Detective conan meet haibara episodes of glee

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detective conan meet haibara episodes of glee

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - M. Sera, Shinichi K./Conan E., Kaito K. To this, Haibara rolled her eyes and stated, "Because you'll freak!" With that, the kids cheered in glee, grabbed their stuff and ran out, She's also Aoko's VA in the Gathering of the Detectives episode and the Crystal Mother OVA. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Ai Haibara/Shiho M., M. Sera - Words: 2, - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 3 - Published: Dec 28, - Status: Complete - id: A/N: I dun own Detective Conan. This is "I was really hoping that we could be able to finish the episode! Ayumi cried in glee. . What met his eyes surprised him. A/N: Contains spoilers for the Black Impact case (chapters /episode ). Mouri Kogoro chuckled to himself in glee as he walked along the "If it's not too much trouble for you, there's a friend I would like you to meet. .. the APTX- drug research files, Haibara would perfect the antidote, he'd.

I'd hate to rip it out in just five minutes after applying the foundation up. She simply stared back with defiant eyes, her smile slowly growing wider.

After an unbearable silence, Mitsuhiko turned away, giving her a barely noticeable nod in acknowledgement. He supposed it couldn't be helped. Vermouth usually managed to get her way, courtesy of her perks of being his favorite member. After all, a secret makes a woman, woman. In my personal opinion, you keep far too many secrets to yourself. Having known her for a long time, Mitsuhiko knew exactly what she was going to say even before the words left her mouth.

His eyes narrowed to slits, "Explosives? Well, at least that explained all the booming noise he had heard aboard the train earlier. He was planning on using them to blow up Nagoya Station. There aren't many people know of your condition, sir. They were serious, but the impertinent smile she had on her face made it seem more like a taunting jab at his expense. Don't call it a 'condition' just because I'm stuck looking like this! I am this close, this close to completing my immortality!

The drug was to be administered in multiple parts, but the final dose, the one which would have stabilized his immortal young self, had been incomplete when their head scientist flew the coop. The very same Haibara-san who I see in class every single school day! Part of the Detective Boys, no less! I've been around her so much that I practically know her inside-out! If I order Gin to get to here from Nagoya right this moment and proceed to ambush her, she would be completely mine!

Not even her precious Conan-kun can get her out of this! I-I just can't sell her out! I can't betray Haibara-san! The lanky boy couldn't help but tune himself back to the day that he'd encountered the caramel-brown haired girl one more time.

detective conan meet haibara episodes of glee

Many months ago… "What! Who the hell is responsible for this mess? No, be quiet, I don't really give a damn about the details. Just call the cavalry and get her back immediately, you imbecile! Tell the men that this is a direct order from me!

He seethed with anger at the news that had been dumped unceremoniously onto him a few hours prior. They were only supposed to hold her until she relented and continued her work.

How could they possibly lose the head scientist for the APTX project? Heads were definitely going to roll for this… quite literally.

Gone was the megalomaniacal chief mastermind planner, and in its place was a mere seven-year-old boy. A new student will be joining our class today! I heard Kobayashi-sensei mention it in the staff room! While he was still stuck in the rigid and regimental life of a Japanese first-grader child, he supposed that a new student joining his class was the closest thing that he'd have to breaking the boring status quo of relearning multiplication tables and hiragana all over again.

As Ayumi and Genta began to hypothesis on what the new transfer student would be like, he sighed and went along with their conversation, feigning interest in making guesses of their name and appearances along with them. Really though, making predictions was futile.

You couldn't predict what a person would be like even based on first impressions, let alone when you knew absolutely nothing about them. There was no point in making assumptions when you could simply know the answer by waiting for a few minutes. And sure enough, after two more minutes, their new classmate arrived by the classroom door, much to the enthusiasm of the entire class. As Mitsuhiko laid his eyes on her, he'd almost flinched back in shock, the shrunken freckled boy only managing to stop himself from doing so at the last moment.

Even so, he couldn't help but blink his eyelids multiple times in sheer disbelief at the sight ahead of him. How could he not when he'd just literally ordered a manhunt to locate her. It can't be… Sherry? She'd shrunken down as well! His mind went into overdrive as he realized what this new development meant. Then that means… the completed apotoxin research is with her!

