2008 tri state swap meet

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2008 tri state swap meet

But the swap meet owner did more to encourage the enterprise. In , the .. Although Parvez sold counterfeits at the Tri-State Swap. . (S.D.N.Y. ). automotive swap meets in washington state los angeles southern california auto swap meets shawnee swap meet tri state swap meet. is February this yearh. Two weeks away, I have my same spot upper floor back wall. Any one else going?.

From here on out through October they will be on the last Saturday of each month. Qualifying for anxious race cars in 12 classes began Saturday.

2008 tri state swap meet

The event is held at the airport in Half moon Bay off Hwy 1. There were about cars on hand with lots of good food and many spectators and shoppers.

This was a great Show. Music was by DJ Brian Donovan. April 25th to 27th and that is where several of the Ventura Highwaymen headed for the weekend.

The weather was warm to hot but who cares when you are having fun.

Tri State Guitar and Musician Swap Meet

And believe you me it was a Super Event as usual. The weather was great and there was a Super Turnout in Vehicles as well as spectators. All in all this is a show to remember.

Thank You, Roger Brinkley. This was the 23rd annual All Ford event and was well attended by participants and the general public. It didn't stop the hardcore cruisers.

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They had cars from Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. A 75 mile radius even in the rain. On April The weather was great and everyone had a great time. It was a beautiful day to get out and visit with our friends. Lots of cars, music, food and fun.

  • Tri State swap meet Denver CO - Event Date: Feb/02/2012 - Feb/03/2012
  • Feb 9 & 10 - 37th Annual Tri-State Swap Meet in Denver
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Not humid and always a breeze. This was the first time Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars had run at the track in 20 years. It was hazy and overcast as we reached the Fairgrounds, but the sun would come out in full force for the throng of exhibitors and spectators.

The show was packed to the gills with cool cars from all over the Western part of the U. Mother nature was not good to us. It rained all Saturday night and well into Sunday morning.

2008 tri state swap meet

There were over VW's both old air-cooled and newer water-cooled. We had a wonderful day with car stories bigger than any fish story! More than boats are displayed in the water and on land. We started our 5th year last Saturday, April Harriman, Tennessee is located about 35 miles west of Knoxville, Tennessee at the intersection of I 40 and U.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the show. Now for your viewing pleasure! It just don't get no better than that. Well, here is the pictures I took. Some cars showed up. The sun was out but we got into rain in Knoxville, Tn. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Nah, it doesn't compare to what goes on in Detroit on Woodward Ave, but it's a gas anyway.

The weather was great, there was good food, music, fun was had by all. Dale Davidhizar, Refugio, Tx. The show is on the 1st Sat. The show is put on by Asphalt Angels, a local car club. There were some cars in attendance.

The fairgrounds were packed with all kinds of hotrods, muscle cars and trucks. It was a great success with almost 30 cars competing on the day and about 30 more in the pits on show. It was really nice weather, a little overcast but just fine. Lots of Hot Rods and Customs and little bit of everything.

Zed Zedoman Syracuse, N. This Cruise Night takes place on the first Fri. Fair grounds were crowded with cars, as they let up to this year. We put on car shows in extreme weather conditions and people come and participate! Here are just some of cars. Hope you like them. Now a big Congratulations must go out to all who were involved in Staging this Event as it was perfect in every way. This is the first outdoor car show in the bay area held every year.

2008 tri state swap meet

It is opened to all American powered cars and trucks. This year the turnout was bigger than ever, and the Vintage Air guys were ready for it with the parking all planned out in advance.

2008 tri state swap meet

These pictures are from the last day, Most of the weekend was canceled due to snow. Lots of action on the track along with displays in the live action arena. This show was held on Sun. Weather was cold in the morning but warmed up later to give us a nice day for a show.

The Bentley won the best of show. The purple prostreet 'cuda is mine! It takes part on Good Friday every year. This is the Friday before Easter Sunday. The show is open to anything, but mainly Hot Rods and American. We begin about 2: This is our fourth year. Harriman, Tennessee is located about 35 miles west of Knoxville, Tennessee. Over the last 7 years it consistently delivers a well run, comfortably unique enviroment for some of the highest quality cars in America. Even in SoCal the weather can be iffy in March, but fortunately we have yet to be rained out.

The show is well attended by participants over 1, cars and the public for good reason; the show takes over the entire town. A great thing about this show is they do not invite the same car but 1 time, so it is a new show every year.

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2008 tri state swap meet

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