When did brian epstein meet the beatles

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when did brian epstein meet the beatles

Nov 16, Alistair Taylor (Brian Epstein's first PA at the Epstein's family shop in the Brian did a handwritten notice in the window which said: BEATLES. Brian Samuel Epstein was an English music entrepreneur who managed the Beatles. Epstein a profound effect on each Beatle. In , Paul McCartney said, "If anyone was the Fifth Beatle, it was Brian." .. the A&R manager of Parlophone. On the next day, 9 May , Epstein met Martin at EMI's Abbey Road Studios. Mar 9, In fact, all Brian Epstein had secured was an audition with producer George Martin who was, at that time, best known for making comedy.

The Beatles later found out that Epstein had paid Decca producer Tony Meehan ex-drummer of the Shadows to produce the studio recordings. At this point, almost every other British record company had rejected the group, and Martin had never heard the group live. The Beatles were eventually signed to EMI's small Parlophone label, which had very little experience with pop or rock artists.

when did brian epstein meet the beatles

Upon signing the contract, Epstein immediately sent a telegram to The Beatles who were in Hamburg and to the Mersey Beat music journal in Liverpool.

The royalty rate was further reduced for singles sold outside the UK; the group received half of one penny per single, which was again split amongst the whole group. The contract stipulated that 25 per cent would be paid to NEMS for the full nine years even if The Beatles decided not to renew their management contract with Epstein, which was up for renewal later that year. Wooler replied that Best was "very popular with the fans" who would not like it at all.

Best was never given an explanation for his dismissal. Hutchinson turned down the offer, saying, "Pete Best is a very good friend of mine. I couldn't do the dirty on him"—although Hutchinson did play for The Beatles at short notice when Best did not turn up on the evening of his dismissal and for two subsequent bookings, until Ringo Starr was able to join.

He had also occasionally replaced Best when the drummer was ill, and had performed at a recording session with Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison in Hamburg. Although the concert was televised, the cameras were switched off while the Beatles played, because Brian Epstein and ABC TV had failed to agree over terms. They were filmed receiving their awards, however. Their last live concert was at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on 29 Augustand Epstein's management duties then changed to reflect the changing nature of their career.

He pressured them to continue touring, but they steadfastly refused. It accrued money as promoter, booking agent, and manager for all concerts.

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He once offered to sell the control of NEMS to Stigwood, without telling any of his artists about the offer. Why would we do this? I've found out since, of course, that he wasn't quite as honest to us as he made out.

To us, he was the expert". I've got a business background, and probably a reasonable business brain. I'm no, sort of, genius [laughter].

when did brian epstein meet the beatles

It sold 15, sweaters and 50, badges as the group's popularity grew. Epstein refused to allow the Beatles to endorse any product directly, but through NEMS Enterprises he granted discretionary licences to companies who were able to produce good quality products at a fair price, even though many companies were already selling products without a licence.

when did brian epstein meet the beatles

While the Beatles were ensconced in the Plaza Hotel in New YorkEpstein was further besieged by calls and visits from promoters, retailers, television commentators and hustlers. When he first visited Epstein's office, Isherwood was surprised to learn that Epstein took 25 per cent of the gross income, and not the 10 per cent that he believed most other managers received at that time. James and his financial partner and accountant, Charles Silver, would each receive 25 per cent of the shares.

Lennon and McCartney received 20 per cent each, with Epstein receiving the remaining 10 per cent. Isherwood suggested a stock market flotation for Northern Songs.

He also suggested to Epstein that during the flotation Lennon and McCartney should move to houses near Isherwood's own in Esher. In Epstein reinvented it as a music venue featuring various US acts. Two fans had climbed onto the stage to dance, the curtain came down, and they were pushed from the stage. Although Bullock had not given the order, he was held responsible. He also hosted a regular part of the US television show Hullabaloofilming his appearances in the UK.

When Lennon married Cynthia Powellon 23 AugustEpstein served as best man and paid for the couple's celebration lunch afterwards. He also agreed to be godfather to Lennon's son Julian.

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Epstein managed to avoid a court martial by agreeing to see an army psychiatrist, who learned of Epstein's sexuality. Epstein later stated that his first homosexual experience was when he returned to Liverpool after being discharged. Ian Sharp, one of Lennon's art school friends, once made a sarcastic remark about Epstein, saying, "Which one of you [Beatles] does he fancy?

McCartney sent him a letter directing him to have no contact with any of them in the future. Lennon always denied the rumours, telling Playboy in It was never consummated It was ghost-written by journalist Derek Taylorwho served as Epstein's assistant that year, and then as the publicist for NEMS from to Epstein explained his use of the drug as the only means of staying awake at night during numerous concert tours.

Inafter having been introduced to cannabis by Bob Dylan in New York, Epstein was observed by McCartney standing in front of a mirror, pointing at himself and repeatedly saying "Jew! During the four months when the Beatles' album Sgt.

Did Brian Epstein use sneaky ploy to launch the Beatles?

Pepper was being recorded, Epstein spent his time on holiday, or at the Priory Clinic in Putney, where he tried unsuccessfully to curb his drug use. He left the Priory to attend the Sgt. The advertisement was sponsored by a group called Soma and was signed by sixty-five people, including the Beatles, Scottish psychiatrist R.

Upon his return to Liverpool in he was put in charge of Clarendon Furnishing, a branch of the Epstein family business in the Hoylake district.

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He proved a successful salesman, but persuaded his parents to let him train as an actor at the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts. However, he dropped out after the third term. He returned once more to work for his parents, and inat the age of 21, he was made a director of NEMS. He expanded from selling pianos and wireless radios to gramophone records, and the shop became one of the biggest music outlets in the north of England.

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The record department was such a success that he was put in charge of a new NEMS branch which opened at Whitechapel. Around this time he asked Bill Harry — the editor of Mersey Beat magazine, which Brian had sold since its first issue in July — if he could write a music column.

At about three o'clock on Saturday, October 28th,an eighteen-year-old boy called Raymond Jones, wearing jeans and black leather jacket, walked into a record-store in Whitechapel, Liverpool, and said: It's "My Bonnie" and it was made in Germany. Have you got it? He shook his head. On 9 November he watched The Beatles play a lunchtime concert, after which he entered the dressing room and met the group. Despite his lack of experience, Epstein became their manager in Januaryand quickly asserted his influence over their dress and onstage performance.

As The Beatles retired from live performance inEpstein found his influence on the group waning.

when did brian epstein meet the beatles

He had used amphetamines from the earliest days with the band, but his use of pills became an increasing problem as he became more involved in the London drug scene of the s. During the recording of Sgt PepperEpstein spent time trying to kick his drug habit, including spells in the Priory in Putney, London.

Brian Epstein died of an accidental drug overdose on 27 August His death was most likely due to a build-up of the sedative Carbitral, mixed with alcohol.

They did not attend the funeral, in order to not attract the media and fans, but were present at a memorial service at the New London Synagogue. Epstein is buried at the Kirkdale Jewish Cemetery in Liverpool.

When George Martin met The Beatles: The story of Love Me Do

Latest Comments carolyn King Sunday 10 October Thank you for the great information you gave us here. After they returned, the story started getting around that they had a homosexual encounter with each other. I speculate that this is the closest Tom Hanks could put himself within his star-power to the Beatles and so he chose to himself to become Brian Epstein.

And yeah, John talks about how Brian came on to him some. It makes sense because John was embarrassed, confused and afraid of being a gay from one encounter. Epstein had power and affection but was not into being the dominant sexually; John had to fend him off for a while, then one way or another gave in and became in a way a dominant.

One way or another, John knew different types of people sexually.