Chesterfield swap meet 2013

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chesterfield swap meet 2013

Pages: 1 2. WHAT: Art Feast WHERE: Kemp Auto Museum WHEN: February 2, WHY: To celebrate Chesterfield Arts' 17th anniversary with the 13th annual Art Feast Gala fundraising event. .. St. Louis Swap Meet. In , a swap/book shop was added to encourage the re-use of capacity is sufficient to meet Chesterfield's student population needs in the. Fall SWAP MEET · Auction Info · Who We Are. Renew your membership. Membership · Events · Fishy Event & Pictures · SWAP MEET

The Pacific Coast Collaborative announced the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification, which will advance scientific understanding of ocean acidification, reduce the causes of acidification, protect the environment and coastal communities from impacts of a changing ocean, expand public awareness and understanding of acidification, and build sustained support for tackling this global problem.

The Alliance will actively seek inclusion of ocean acidification mitigation and adaptation commitments in the COP 23 international climate agreement. The Ocean Foundation announced that it will train 50 scientists in the Pacific Islands, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Arctic to research and monitor ocean acidification, provide them with ocean acidification observing equipment, and expand the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network over the next three years.

The initiative will engage a team of marine scientists and a website to crowdsource solutions to ocean problems around the world. Republic of Korea announced its plans to work with the UN FAO to establish a World Fisheries University to build capacity among coastal developing states over 10 years.

Kuwait announced that its newly acquired oceanographic vessel, the Al-Beeah I, will be used as a training platform for marine scientists and fisheries experts to expand environmental science and technology collaborations in the Gulf region. Portugal announced the launch of the Blue Fund, an innovative public financial instrument funded in partnership with national and international public and private entities with the goal of developing the ocean economy, promoting ocean-related scientific research, and protecting the ocean environment.

Nirmal Shah from Seychelles announced the launch of a Forum on African Marine Sciences, a network between science academies, universities, and organizations from more than 12 African countries designed to enhance communication and collaboration on ocean science, host academic exchanges to strengthen local capacity, and support ocean and blue economy policy engagement across Africa. Lebanon announced that it passed a decree to establish an Environmental Police Force that will enforce environmental laws and work with judges and prosecutors to prevent, investigate, and prosecute environmental crimes, including in coastal and maritime areas.

Bangladesh announced a cooperative effort among 53 countries in the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific ESCAP to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. Mapping and Understanding the Ocean Australia announced that the eReefs water monitoring system went live in July The first and largest system of its kind in the world, eReefs monitors, models, and visualizes water movement and water quality in the Great Barrier Reef and its catchments.

Kuwait announced a marine environment monitoring system by installing a network of sensors, monitoring stations, and buoys along its coast and extending out 12 nautical miles into Kuwaiti territorial waters to monitor fish and aquaculture resources, on-shore and off-shore oil spills, and municipal water treatment and land-based pollution, to be fully operational by the year The following projects are part of the Safe Ocean Network: Oceana, SkyTruth and Google are partnering to make Global Fishing Watch -- a big data technology platform that leverages satellite data to create the first global view of commercial fishing -- available to the public for free.

A number of organizations announced support for Global Fishing Watch. The program will provide the enforcement community with greater insight into vessels that may be engaging in illegal fishing. The Pew Charitable Trusts and Satellite Applications Catapult will continue to support Project Eyes on the Seas, a technology platform that combines satellite monitoring and imagery data with other information such as fishing vessel databases and oceanographic data, to help authorities detect suspicious fishing activity.

The system can synthesize and analyze multiple layers of data in near real time to monitor and identify suspicious vessels around the globe and alert authorities to investigate and take action.

The International Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance Network is developing a centralized data base of vetted qualified monitoring, control, and surveillance MCS experts available to national authorities and international institutions for consultancy and capacity-building projects in the field of fisheries MCS. Fish, a web-based tool, which uses big data analytics to identify, compare, and analyze trade discrepancies and irregularities in global fish trade data to help discover and investigate IUU activities.

