3800 series 2 supercharged fiero swap meet

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3800 series 2 supercharged fiero swap meet

The engine is a Series One fuel injected V6 with 4 spd A/T. The donor car was a Oldsmobile Toronado. Second owner. T-Top roof from '86 Fiero. The engine I'm using is from a Grand Prix GPZ that I picked up from Langley Discount Auto & Truck Parts for $2, The series 2 This is going to be a step by step dummies guide to a series II install!! . going to include a printout the dealer gave me of the Series II engine. a VERY long time ago, went to a Cleveland Fiero meeting, however the.

The C's final drive of 2. More info on this can be found here: The stock Fiero VSS outputs a digital, 4, pulses per mile signal that will not work here. The PCM ppm output from the PCM will feed the Fiero's stock speedo but you will need to build an interface to make it work like the one pictured below: Of course, nowadays I can reprogram nearly all of the computers to work with any speed sensor you have. The only modification needed was the elongation of the holes in the cradle to allow the trans to side to the driver's side ever so slightly.

These rubber mounts are from a 75 Dodge Truck with a V8, however, you may elect to use the 79 Dodge truck mounts as they have a safety catch designed into them.

3800 series 2 supercharged fiero swap meet

Both feature an offset stud on the top and bottom. This bracket will need to be modified slightly ground on so it will bolt to the series II block but it is no big deal. Most of these brackets don't have holes drilled in them but even if they are already there you might have to enlarge or drill new ones so you can position your mounts correctly.

3800 series 2 supercharged fiero swap meet

Some of the casting was a little too thick for the studs on the mounts but a little grinding of the bracket fixed this. This gave me the proper mounting height of the engine I needed. Obviously, you could use smaller stuff and make the engine sit a little lower but the CV axles tend to get really close to the cradle so I elected to keep it as low as I felt comfortable with which still allowed me room to level the drive train out.

Next, you will see what I did with the rear passenger side transmission mount: Here I used the same Dodge truck mounts but welded a plate to the bottom of a 95 Bonneville doggy bone mount which bolts to the trans under the CV outlet after it was trimmed a little bit.

It looks tight but you can get to all the nuts to facilitate replacement or removal. Finally, I added a engine support strut "doggy bone" mount.

You don't need to do this but because I plan to put down some serious power with this car, I felt the added rigidity would pay dividends later on: Its kind of hard to see in this pic but I used a slightly modified engine strut bracket from a V6.

I modified it so it would not interfere with the 's alternator support bracket, in fact, it now bolts to it.

My 3800sc swap

The strut mount is from a 98 GTP and the big end has been totally cut off and shortened so it would fit in the space I have allowed. Basically, the part of the strut mount that bolts to the trunk wall is solid mounted via a single cross bolt which still allows it to pivot. The front of the mount still has the rubber insert so there is a slight amount of isolation present.

3800 series 2 supercharged fiero swap meet

The end result is this is about as solid of mounting as you can get while still using rubber. Argh what a headache! Not the cleanest install but everything works well.

3800 series 2 supercharged fiero swap meet

I will scan it again and update the actual code, -Tires have under miles but are aging. Tread is like new but front right loses air over a few days no holes could be found must be the bead. Mild dry rotting beginning. Looks OK from 15 feet.

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Most of the interior was swapped for a darker color and is in fair condition. I could not change them for the life of me.

Air conditioning lines cut under car. I drive this car occasionally and start it 3x a week. I Mostly do neighborhood drives to clean the rotors and just exercise the car. This car has not done extensive mileage in some time. Just short 30 min trips.

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Honestly, The car sounds and drives awesome. I had trouble finding an install point for a third motor mount. If the car is really pushed, The motor tilts and the alternator touches the trunk. I have NOT done this since once ruining an alternator pulley and belt.

Exhaust needs to be finished. Air cleaner assembly is original, but functional.