Where joy and sorrow meet instrumental conditioning

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where joy and sorrow meet instrumental conditioning

Buy Where Joy and Sorrow Meet (SATB) by David J at promovare-site.info Choral Sheet Music. There is a place where hope remains in crowns of thorns and c. Because joy is nourishing, always present and can be used as a guiding We all have clutter from the conditioning of our minds that gets in the way of experiencing the gift of ourselves. I meet with clients in person in Chicago or near Geneva, IL. Leslie has been instrumental in helping me embrace my own power. learning. One purpose of Kismet's emotive responses was to reflect the degree to which its ing successfully met []. emotive utterances corresponding to joy, sorrow, dis- .. such as offering instrumental support (acting on the en-.

Nancy's mother, Deborah Spungen, recalled Sid being very polite and shy during their phone conversations, and when the pair visited the Spungens at their Philadelphia home, Sid was subdued and childlike, even letting Nancy cut his meat for him. At other times, however, Sid would physically abuse Nancy, a fact confirmed by Johnny Rotten's wife, Nora.

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Vicious was once arrested after beating Nancy in a London hotel room which prompted McLaren to briefly throw him out of the bandand during her final phone conversation with Deborah Spungen, Nancy admitted that a number of beatings she'd claimed to have received from street thugs had actually occurred at the hands of Sid.

Vicious didn't mind participating in Spungen's self-degradation either. He once told Rotten that he watched her perform oral sex on a stranger in the alley behind their house, a service for which she earned fifteen pounds.

Many of Vicious' friends, however, gloss over his physical abuse because Spungen was so verbally abusive herself, and because they hold her responsible for introducing Vicious to heroin. Judging from his mother's history of drug abuse and his own practice of injecting speed, however, it seems that Vicious might have found his way to hard drugs even without Spungen's influence.

There's no denying, however, that Sid and Nancy's co-dependent relationship kept them both hooked. Rotten hoped that the Sex Pistols' American tour, which would separate Sid from Nancy, would give his friend the opportunity to get straight.

Instead, it turned out to be one of the vilest displays of rock 'n' roll excess imaginable, not only sending Sid straight down the tubes, but effectively putting an end to the promise that punk held. The January tour, consisting mainly of stops in America's Deep South, did get Sid some much-needed supervision.

Warner Brothers employee Noel Monk, who headed the road crew, was determined to keep Sid straight, if only so he'd fulfill his contractual obligations. Unfortunately, Sid also encountered a number of disturbed American fans and groupies who encouraged his self-destructive behavior, which soon became part of the live show. After being head-butted by one such fan at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, Vicious, never one to be upstaged, put on his own spectacle.

He throws the bandage into the crowd, and smiles wider while the devoted rip it to shreds, hungry for a special souvenir" Monk, As much a part of the show as his antics were, they didn't stop when Vicious was out of the spotlight. At a truck stop en route to San Francisco, he outdid some rednecks who questioned his toughness -- by plunging a steak knife into his hand and calmly proceeding to eat his meal.

Offstage fights continued as well, although they were sometimes the result of Sid's strange way of bonding with others.

where joy and sorrow meet instrumental conditioning

According to Noel Monk, Sid challenged one of his bodyguards to a fight, and after being beaten up, said, "You're good enough. Now we can be friends" Monk, During a play-fight with photographer Roberta Bayley, Vicious broke her nail by kicking her, something he'd promised not to do just minutes earlier.

Monk noted, "He wants to relate to people and he thinks the only way to do it is to fight them. He's capable of promising something one second and forgetting it the next" Monk, Unsurprisingly, Vicious' broken promises included fulfilling his obligations to the band. After the first show of the tour, in Atlanta, he disappeared to look for heroin. Within a few hours of arriving in Memphis, the tour's next stop, Vicious was gone again, this time lured away by a promise of heroin from High Times publisher Tom Forcade.

Hoping to film the Sex Pistols for a documentary, Forcade used Vicious as collateral to ensure that Noel Monk would honor his request for access to the band. A confrontation between Monk and Forcade at the latter's hotel room was interrupted when Vicious made his presence known by attacking a security guard at the pool outside.

Shaken by the display of violence, Malcolm McLaren refused Monk's request that he intervene. With no one willing to rein him in, Vicious was free to destroy himself.

Avalon - Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

The mostly disastrous tour ended in San Francisco on January 14,with a much-anticipated show at the Winterland. What should have been the band's introduction to a large American punk audience turned out to be their final show.