Do make sure to give her a warm welcome! For the remainder of Kobayashi-sensei's class, he remained spaced out by this revelation. The normally focused boy snuck glances at Haibara when she wasn't looking, only stopping when Kobayashi-sensei almost caught him out. Mercifully for Mitsuhiko, the bell rang soon after, signaling the end of the class. As Haibara picked up her bag and took her leave, he deftly followed her. Fortunately for him, it turned out he wasn't the only one to do so.

Ayumi and Genta had beat him to it. It turned out that they were also interested in Haibara, although for entirely different reasons from him. He decided to stay back, hanging alongside Conan to gauge her behavior.

Seizing the chance to make conversation now that he wasn't the first one to do so, Mitsuhiko quickened his pace to catch up to her side.

detective conan meet haibara episodes of glee

That is where I currently reside," she replied plainly, an unfocused look on her face. Mitsuhiko noted that while he had been the one who asked the question, she had actually directed her answer at Conan, sending the boy a cryptic glance.

He chose to ignore that minor detail though. It was insignificant when he now had much more important information at his fingertips. He had to control himself to resist from grinning maniacally by telling himself that as a rule, normal first-graders do not burst into crazed laughter. But still, that was certainly careless of her to reveal her hiding spot like that.

Now she was only one phone call away from her doom. Are you the so-called Detective Boys? He supposed he'd have to keep up the nice polite boy act for a little longer. Any traces of humbleness or subtlety were nowhere to be found from him. Mitsuhiko let a boyish smile cross his face. Looks like he would have to stand corrected on his previous presumption — he was going to have to keep up the nice polite act for far longer than 'a little while'.

First off, the concept of henchman wearing black had been his idea. How dare some random unaffiliated criminal steal it from him! Although to be fair, he had watched a mafia-themed movie on the day he made that decision for his organization. Secondly, they'd made the mistake of messing with Conan-kun. They were practically toast by that point. From what Mitsuhiko knew of fellow Detective Boys member Edogawa Conan, he was certain that they were doomed the moment Conan had set their eyes on them like a dog lapping up his meal.

The boy was a walking spanner in the works whenever it came to crime. But to top it all off, the whole case had been a cheap money laundering scheme that had not been worth his time. His own people had amassed about a fifth of Japan's national GDP in terms of funding. In contrast, the amount of illegal money that those unprofessional amateurs got by kidnapping someone to forge banknotes for them was laughably measly compared to what his group dealt with on a daily basis.

Mitsuhiko had to resist laughing at the audacity of the overconfident ringleader's scheme when he was being held at gunpoint along with Ayumi and Genta. It would be really out of character for a little boy to laugh when his life was being threatened. He'd left the area with Ayumi and Genta in tow, giving the humble excuse that the time was running late for them, thus leaving Conan and 'Haibara' behind with the police to wrap up the case.

The last thing that he wanted at this point was for the police to interrogate them for any details. Mitsuhiko proceeded to heave a sigh in relief when it was all over. Most of the time however, he chose to remain calm with nerves of steel. As long as Conan-kun was still kicking, he knew that he himself would not be in mortal danger, and hence had no reason to blow his cover.

As a bonus, the competent bespectacled boy would draw all the unwanted attention away from him. And speaking of Conan… "Conan-kun was so cool when he confronted the lady in black like that! He saved me from that mean woman! Conan-kun was great, wasn't he? I suppose so…" Genta turned his face away, grumbling under his breath. The jealousy that he held for the smaller boy whenever Conan bested him was clearly there on his face. It was times like this that he was envious of the other actual children of the group.

At least Genta or Ayumi didn't need to fake their enthusiasm. During his actual childhood once upon a time, he really had been such a polite, shy, and curious child. But as the years went by, his curiosity had slowly died down, as most children did as they grew into mature, more down-to-earth adults. Having to act carefree again was slightly jarring to him, especially with such adventurous friends.

That said, even though he was seven again, Mitsuhiko had actually carried quite a few personality traits over from his past life. His meticulousness and attention to detail, for instance, had carried him through both childhoods. It allowed him to notice minor details that most people would overlook. For example, when Haibara picked up the gun that the woman in black had dropped, he noticed her expression when she pulled the trigger.

She looked cold and dead on the inside. This was not good, he thought. He narrowed his eyes as Haibara's cold face flashed through his mind again.