This is done through cooperation between clusters of law enforcement agencies from various jurisdictions, as well as by collaborating with international partners. Project SCALE has created coherent international law enforcement connectivity for meaningful collaboration, planning and direction towards achieving professional investigative responses worldwide. The NGO Center for Advanced Defense Studies C4ADSin partnership with the private firm Windward, is working to map and investigate the beneficial ownership, logistical, and financial networks of IUU vessels and their associated companies using advanced data analytics developed for the national security community.

Building on the collaborative approach the UK and US are taking in the British Indian Ocean Territory, we will enable countries to work together to test new approaches to combatting illegal fishing. The aim is to build a robust and effective mechanism to catalyze enforcement actions and secure an end to illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean.

Projects will improve the environmental and social performance of fisheries and aquaculture operations through strengthened traceability, new partnerships and incentives to access to the North American market. The mFish initiative will enable small scale and artisanal fishermen with mobile technology services and applications to report illegal fishing activities.

chesterfield swap meet 2013

Applications and services will initially be available in Indonesia with plans to expand availability to Malaysia then across south, south-east Asia, Africa and Latin America. Reports of illegal fishing activity will be shared with relevant government authorities for follow up.

New Zealand announced that it will undertake high seas fisheries patrols of the South Pacific Longline Tuna Fishery in New Zealand will also institute a pilot project to undertake genetic testing of tuna both in New Zealand ports and on high seas fisheries patrols to detect misreporting of fish species that takes place amongst commercial tuna longline vessels operating in the southern albacore fishery.

The United States and Canada announced a nine-month pilot project to probe the extent to which certain prohibited fish species are available for sale. Italy announced the entry into force of their new legislative framework to regulate swordfish fisheries in the Mediterranean. The new rules — in the framework of the European Common Fishery Policy - significantly reduce the number of Italian vessels authorized to target swordfish; introduce mandatory notification requirements for all vessels; and, forbid possession of certain fishing equipment aboard vessels targeting swordfish in order to prevent the illegal use of such equipment.

The satellite uses a technology called the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite VIIRS to identify vessels that may be illegally fishing at night through the use of light detection. At the request of fishery agencies, the U. The VIIRS instrument is capable of detecting lights present at the earth's surface, including from fishing boats that use lights to attract catch at night and may be illegally fishing.

chesterfield swap meet 2013

Coast Guard law enforcement detachments embark aboard transiting US Navy vessels, joined by local law enforcement authority shipriders, enabling fisheries enforcement boardings. Coast Guard is pursuing new shiprider agreements with Vanuatu and Fiji and maritime law enforcement training in the Pacific, Bay of Bengal, and the Philippines.

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Beginning in Septemberthe U. Maritime Domain Awareness Executive Steering Committee will launch a crowd-sourcing competition in conjunction with the White House's Open Government initiative, with competitors vying to develop an algorithm capable of assisting countries to better identify and respond to illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing.

The 3rd annual Fishackathon, a weekend coding contest was held on April It included several challenges encouraging the development of tools to assist fishermen and enforcement officers in combating illegal fishing.

All entries, including the winning submissions, are available online at Fishackathon. Norway announced that it will host the Our Ocean conference. Valparaiso, Chile - October 6, Commitments Valparaiso, Chile - October 6, Commitments More than participants, including 11 ministers, from over 50 countries, as well as representatives of NGOs, academia, research and charitable institutions, and industry met in Valparaiso, Chile, for the second Our Ocean Conference October Chile announced that it is committing to create a marine protected area in thesquare kilometer exclusive economic zone of the iconic Island of Rapa Nui — known around the world as Easter Island — working with the Rapa Nui community and taking into consideration their ancestral fishing and in compliance with current norms established by Convention No.

Once complete, this will be one of the largest marine protected areas in the world. The United States announced it is moving to protect waters of historic and national importance by initiating the creation of the first new National Marine Sanctuaries sinceone in the State of Maryland and the other in the Great Lakes.

This initiative was based on scientific expertise and research of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and includes areas with submarine mountain chains. Gabon reaffirmed its commitment to create over 46, square kilometers of marine protected areas in that will include 23 percent of its exclusive economic zone.

