Why does the electoral college meet in december

Mysteries of the Electoral College explained

why does the electoral college meet in december

Election News > What Time do the Electors Meet on December 19th? rules, the Electors will cast their actual votes for president and vice-president. Where a state's code does not specify a meeting time, we've looked for. Teenage electoral college member is seventh voter to go against Trump. Does the electoral college physically meet? Yes. On 19 December. With a week to go until members of the Electoral College meet to cast their year , and what's expected to happen when the college meets on Dec. emails and letters from people who think they should not vote for Trump.

How did this wacky system come about?

Mysteries of the Electoral College explained

The 12th amendment was ratified in in the aftermath of a constitutional crisis. Before its passage, the candidate who finished first in the electoral college became president, and the second-placed finisher became vice-president.

why does the electoral college meet in december

This led to a tie in when the Democratic-Republican nominee, Thomas Jefferson, and his running mate, Aaron Burr, each received 73 electoral votes. The framers had not anticipated candidates running as a ticket.

why does the electoral college meet in december

Jefferson and Burr finished tied for first place while incumbent President John Adams finished third with 65 electoral votes. The election was thrown to the lame duck House then dominated by the opposition Federalist party. Many Federalists supported Burr, whom they perceived as more moderate.

This created a stalemate that lasted until Alexander Hamilton intervened to persuade recalcitrant lawmakers to back Jefferson.

why does the electoral college meet in december

The crisis prompted Congress to go back to the drawing board and separate the election of the president from that of the vice-president. Many states have laws that attempt to bind electors and impose criminal penalties if they vote for the candidate who did not win the popular vote in that state.

Further, some states even deem the act of voting for an alternative candidate to be an effective resignation. On December 13, each state Governor must have a certificate of ascertainment finished. That document lists the names of the electors for each presidential and vice presidential candidate, and the number of votes received by each candidate.

why does the electoral college meet in december

On December 19, electors gather in each state and the federal district to cast their votes. Any disputes within the states about electors must settled by December At each Electoral College voting sessions, the electors cast their committed votes for president and vice president.

How does the electoral college vote work – and can it stop Trump?

The certificates must be received by December 28 in Washington. The Office of the Federal Register determines the certificates are sealed and legitimate documents. On January 6,Biden opens the joint session held in the House of Representatives at 1 p. Two sets of tellers open the sealed vote certificates in alphabetical order by state, and the results are read into the congressional records.

why does the electoral college meet in december

After the results are announced, Biden then asks if there are objections from any member of Congress. Each objection must be made in writing and signed by one House and one Senate member.

Do You Understand the Electoral College?

The very first faithless elector was from Pennsylvania: That action earned him ire from voters. I choose him to act, not to think. In some cases, electors changed their vote because their candidate died before the college met, according to the Los Angeles Times. The last time an elector defected was inwhen a Minnesota elector voted for John Edwards for both vice president and president.

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It's not known whom that elector was or whether the vote was intentional or a mistake. Have these electors ever had an impact? One election was influenced by a faithless-elector situation, though it ultimately didn't affect who took office.

According to the National Constitution Center: On February 9,Congress opened the vote certificates and confirmed that 23 electors in Virginia voted for another candidate, William Smith of Alabama.

How did this system get started, anyway?

Don't expect Electoral College drama on December 19 - National Constitution Center

As Smithsonian Magazine notes, the Electoral College was born from divisiveness. The Founding Fathers didn't have much faith in the general public. And the system, like how congressional representation was allocated, was in large part the result of compromise between slave and free states. The magazine wrote earlier this month: The bulk of the new nation's citizenry resided in cities like Philadelphia and Boston in the North, leaving the South sparsely populated by farmers, plantation owners, other landholders, and, of course, enslaved laborers.

This disparity in the population distribution became a core element of the legislative branch, and in turn, the Electoral College. December 12, -