrory decided not to, telling The Sunday Times, "The problem is, if you've met somebody, you have a responsibility to them.

I don't think it's fair to ask her about Stormont, or Kosovoor Matrix Chambers

tony blair movie the special relationship imdb