Cuba and the United States announced that negotiations are underway on a new sister marine protected area arrangement between sites in Cuba Guanahacabibes National Park and the Bank of San Antonio and the United States Florida Keys and Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuariesand possibly others, focusing on scientific research, education and outreach, and sound management. The European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Environment announced that ten percent of all European Union marine waters will be covered by marine protected areas by To achieve this, the European Union's Member States will designate significant additional marine protected areas, as well as promote their effective management through necessary fisheries measures.

Based on the ecosystem approach, these plans will ensure conservation and sustainable use of European Union marine waters, taking into account land-sea interactions and relying on processes like integrated coastal zone management. Costa Rica announced that it will develop a National Policy on Wetlands, in a period of one year, with the goal of addressing threats to its wetlands and associated resources. Promoting Sustainable Fisheries Inthe United States announced its commitment to establish an integrated seafood traceability program as part of a broader, coordinated effort to tackle illegal, unreported, and unregulated IUU fishing and seafood fraud.

The traceability program will track seafood from harvest or production to entry into U. The United States will announce in October the specific list of marine species considered to be most at risk of being caught illegally or mislabeled, which will be the basis of the first phase of the program to be fully launched by September The United States announced the launch of Sea Scout, a new global initiative that seeks to unite governments and other stakeholders worldwide in the fight against IUU fishing by focusing global assets and partnerships on identifying, interdicting, and prosecuting IUU fishing organizations and networks around the world.

Sea Scout will strengthen at-sea fisheries enforcement through integration of existing and emerging technologies, expanded use of internet-based tools, enhanced coordination and information sharing, and capacity building.

As part of Sea Scout, Gabon announced that the United States, Gabon, and others are exploring a partnership to enhance surveillance of illegal fishing. Eleven teams of students aged between 14 and 19, showcased a Spend Local - Small Business Saturday Takes Place Saturday 7th December Council leaders are urging residents to keep their spend close to home during a national day of support for local retailers.

The first ever Small Business Saturday takes place this Saturday, 7th December - traditionally one of the busiest shopping days in the run up to Christmas. It is the brainchild of MP Chuka Umunna, based on a similar initiative in America, and has support from all major political parties. This is the first time the reindeers have visited Vicar Lane, but Sunday 24th November Thousands filled New Square this evening to see Chesterfield transformed into a Winter Wonderland, complete with snow.

A special Christmas Market was held throughout the afternoon, with the festive lights switched on at 4.

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Spire Junior School decked the halls with holly and performed some festive hymns, and Brampton Primary School's nursery class helped cut the ribbon with the Mayor of Chesterfield, Cllr Paul Stone; after 3 year old, Marc Dawson, won the competition to design a Christmas card. Store manager, Kym Ashley, said: The event will function as a drop-in information session, with all interested parties encouraged to attend. Beauty Lights Up Chesterfield Tuesday 19th November Chesterfield is set to be transformed into a winter wonderland this weekend as Chesterfield Borough Council's annual Christmas lights switch-on, takes place.

The switch-on will happen in New Square this Sunday, 24th Thursday 31st October Anyone visiting town today would have thought they'd gone back in time, as the traders on the regular flea market donned their finest 's gear and opened the three day Market Festival. Luckily the weather held as thousands packed into the Market square throughout the day to buy and sell goods and produce. In keeping with the event, many stalls had a forties theme and many items for sale had a definite retro feel about them.

And you are invited to come and celebrate all that the markets have to offer during this three-day festival, where there really is something for everyone! Starting at 10am through to 12 noon, the Festival Bargain Hunt, sponsored by Banner Jones Solicitors, will see Anita and James each lead a team - James will lead the Mayor's team and Anita will lead a team from The scheme, funded mainly through grants from European Regional Development Fund and a lottery grant has taken a year to complete - with the keys handed over on time and on budget.