After playing a lackluster set during which the foursome hardly looked at one another, Rotten summed it all up with the famous words, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Where Joy And Sorrow Meet Lyrics

Punk wasn't ours anymore. It had become everything we hated" McNeil, Although Vicious shot some sequences for the film in Paris, he spent most of his time after the Winterland concert doping it up with Spungen in London, then in New York. The freakish twosome garnered a lot of press attention on both sides of the Atlantic, establishing their legend even before their deaths.

Nancy managed to set up a few solo shows for Sid at Max's Kansas City and in her hometown of Philadelphia. Despite having an all-star backing band, though, Sid was a failure, his nasal imitations of Johnny Rotten drawing catcalls from the crowds at Max's.

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Sid and Nancy's dismal final days in New York appear to be portrayed fairly accurately in the film Sid and Nancy. On September 27,Spungen's father delivered some of the couple's belongings to their room at the Chelsea Hotel. When he arrived, he found Sid and Nancy in the kind of desolate state depicted in the movie -- in bed, watching cartoons in the dark, surrounded by dirty clothes and garbage, and too strung out to notice his presence.

On October 8, Nancy called Deborah Spungen, complaining that she was experiencing problems with her kidneys and asking for money. As was their routine, Mrs. Spungen instructed her daughter to see a doctor and have the bill sent to her parents. Before Nancy could reply, the usually complacent Sid took the phone and started hurling abuse at Deborah Spungen, demanding to know, "How can you do this to your own fuckin' daughter?

When Nancy called back later for what would be her final conversation with her mother, she was more calm and reasonable than she'd ever been. She told her mother about the beatings, explaining that Sid had been depressed and "not himself". Nancy then asked Deborah Spungen to look into getting the two of them into a detoxification center.

Before hanging up, Nancy seemed to be tying up loose ends, asking about her grandmother and sending a message to her father that she loved him. While out with friends on October 10,Nancy purchased a knife for Sid. The following night, at least two different drug dealers visited the couple's hotel room, the last claiming to have seen Nancy alive at 4 or 5 a. Several hours after that, the front desk at the Chelsea received a call telling them someone was injured in Sid and Nancy's room.

When emergency personnel arrived, they found Nancy Spungen slumped over in the bathroom, dead of a stab wound to the stomach, seemingly administered by the very knife she had purchased.

where joy and sorrow meet instrumental conditioning

In statements to the police that he later retracted, Vicious alternately claimed that he'd argued with Nancy, that he wasn't in the room when she was killed and did not stab her, that he did stab her, and that he was "a dirty dog".

Sid was arrested for the murder, but was released a few days later on bail provided by Virgin Records' Richard Branson at the prodding of Malcolm McLaren. The former Sex Pistols manager also secured famed attorney F.

Lee Bailey for Vicious' defense. However, his motives for helping Sid did not seem entirely altruistic. Joining in the tasteless exploitation, the owner of the Philadelphia nightclub Artemis promised to honor the singing engagement that Nancy had booked for Sid before her death. Sid, meanwhile, alternated between mourning and living up to his wild reputation. It was reported that he told his arresting officers, "You can't arrest me.

I'm a rock 'n' roll star", and while being escorted out of the Chelsea Hotel in handcuffs, he threatened the press, "I'll smash your cameras" Spungen, In the first phase, specific learning theories were selected.

Also, special attention was given to theoretical approaches to self-regulated learning. In a second step, the concepts of cMOOCs and xMOOCs were reviewed with respect to their potential for incorporating elements from theoretical approaches to learning and self-regulated learning. This definition is quite valuable because it makes a distinction between performance and performance potential thus allowing to distinguish between overt and observable behaviour on the one hand and competences as performance potential for which overt behaviour may be an indicator on the other.

At the same time, it seems wide enough to include different approaches to learning. While behaviourist theories of learning focus on observable behaviour, other approaches to learning assume that learning is related to processes that are not directly observable cognitive and constructivist theories, connectivism. It would, however, be unwise to completely discard behaviourist theories. Classical conditioning explains how a formerly neutral stimulus acquires the capacity to elicit an emotional response Watson, and there is an increasing acknowledgement of the fact that emotions do play a role in learning.

where joy and sorrow meet instrumental conditioning

Also, Skinner showed that his theory of operant conditioning lent itself as a basis to develop teaching machines and was also able to explain language acquisition Skinner, ; Approaches to learning were also developed in the field of cognitive psychology.

