Camber wear car meet meme

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camber wear car meet meme

Camber angle is the angle made by the wheels of a vehicle; specifically, it is the angle between Excessive camber angle can lead to increased tire wear and impaired handling. Significant suspension modifications may correspondingly. Explore Jack Duxbury's board "Camber Kings" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Rolling carts, Jdm cars and Motorcycles. like this as a career and is a well known meme in the Japanese internets. Basic exploit, PSI adjustment (undocumented & kept secret from reputable source) Car list optimal tires pressure & temperature for tire model .. Even research show this result between real data(pro driver) vs simulator(Alien).

How Does It Work?

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Negative camber is the characteristic generally desired in performance driving. That is, the wheel and tire should exhibit some negative camber while sitting. When you barrel into a corner, the laws of physics have you, the wheels, and the tires pushed toward the outside of the corner. Negative camber is implemented so that when the car is cornering and the wheel is rolling over and gaining positive camber from body roll, not suspension travelthe static negative camber should correct whatever effect leaning and lateral load have on the wheel and tire; resulting in a near-upright tire and the greatest possible contact patch.

camber wear car meet meme

Simply put, negative camber helps counteract the natural tendency for a tire to roll onto its outer shoulder while cornering, keeping the contact patch squarely on the road while cornering allow for more grip and higher cornering speeds.

An infrared thermometer is a useful tool for assessing whether a camber setting is working well for the car. However, tire temperature rapidly cools so readings need to be taken as quickly as possible after a session. How Much Is Too Much? How much negative camber do you want? It depends on what kind of suspension setup your car has.

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When combined with the effect of body roll, the end result is usually less negative camber than desired, therefore requiring the addition of extra static camber. By using a thermometer one can determine if one side of the tire is being worn more or less than the other. Generally speaking, the inside of the tire should be degrees hotter than the outside, depending on the track and the temperature measuring points.

If the inside is exceedingly hot and wearing faster than the outside, there is too much negative camber. When this is present with the front wheels, the effect is diminished braking capability, poor turn-in and pronounced mid-corner understeer. When the rear tires exhibit too much negative camber, the effect is oversteer and a reduced ability to accelerate cleanly out of corners.

The opposite, excessive positive camber, shows up as a reversal of the aforementioned temperature spread. The outside is excessively hot and wears much faster than the inside of the tire.

This leads to understeer mid-corner after the car has made its initial turn, and is usually the result of too much roll.

camber wear car meet meme

It is because of this that excessive roll must be limited with anti-roll bars. How Do I Adjust Camber? Camber plates use an adjustable top mount which relocates upper shock mount to a retainer plate which slides laterally on a grooved track. As a result, the handling of even low-priced automobiles has improved dramatically. Adjustibility[ edit ] In cars with double wishbone suspensionscamber angle may be fixed or adjustable, but in MacPherson strut suspensions, it is normally fixed.

camber wear car meet meme

The elimination of an available camber adjustment may reduce maintenance requirements, but if the car is lowered by use of shortened springsthe camber angle will change.

Excessive camber angle can lead to increased tire wear and impaired handling. Significant suspension modifications may correspondingly require that the upper control arm or strut mounting points be altered to allow for some inward or outward movement, relative to longitudinal centerline of the vehicle, for camber adjustment.

camber wear car meet meme

Aftermarket plates with slots for strut mounts instead of just holes are available for most of the commonly modified models of cars. There are certain other aftermarket solutions that allow modifying camber angle of the wheels [1].

Camber angle

Camber bolts with eccentrics allow adjustable camber on some vehicles. These bolts feature large washers that are either eccentric or offset. This turning will make insignificant change up to 2 degrees if the OE bolts are replaced with eccentric ones [2].

camber wear car meet meme

Control arms or A-arms with adjustable ball joints is the other solution to allow side-by-side adjustability. With these control arms installed, tire camber can be effectively changed by simply moving the tires.

Then, one tightens the bolts to lock the ball joint in such position.