Whilst the renovations were taking place, traders were re-homed The area is aimed at children up to 5 years of age and will feature magnetic walls with animals that can be moved around the wall, touch and play activities, books, soft floor mats and a children's dining area, with small tables and seats, cutlery and bowls. For parents there will also be a baby food station, including a microwave and bottle warmer. As well as keeping the children entertained while adults enjoy a meal in the restaurant, the area will be available The new Market Hall, owned and operated by Chesterfield Borough Council, opens on Monday 28th October after the work - which has taken 12 months - is completed.

The main retail hall has been transformed, with a glazed atrium above first floor level providing natural light and the s extension on New Square has been redesigned to be more in keeping with the original Market Hall, whilst BHF shops are urging Chesterfield's local community to join in and fill up bags full of unwanted things for the Great British Bag-athon to help fight heart disease.

The event will be officially launched by the Deputy Mayor of Chesterfield, Councillor Alexis Diouf, when he donates the first bag of items The supermarket believes it has spotted a gap in the market for a convenience store that offers more fresh food - as opposed to just tins and toiletries - to enable customers to cook a meal from scratch or buy a high quality ready meal.

chesterfield swap meet 2013

Management at the store were keen to find a 'local hero' to help them officially cut the ribbon - and the Hospice was chosen The event takes place on Saturday 7th September between The Day of Dance boasts a variety of dance styles, with return performances from many acts and new performances from Barlborough Bears, who will be performing a fusion of ballet, jazz, and street dance.

The council has been working with traders to offer an improved shopping experience to customers new and old when the market hall opens again. Each of the potential traders were asked to present a business case setting out what There is also plenty of FREE parking Linda entered the competition as part of the council's 'Love Your Local Market' campaign.

To encourage residents and visitors to shop on our town centre market and indoor market currently in the temporary market hall on New Squarethe council ran the competition and traders gave out competition forms with Chesterfield's Ongoing Regeneration - An Update! Thursday 13th June There are "Positive Signs for The Future" said Mike Hayden - Head Of Regeneration at Chesterfield Borough Council, as members of the Chesterfield business community and local media were, this morning, given an update on regeneration projects currently being undertaken around the town.

Having previously asserted that Chesterfield is On Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May, there will be a market and table-top sale in the town centre market place. Fun for children will be provided by an open-air circus skills workshop, an art and craft table in the market place and giant bubbles and balloon modeller.

As part of Love your Local Market week, adults can experience life as a market trader. The town centre market, operated by Chesterfield Borough Council, is taking part in the national campaign led by the National Association of British Market Authorities from 23rd - 27th May. The campaign aims to attract new market traders. The council also aims to highlight the vital role the market plays In fantastic weather the event, organised by Chesterfield Borough Council,saw the usual flea market traders dressed in vintage sixties costumes with tie-dye shirts and mini skirts galore.

A variety of sixties-themed entertainment helped to make the event swing, including local band, Highly Strung, who played sixties music throughout the event, a Human Jukebox where shoppers chose sixties songs played on a Today's episode on ITV1 at 2pm is Chesterfield's turn to shine!

Shoppers and residents, including the Mayor of Chesterfield Cllr Donald Parsons, were asked to sample food cooked by three teams from around the country, with the winner taking the day's takings. The scheme aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to make their mark in the market and start a successful business on one of the UK's 1, retail markets and is open to anyone over 16 years of age not currently trading on a market.

Last May, Foster had admitted eight offences under the Trade Marks Act of selling counterfeit goods from Ilkeston Market and of possessing fake goods for sale. He received a month community order to carry out hours' unpaid work. The Crooked Spire will be having an open day with trips up the famous tower to see the fantastic views of the town.

Loads of fun and things to do for the whole family. The increase will come into effect from 1st April and will affect all stalls on the general market, flea market, farmers' market and car boot sale. This means market rents have increased by only 1. Thursday 14th February It seems to be bad news after bad news on the High Street these days and Chesterfield, like many towns across the country, is reeling in the financial climate, which is proving to be far more difficult to get out of and dragged on longer than anyone predicted.

However, one businesswoman in Chesterfield is bucking that trend and is hoping not just to rejuvenate a store, but also bring more footfall onto the High Street and local economy. It proved very popular and garnered lots of entries and proved to be an extremely close fought competition. Finally however, the decision was made and W Ayres were delighted to win the title of 'Favourite Market Stall' for the outdoor market and Charles Ferne of W Ayres was presented with a certificate and prize by the Mayor of Chesterfield, Cllr Don Parsons at a presentation Chesterfield Shoppers Begin 'Christmas Crawl' Monday 3rd December More than 20 local businesses in Chesterfield have clubbed together to host a unique initiative to celebrate local retailers and take the stress out of Christmas gift shopping Dubbed the 'Christmas Crawl', the campaign launched this weekend to coincide with the town's Christmas lights 'Switch-On'.

Wednesday 28th November It's an event which sees thousands line the High Street as the switch is pulled to illuminate the town. And this year will be no different - a Panto Star to help pull the switch, our open air market will be bustling and full of gift ideas, and all the high street shops will be waiting to give you a big Christmas welcome. There will be Christmas Karaoke in Rykneld Square from 1pm Baby Luv Shines In Chesterfield Thursday 8th November As we have previously reported, Chesterfield continues to enjoy both consumer and company retail confidence - and the high profile arrivals of Debenhams and Hawkshead seem to evidence that.

However, the town also retains the confidence of those looking to set up new business ventures and, last week, after unveiling the sculptures in 'The Yards', the Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, Cllr John Burrows and The Mayor and Mayoress of Chesterfield opened a new business venture in the same shopping area.

Both said they were thrilled to be welcoming new trade to Chesterfield. Sharna and her partner Damian, opened their new shop 'baby luv' in Theatre Yard, next to the Credit Union shop and told us why they wanted to be taking premises during these difficult times Spaciotempo UK Conquer Uphill Task In Chesterfield's Market Tuesday 6th November A Staffordshire supplier of temporary buildings has praised its workers after they successfully completed one of the most complicated installation jobs the company has ever attempted.

The hall has been built on an open space in New Square but, thanks to the Square's cobbled surface, historic plane trees and sloping surface The event will see Vicar Lane Shopping Centre, consisting of shops on Vicar Lane and Steeplegate, switch on their Christmas lights following the entertainment. Directions Theatre Arts, the musical theatre school based in Chesterfield, have appeared at Vicar Lane on several occasions and as a result have been invited to attend a Town Twinning event in Sindelfingin in Friday 2nd November The Chesterfield Post has previously reported on the appearance of a Falcon and a Puppy in the centre of Chesterfield.

The sculptures, designed by Geoff Wood, were created as part of an initiative to promote local businesses and attract shoppers. Sculptor Geoff told us that he was honoured to have been chosen Chesterfield Market Steps Back In Time Friday 2nd November Yesterday saw the beginning of the Chesterfield Arts and Markets Festival - three days of events designed to showcase, promote and support our local market and arts groups.

On a lovely day, thousands turned out to visit the 's Market, and saw traders dressed in wartime finery, with vehicles and a George Formby tribute taking place on the High Street. Caroline Steel is part of the Market Trader's Federation and she told us that she was thrilled with the turnout on the day, "It's a brilliant day It's a hugely successful annual initiative which has, in the past, seen TV favourites, local businessmen and charity participate in order to promote the town and raise money for charity.

Once again many events have been organised and local residents and tourists are invited and encouraged to take part. Sean Carrington, tourist officer for Chesterfield, has sent us the schedule - all we need now is the weather!

Please pop along and support your local market as they Maxwell is a local singer who, accompanied by his dog Humphrey, brings opera to the masses when he sings in the Pavements Shopping centre.

Chesterfield Arts | February | Town and Style

Maxwell told us on Friday morning that he has no formal opera training but "just wants to sing". We'll have a full interview and details of his album on the Post very soon.

Spell-binding family fun will be running at the markets in Killamarsh, Eckington and Clay Cross - the latest in a series of events organised as part of North East Derbyshire District Council's 'Marketing the Markets' campaign. Spooky street entertainment, face painting, creepy crawly petting zoos, prize draws and a range of stalls - plus a chance to meet Scooby Doo, the Ghostbusters and Dr Who - are among the free attractions on offer at the events. Kids - Chesterfield Market Needs You!