The problem with the cognitive approach is, however, that the individual is portrayed as an information processing system, a system without emotions and without the capacity to be conscious of itself.

where joy and sorrow meet instrumental conditioning

Knowledge is therefore constructed individually, although there is no doubt that knowledge construction is also a social process. Recent progress in neuroscience has greatly improved our understanding of human beings and how they learn.

Where Joy And Sorrow Meet

Findings from neuroscience show that individual learning is a very complex activity, involving emotional as well as cognitive processes. According to Damasio The most recent ideas on learning were proposed by Siemens. Siemens introduced the concept of connectivism as a learning theory for the digital age. Basically, his idea is that learning takes place in a community of individuals interested in a specific topic.

His works on learning Siemens, and knowledge Siemens, are certainly some of the most interesting contributions on these topics. Although Siemens suggests connectivism to be a learning theory for the digital age, it may be doubted that is a learning theory. According to Verhagen it is more of a pedagogical view than a learning theory. What Siemens is describing is actually a community of people interested in a specific subject.

This is reminiscent of ideas other authors have proposed. Ivan Illichfor example, suggested that schools should be abandoned and in their place, knowledge centres should be established. Although schools will probably never be abandoned, the Internet may be viewed as one big knowledge centre.

where joy and sorrow meet instrumental conditioning

Nodes are external entities which we can use to form a network. Or nodes may be people, organizations, libraries, web sites, books, journals, database, or any other source of information. The act of learning things become a bit tricky here is one of creating an external network of nodes — where we connect and form information and knowledge sources.

The learning that happens in our heads is an internal network neural Siemens, From our point of view, learning may certainly be described as the formation and strengthening of neural networks, although the neural activities that go on while somebody is learning are much more complex. The external entities —the sources of knowledge— to which we connect in order to increase our knowledge are indispensable for learning and may therefore be considered to be part of the learning process.

Self-regulated learning Presently, we are observing a gradual shift from teacher-oriented learning to student-oriented learning. The advent of MOOCs seems to have come just in time to turn these political ambitions into reality.

Self-regulated learning has been listed as one of the key competences for lifelong learning European Council, Models of self-regulation have also been applied to education see Boekaerts et al. Although several models have been proposed for self-regulated learning, probably the best known is the one by Zimmerman who assumes that self-regulated learning takes place in cycles of: It is also recognised, however, that self-regulation addresses not only cognitive activities.

Emotional, motivational and behavioural activities in the learning process are also subject to self-regulation. According to Zeidner et al. While some learners may have acquired good strategies for self-regulating their learning, others may still be in need to improve these.

A process model of learning Theories of learning tend to focus on relatively short learning activities. Learning may, however, involve activities that last for a much longer period of time. Learning to walk, leaning to speak, learning a second language, learning to play a musical instrument all require longer learning periods. After all, today we are speaking of lifelong learning. However, even if we speak of extended learning periods, these may be broken up into smaller periods at the macro level.

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We therefore think that long time learning is achieved in cycles of macro level phases of: We have tried to assess the learning theories which we referred to in the beginning with respect to the question to what degreed they explicitly consider these macro-level phases of learning table 2. Discussion When we talk about technology enhanced learning environments TELEswe are not only talking about technology. Technology provides digital media which may facilitate learning, but learning is the activity of an individual which in most cases is taking place in a social context although this may be virtual involving peers and a teacher or tutor.

We believe that it is important that TELEs support learning in the four macro level phases of learning which we introduced above explore, understand, practice and transfer.

As far as self-regulation of learning is concerned, we believe that TELEs, particularly if they come in the form of online courses, require a greater competence of self-regulation than traditional face-to-face learning environments. We also believe that cMOOCs support self-regulated learning to a greater extent than other forms of online-based TELEs because we conceive of cMOOCs as communities of learners whose members support each other in exploring and learning about the domain in question.

From our point of view, interaction with learning objects, peers and tutors is also important. In this project, we evaluated TELEs with respect to their potential to foster self-regulated learning. Container systems with tutors were TELEs in universities in which students created content with the assistance of a tutor, using digital technologies digital portfolios, digital videos, learning management systems, blogs.

In the content systems with tutors, content was already provided and was being studied in blended-learning courses. Content systems without tutors involved computer programs or online application, which could be studied individually by students, with little or no interactivity with fellow students and coaches. It seems to us that there is some similarity between container systems with tutors and cMOOCs because in both cases, the creation of content and new knowledge is important.

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