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He'd rather not deal with having an irreplaceable asset being self-destructive. After talking for a while more, he split up with Genta and Ayumi, claiming that he had a faster way back to his house.

Bidding his goodbyes to the other two, he turned around a corner to walk along a dark alley. Ensuring that no one was in the vicinity, he pulled out a black cellphone separate from the normal phone that he used.

detective conan meet haibara episodes of glee

Completely focused on the screen, Mitsuhiko then began to type in a text message that would seal her fate. Her location is No. Take her back to me alive. He let out a tsk in annoyance as a new thought came to him, his finger dangerously hovering over the button to send the message.

What episode in detective conan did haibara first appeared?

His face contorting in anger, he backed out of the message and slipped the mobile phone back into a hidden compartment in his pocket. The text message lay saved as an unsent draft on his phone, a smoking gun left unfired.

He'd almost sent the message to Gin before realizing that sending such a demand to the silver-haired assassin under his employ meant that she would most likely end up in a body bag. He couldn't have that now, could he? At least not when he needed her alive and in one piece to finish up the apotoxin. He knew Gin well enough to realize that entrusting this mission to him and Vodka would be an absolute travesty.

Despite all the pros, it could only end in disaster thanks to the history between him and Sherry. It was far too risky to send him, and Mitsuhiko didn't trust any other lower-ranked members to pull off a successful kidnapping. Worse still, she'd already been introduced to an entire class of first graders as Haibara Ai. If she disappeared immediately, it would certainly lead to several questions. The school would not simply let a suspected kidnapping of a child go unresolved without a massive investigation.

A successful cover up would be extremely tricky to pull off, especially if the trail ended up leading back to him. In the end, he had come to the conclusion that it was far too soon for him to come and retrieve Sherry. Being hasty and kidnapping her back right now would make it blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention that a member of the Organization was watching Teitan Elementary, and he most certainly wasn't going to blow his cover in such an unprofessional manner.

If she thought that she could hide, all the power to her, but two could certainly play at that game. Mitsuhiko chortled to himself as he strolled back to his house.

He would let her think that she got away with hiding herself in Beika City, when in reality he'd keep his eye homed in on her, perpetually knowing her whereabouts.

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Had to do some editing due to some function problems. Until he gave a reason.

detective conan meet haibara episodes of glee

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Other sets will be left open for other people, even though they may be written and posted here unofficially. He went inside and checked all the drawers and cabinets. The clothes were all gone.

Suddenly, he heard the professor calling his name. When he looked back, he saw him with a piece of small brown glass bottle with capsules in it and a small note on his other hand. There's a note for you. Conan walked up and read the paper. Kudo-kun, See, I told you I wouldn't be able to push myself harder to find the antidote. I made it the other night. That's my farewell gift to you for being a nice companion.

Now, you'll be able to return to your old life. You'll be able to return to her. Your life has been fixed. My faults have been paid. There's a copy of the formula of the poison and the antidote at the professor's computer. I know you could use it in a better way than the way I did. I'm sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye to all of you in a better way, especially to Takada-san. I know you could explain it to them. Sherry The note slipped out of his hand.

The professor picked up the paper and read the contents. Conan closed his fist then ran out of the room. He heard the professor calling him back.

Then a blinding light burst out before him. He covered his eyes… "Shinichi! We'll be late for school. He got up and looked at his hands. They were all in their normal appearance and he was called by his name by Ran.

Then his eyes widen. He looked up at her. How come Ran doesn't know her? He looked around him. No, he can't find it. He can't find the bottle.

Was it all a dream? Ran doesn't remember her and he couldn't find a reason why. The sky was a bit cloudy. The sidewalks are a bit crowdy. It's a typical day. You seem to be absent-minded today. Is something bothering you?

Shinichi shook his head and smiled. Then an image appeared at the corner of his eyes. He grabbed her arms. The girl was shocked. Haibara, you're still here! The girl smiled at him. You must have mistaken me for someone else. But…you should be her.

The girl's face lightened. She ran to him and cuddled his arm. The man smiled then looked at Shinichi. The girl shook her head. I think the kid mistook me for someone else. The man agreed and the two of them left.

Then, Ran's arm got hold of his. He looked up for a moment and looked back at her with a smile.