Alumni student meet and greet

ADI: ADI Alumni/Student Meet and Greet

alumni student meet and greet

The Career Centre is pleased to present this event in collaboration with Development and Alumni Relations and the Faculty of Science Student. MS in Global and International Program Faculty & Alumni Virtual Student Meet & Greet. Tuesday, July 17, PM PM. New, current, and prospective. Join alumni, students & faculty members as you come back to the Computer Science Department and Golisano College during Brick City Homecoming & Family.

They also provide internships opportunities that help train future graduates and ease the transition between the classroom and the workplace.

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All these benefits provide even greater incentive to build a great alumni event. How to Build an Impactful Alumni Event 1. Your event goal clarifies your overall direction and helps keep your planning and programming on track to achieve what you want. Check that your goal is both narrowly defined and measurable. This makes it achievable and easy for you to evaluate.

Establish performance indicators to help you track your goal progress. For example, are there certain registration numbers you desire by a set date? How many alumni do you want to see sign up to become mentors for students? How many social media shares are you aiming for? In your goal planning, design a checklist of things to do along with a timeline of when each item needs to be done. Include follow up tasks, such as thanking attendees, posting photos and soliciting feedback.

Make the Event Especially Meaningful for Alumni It takes more than the opportunity to see old faces to motivate alumni to attend your event. If alumni are going to reserve time and make the effort to travel to your event, it better be worth their while. Offer a meaningful program.

For example, invite an influential speaker to discuss a pertinent topic, or organize a joined charitable volunteer activity for alumni to participate in. Alumni are most engaged at an event where the program is relevant to them, and where there are people in attendance whom they know.

Ensure that in your event marketing, your excellent program is clearly outlined. As a bonus, list the alumni who have already committed to be in attendance, especially high profile alumni such as past student government officers and former student leaders. Design for Higher Attendance Pre-emptively resolve reasons why alumni would not attend. Start by making a list of potential excuses.

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The most common ones include: For example, give invitees plenty of advance notice, so they can schedule time to attend. Outline travel and parking options, so attendees know how to reach the venue by public transit or by car. Make the event accommodating for spouses and children. Let alumni know which other familiar classmates or old connections will be in attendance — this can be easily done through a Facebook event page or other digital event page, where interested attendees are listed. Target Diverse Age Groups Among alumni in attendance, there will be people from a broad range of life stages, with diverse needs and interests.

alumni student meet and greet

To create an engaging event for everyone, you will need to consider the perspective of each age group and make all groups comfortable. To do so, seat alumni according to graduation years, or plan separate events altogether for older and younger alumni.

Let different age groups be well represented on stage, for example, by inviting both older and younger alumni to emcee or to speak.

Capitalize on Alumni Passions Dreams, passions and pursuit of life goals are what resonate among alumni of every age group. Celebrating these unites alumni with a common sense of achievement.

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Every alumni has stories of how their school journey has prepared them for their life journey. Capitalizing on these stories — for example, by highlighting them through videos, print materials, or speeches — encourages a shared enthusiasm for the pursuit of happiness that every alumni is embarking on.

Try featuring a video recap of how the school has developed, updates on recent changes to the school, and student and faculty awards and achievements. It can inspire alumni to feel even greater pride in and connection to their school.

Marquette University Interaction with other alumni connects people to networks and opportunities that can open new doors in the marketplace. Alumni representatives embody the spirit and traits of Pitt-Greensburg. By sharing their campus experiences and post-graduation successes, alumni show prospective students and their families what it means to be a Pitt-Greensburg student and graduate.

As these events only require an hour or two, admission events are a great way to get involved and give back. Alumni volunteers are needed for the following upcoming admissions events: Saturday, March 30, Saturday, April 13, Saturday, May 4, 11 a.

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To volunteer for admissions events, please visit this link. Formerly Mock Interview Night, Professional Impressions will still provide students with professional experience, but in a different format.

A networking dinner with an emphasis on dining etiquette presented by Chartwells followed by an alumni panel will be featured. Alumni are invited to participate at this event. Alumni volunteers are needed to lead career discussions at the table and to join the alumni panel. Registration details are coming soon.

alumni student meet and greet

Interested alumni may contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or at pgaa pitt. Pitt Day of Giving: