Dog lovers meet puppies buzzfeed animals

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dog lovers meet puppies buzzfeed animals

Want the best of BuzzFeed Animals in your inbox? makes me wish I could run a rescue mission, and save all the homeless dogs and cats. A Canadian study found that dog owners were more likely to participate in moderate Dogs can strengthen the bonds between humans. Fun fact: A dog's willingness to meet eyes with humans is one of the things that. These pampered pets (and their owners/handlers/entourages) enjoy According to Create&Cultivate, social media influencers (animal or Meet Nala, a six year old Siamese and Tabby mix with baby blue eyes and short, chubby legs. She's been featured on media outlets like BuzzFeed and Daily Mail.

Numerous studies have shown that owning a dog benefits a person's physical and mental well-being. So read up, and then go thank your pup for making your life so much better. You're also getting a walk when you take your dog out. Sometimes it may seem like such a nuisance especially in these colder monthsbut walking your dog helps you stay more active than people who don't have to walk the dog. A Canadian study found that dog owners were more likely to participate in moderate physical activity than those who didn't own a dog.

They walked an average of minutes per week, compared with non-dog owners, who walked an average of minutes per week. Dogs can strengthen the bonds between humans.

A recent study at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University found that people who have strong connections to their pets also have social and relationship benefits. The researchers surveyed to year-olds and found that those who had "strong attachment to pets reported feeling more connected to their communities and relationships. Some dogs can detect if you have cancer or not. A black lab named Marine could save your life.

The specially-trained eight-year-old dog can detect when a person has colorectal cancer 91 percent of the time just by sniffing the person's breath. And if she smells stool, she can detect whether the person has colorectal cancer with 97 percent accuracy.

It's estimated that a dog's sense of smell is up to a million times better than a human's. Dogs can also help make sure you don't eat things you are allergic to. Pups trained at the Florida Canine Academy can smell even the slightest hint of peanut in a room. This comes especially handy for people who have intense peanut allergies. These dogs are so good that they can detect peanuts in a cookie or in a candy bar that is wrapped in a lunch bag.

In Texas, a place called "Southern Star Ranch" provides trained dogs to people who are suffering with severe peanut allergies. One grateful testimonial tells the story of a family with a son who was so severely allergic to peanuts that he had to be home-schooled and could only have highly-supervised playdates. When he was nine, the family took in Remy, a peanut-detecting dog, who the family swears has a "college-educated mind.

Just looking at your dog will make you feel happier. A study by Miho Nagasawa of Azabu University in Japan found that one's level of oxytocin the neurohormone that elicits feelings of happiness raised intensely after interacting with their dogs. And the only interaction they needed was to stare into their dog's eyes. Those who looked longer into their dog's eyes had the bigger dose of oxytocin. A dog's willingness to meet eyes with humans is one of the things that separates them from wolves.

A dog's face could bring out the caretaker in you.

dog lovers meet puppies buzzfeed animals

Homans writes that Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz, speculated that a dog's face could possess an "infant schema" -- meaning that its "high forehead, big eyes, short snout and floppy ears might have evolved to take advantage of human's innate responses. Dogs seriously calm you down in high-stress situations. Karen Walker, a psychology professor at the University of Buffalo, performed a series of tests that proved dogs help reduce people's everyday stress. She wired volunteers to blood-pressure monitors and had them count rapidly backwards by threes from a four-digit number a task that seems simple, but is actually pretty challenging.

She found that the subject's stress response was significantly lower if there was a dog in the room. In his book, Homans also cites a Japanese study that found elderly people who regularly walk a dog have enhanced heart rate variabilitywhich is associated with stress reduction.

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They help us recover psychologically from a crisis. Dogs have been proven to help the recovery process of soldiers going through post-traumatic stress disorder. One army veteran, Robert Soliz, a former army specialist who served in Baghdad, found that engaging with dogs in a program called "Paws for Purple Hearts" helped him get his life back to the way it was before he left for war.

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When he returned, Soliz was so traumatized that he couldn't show any affection and struggled to even hug his kids. But I guess he redeems himself by wiggling his butt like crazy and looking at me like a kid on Christmas morning when I finally pull my sleep-deprived self out of bed. Dogs make delirium much more fun. Because Bo is not one of those dogs. If there is a puddle of mud he will plow through whatever or whoever is in between him and the mud. I have had the displeasure of being the "whoever" in that situation more than once.

If there is one thing that I have learned from being barreled down by a pound dog is that you just have to stay loose and roll with it because you will not be able to jump away in time. He's not a fan of the rain but he is definitely a fan of the ground after it rains. He will stare out the window until it stops raining and then beg to go outside.

And stupid me always thinks, "Aw, poor baby needs to pee. Poor baby needs to roll around in mud and then track it all through the damn house. Because your dog will find them. He will riffle through your laundry hamper until he finds his prize. He will then proceed to parade around the house making sure that everyone has seen him wearing his dirty undies hat. And yes, it will be embarrassing AF.

dog lovers meet puppies buzzfeed animals

I have tried everything. Squeezing my hamper into my teeny tiny closet, getting a hanging hamper spraying a ton of febreeze around the hamper. He will find a way to extract the undergarment with a surgeon's precision, making sure to leave the rest of the dirty laundry undisturbed. And they seem to know what your favorite pairs are. Whether they are your comfy ones or your secret sexy ones. And they will find them and destroy them. Sometimes, they are your best friend, and sometimes, they are perverted little assholes.

Even if your dog is generally anti-social, getting wet seems to have some kind of magical property which transforms them into a dog that just wants to rub himself all over you.

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And I mean ALL over you. Not just a dainty little shake in your proximity, I'm talking a full on flop on your lap while your wearing your favorite jeans. Consideration is every dog's middle name. It's my theory that they wag their tails and smile at you just so that they appear friendly, while in reality they are just using you as a human towel.

Dogs are always portrayed as the dumbasses when compared to cats, but do not be fooled, these guys are crafty. They know that the name of the game is distraction. Because when your looking at their happy faces, you don't seem to realize just how soaked you are getting until it is too late. Dogs are stage four clingers.

dog lovers meet puppies buzzfeed animals

This type of behavior actually has a name: Yes, it is an actual term. And it is pretty self explanatory.