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Anhalt - Dessau. Results - Anhalt - Dessau. Website:Click . Dessau Germany. Sport: Track and Field. Level: Pro/Semi Pro. Start Date: June 11th . Rule 3) Meet officials and Their Duties. Rule NFHS Track and Field Rules. Page Number of Teams Competing in the Meet. Individual Scoring. He said he plans his dance moves for track meets weeks ahead of time, And the track world likely hasn't seen the last of Lyles' record-setting.

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High School At the high school level, there are 14 events that are most commonly contested: In high school, the 1,meter or 1,meter is often considered a distance race. All four jumping events the high jump, long jump, pole vault, and triple jump and usually two throwing events are contested.

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The shot put and discus are standard high school throwing events, but the javelin and hammer are often left out for safety reasons. College At the collegiate level, there are 18 commonly contested events: There are generally three sprint races, two middle-distance races, two distance races, two hurdle races, and the steeplechase.

There are usually four throwing events and four jumping events.

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Nuances of Team Scoring The breakdown of events has a huge impact on team scoring. For example, athletes who can sprint and jump, as well as middle-distance runners, are more able to compete successfully in multiple events compared to throwers or distance runners. Consequently, teams that are strong in the middle distances or sprints and jumps are able to score in more events than teams that are only strong in throws or long distances. This is particularly true as the level of competition rises.

At Age 20, Noah Lyles Becomes Youngest 100-meter National Champion In 34 Years

There are two things that weigh heavily on how a team breaks up its event groups: In smaller meets, a greater number of athletes from each team have a greater impact on scoring. At larger meets, fewer athletes from each team are likely to place score.

Consequently, a single point goes farther at a larger meet. However, Bonnie Richardson did the impossible.

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Richardson was able to win two consecutive Texas high school state team championships singlehandedly. But now I have done it and I'm very happy to have done it. Heading the women's marathon field are Azelosh Woldeslasse of Ethiopia, who has a best of 2: One of them US star sprinter and national record holder Tyson Gay. He was Kentucky's fastest student-athlete. Gay won three state championships in the meters competing for Lafayette High School, including a record time of The world champion is yet to begin his season.

World javelin champion Matthias de Zordo canceled his participation in Ostrava and Eugene because of back problems. He plans to return for Oslo on June 7 and St. Wendel on June 10, but both events are still under question. His coach Boris Henry wants to make a last minute decision here. They do not want to risk before the Olympic Games.