Watch the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet

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watch the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet

This review contains spoilers. When Extremes Meet. The title of this week's episode of The Legend of Korra is When Extremes Meet and. Oh my, the Korra feels I cannot. To avoid spoiling any who haven't seen it yet (I' M LOOKING AT YOU MEL, HURRY THE EF UP AND WATCH. In “When Extremes Meet” Tarrlok has gained even more power in the city now that he has the support of Click Here to watch The Legend Of Korra Episode 8.

I'm really glad they finally had the core four characters working together as a team this time around. Their initial chi blocker bust had some great imagery -- Korra and Bolin's dual earthbending was especially awesome. The way they formed those ramps was a perfect example of fully optimizing bender abilities.

It was also nice to see Asami using her dad's electricity glove again; they're doing a good job of making her seem not entirely useless. Who needs polar bear dogs when you've got wheels like that? It was also cool getting to see the Metalbending Police Force do some actual earthbending. I was beginning to wonder if they could even do it at all.

The way they handled that non-bender rally was pretty choice. But even more epic was Korra's face-off with Tarrlock afterwards. Korra kicked some serious butt! But perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment was when we got to see Tarrlock bloodbending Who knew the guy had it in him?

It'll be interesting to see if they address how he learned that in a future episode. Ikki Korra [From behind the door; just as angrily. Ikki looks down and moans sadly. Suddenly, she looks up and acts out like an angry cat with glowing white eyes, making some cat noises as she claws at the air before growling at the doors and folding her arms in annoyance while looking away. Inside the room, Korra sighs and scratches her head awkwardly.

watch the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet

Asami I think it's really charming [Walks to the window. I swear [Turns slightly to face and point at the door. Cut to Korra's blanched out face; slightly higher pitched tone. Tenzin [Side-shot as he walks toward them. Asami, welcome to the island. Asami [Bowing down at Tenzin. I think we should both be there. Cut to the outside of the Police Headquarters, a large crowd standing at the front with Saikhan at the podium. Saikhan It was an honor serving under Chief Beifong for so many years [Cut to a close-up on him along with the councilmen and policemen.

‘The Legend of Korra,’ Season 1, Episode 8, ‘When Extremes Meet’: TV Recap

It is with great humility that I take her place as the new Chief of Police. Republic City is facing a threat like none the world has ever seen but there is one man who's been effective against Amon's revolution, Councilman Tarrlok. They look at Tarrlok with disdain, and the camera cuts to a shot of the council chairman. Cut to an overview shot of the police headquarters, before focusing on Tarrlok again.

As the crowd disperses after the inauguration, he gives the Fire Nation councilwoman a hands, who leaves with the other council members; he bows after them in their direction.

watch the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet

Tenzin [To Tarrlok; accusingly. Did you ever consider Saikhan simply recognizes my talents and wants what is best for this city?

Mark Watches ‘The Legend of Korra’: S01E08 – When Extremes Meet

Long time, no see. Now that your little pro-bending distractions are over, I look forward to your return to my task force. There's no way I'm rejoining your vanity project. Tarrlok That is unfortunate to hear, but I'm sure you'll come to your senses as you have in the past.

Korra Don't hold your breath, bub. Tarrlok [Side-view; somewhat scornfully and mockingly. He leaves as Tenzin places his hand on Korra's shoulder to comfort her, as she looks in Tarrlok's direction in anger. Aerial shot of Oogi flying over Republic City.

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Closer shot of Korra sitting on the saddle. I've memorized nearly all of the practice forms, but I still can't produce a single measly puff of air! Tenzin [Frontal shot of him holding the reins. You just need to work through this airbending block. I'll get right on that. You see, Aang not only had his bending teachers, but also his past lives to call upon for guidance.

The Legend of Korra - S1.E8 - When Extremes Meet

Have you ever made contact with your past lives? Korra No, of course I haven't. Didn't you get the memo from the White Lotus? I'm a spiritual failure, too. Tenzin You may have made a connection without realizing it. I had a few weird hallucinations, [Shot of Tenzin from the back. Tenzin [Turns toward Korra in surprise.

Korra I saw Aang. It seemed like he was in trouble.

watch the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet

What do you think it means? Tenzin Hmm, I don't know. Fade to evening as the camera points toward Avatar Aang's statue. The scene turns into night time as the camera pans to show Korra sitting on the ledge on Air Temple Island, staring at the statue of Aang on Memorial island, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Mako [Searches for her; off-screen. Korra turns her head toward the voice and wipes away her tears as Pabu comes out from the bushes. Cut to a bush as Pabu's head peeks out and chirps. Bolin [Yelling off-screen as Pabu runs toward her and climbs onto Korra's shoulder, wrapping himself around her.

The ferret stops in front of Korra and starts licking away her tears. Bolin, Asami, and Mako find her and Pabu runs back to Bolin and climbs up onto his shoulder. Bolin There you are. Korra [Trying to act normal and shrugs. You can tell us. Korra [Cut to a close-up of Korra as she sighs.

Legend Of Korra Episode 8 When Extremes Meet-Review

Asami [Cut to a close-up of Asami and Mako. Mako [Agreeing with Asami. Aang hadn't mastered all the elements when he was battling the Fire Nation. He was just a little kid. He had his friends to help him. Look, the arena might be shut down but we're still a team. The new Team Avatar! Mako We got your back Korra, and we can save this city. Korra [Stand up, encouraged. Places her hand on top and Meelo suddenly descends and airbends down, farting on top on their hands as they express their shock and disgust by widening their eyes.

Meelo [Raises his arm, grinning.

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Bolin [In a deep, dramatic voice. Korra leads Naga next to Bolin and Mako stands on the other side. Mako [Asami approaches the team wielding an electrified glove. Asami I figure one way to fight Equalists is to use an Equalist weapon.