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My Texans are back. She and my No. I may be the only attendee ing. Praise the Lord and pass the footballs! My son may have been the one marching in the heat throughout the day, but I was definitely worn out before he was. You see, we parents put ourselves through all of the coordinated chaos because that is our job.

We sacrifice our time and sanity so that our children know we love them and believe in them. School supplies — Check. School clothes — Check. Gas in the car for Mom and Dad to drive you all over town — Check. Extra strength Tylenol for headaches — Check. A phone list of every parent on every team with your child so you can take turns driving the carpool — Check. More coffee — Check. More Tylenol — Check. More gas money — Check.

Gonzales Cannon August 23 Issue -

Emails of all family members in case of last minute fundraiser — Check. Ten more hours in the day — Working on it. Welcome back to school, have a great year! Thursday, August 18, Are we talking about communism, survival or entitlement?

I plan ahead, buy extra, and tuck them away for use throughout the year. The prices in August are very reasonable and make this realistic. As a teacher, there are some other considerations. My students often use their dry erase markers with a white board to conserve paper. If they all contribute one marker to the bin, all students have a marker to work with when needed.

There is a tally sheet to ensure that all students have brought a marker, or other supply, to donate. Students often receive worksheets, rather than copying problems on their own paper. Reading marks and notes cannot be made in a textbook, but can be made on a paper copy to help students focus on the details of the passage. Little ones truly can go through boxes of crayons, which are much more fitted to tiny hands than are pencils. Ziplocs can protect or keep papers together, providing an early organization tool.

Ziplocs can be used for anything from holding flash cards, vocabulary cards, or Mardi bucks to a lost tooth. I guess Ziplocs fall into the same category as tissues, paper towels, and GermX. Unfortunately, we deal with the reality of school budgets. Over the last years, the Texas school budget has been reduced to an extremely low percentage of the state budget.

If textbooks or library budgets are on the chopping block, do you really think the legislators in Austin are concerned with whether or not public schools in all districts have tissues? So, who buys these extra supplies? The teachers, for sanity and survival, buy them of course. Those teachers who pick up abandoned pencils off the hallway floors, those who help a kid out with forgotten lunch money or by buying the often not-needed fundraiser items. We buy cleaner to scrub desks to kill germs, lamps to illuminate the room when using projectors, and duct tape to make safe the computer cords strung across the classroom floor.

Where else can you work where you can buy your own supplies? Then there are the reward stickers, pencils, etc. The ones who never bring supplies. Those who assume that someone else will rescue them and supply their needs. Students who break perfectly good, new pencils because they feel like it or because they are upset. Students who are well-dressed and carry the latest model cell phone and have lunch brought to them daily. Students who, at locker clean-out time, throw away dividers still in the packages, notebooks with a few Page A5 As a child I bought no school supplies until Junior High: No backpacks; we carried our books proudly home in our arms.

Seventh grade was also the first year of homework. We thought ourselves quite grown-up. All crayons, paste, construction paper, etc, was provided. All that I needed was a lunch box or stack of brown paper bags. For my grandchildren, the story has changed. Finding the correct list and the exact items — especially folders with brads — in a jam-packed WalMart aisle is a dreaded excursion for parents, while kids see the excitement of designed folders, the most expensive binders, and the latest in writing instruments.

Yes, but ask any of the teachers who have dug through a trash can looking for textbooks or library books and pulled out all of the above! Let them go without?

Reminders and lectures fall on deaf ears. Who is responsible for this sense of entitlement and waste that many students have? Parents have got to be part of this equation. We were so proud to carry our own books and pencil bags. We were proud to finally have homework. School and learning was part of growing up. It meant we were on our way to a future — whatever future we could envision and were willing to work for. Maybe we are losing more than the cost of extra crayons and tissues.

I believe that is something else schools are teaching in an ever so insidious way. When you and your generation needed money for a project for school, sports, band, etc YOU all sold a product. YOU had to do the selling, take time to visit grumpy neighbors, YOU brought the chocolate bars home or the Popcorn can or whatever. The money will be at the school, the band or wherever, then the kids will take the trip.

That teaches entitlements big time!! When you buy through some online shopping, the recipient gets only a percentage of the funds spent and the thanks are lost in the shuffle. Thank you for letting me address this issue. I know I am not the only one thinking that way. A few years ago lockers were removed from the hallways making our kids having to carry everything in backpacks.

Guess what, this year backpacks are prohibited. Lots of supplies to take to school, but in what? Binders, folders, pencils, paper, markers, pens, tissue etc. Fortunately we have computers at home, but does everyone else? Do the teachers making these list think about that?

Another item on the 5th grade list are dry erase markers. Are we to supply school supplies for the teachers? Dear Editor, Great column about the school supplies.

I thought and felt the very same way when my daughter began Pre-K last year. Also, some teachers have told me that many of these supplies are not used and some are even thrown away after the school year has ended. That is quite a disgusting thought. Also, I found it interesting that one of the excuses a teacher gave hit on the equality issue.

That would go even further to insure that all children were the same and treated equally. You have just put on paper what many in this community have been thinking for the past several years. Keep up the good work. I was one of those parents that refused to stop putting my kids names on their stuff.

We went shopping, they picked out what they wanted from the SALE shelves, I used my coupons and I put their name on their things and informed the teachers that if someone else needed something they could share and to let me know who it was. I would take a box of crayons to the parents of that child.

Julie Hurt Gonzales needs for the classroom. Now, we need to look at what is happening in our world. Our Texas Senator Hegar introduced benefits, social services including free hospital care and who are responsible for more than one-third of all violent crime in the U.

And the political party currently in charge of that government is actively recruiting these no-information individuals to ensure a permanent political majority. The President, Vice-President, Senate majority leader and key leaders in the House have openly said they want to outlaw private ownership of firearms, in direct conflict with the Second Amendment to the U. When their first attempt to pass legislation to do this, they issued executive orders to implement many of those unconstitutional regulations and then allowed the Department of Homeland Security to begin buying up ammunition to render firearm ownership useless.

I seem to recall that some boys in Boston got wind in April,that the Brits were planning to confiscate their firearms. They formed up at Lexington and Concord; eight colonists fell at Lexington before the British were forced to retreat from Concord with more than 70 losses.

Another dictator decided that colonists in another region were being disloyal and ordered them disarmed as well. He gave orders for a small, useless artillery piece to be confiscated. The town which owned the piece sent out a call for help, and on Oct. If you disagree with him about gay marriage, indeed, if you merely think the federal government should continue to define marriage the traditional way while the states define it however they want, then you are a bigot.

Your views deserve no political representation. They should be ground underfoot by the five mightiest and most broad-minded people in the land, presiding from their temple of rationality and tolerance at the United States Supreme Court.

Kennedy wrote the majority decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman for purposes of federal law.

Paul Street, Gonzales, TX An erroneous reflection upon the charactor, standing or reputation of any firm, person or corporation, which appears in the columns of this newspaper will be corrected upon due notice given to the publication at The Gonzales Cannon office.

Office hours are 8: Bill Clinton, apparently, despised gays. So did members of the House and 85 senators.

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Like so many others, he changed his mind on the issue. There is nothing to stop Congress from overturning what Bill Clinton considers his mistakes. This is a false assurance, though. We only live in it. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. All sorts of crap get posted on social media. And I see young people monkeying with their phones continually. They are barraged with social media.

Cannon Issue 8-18-11

The internet and news from cyberspace is more of a reality to this growing generation than it will ever be to me. It scares me what these children see and read. Then to have leftists standing on the Capitol steps endorsing Satan… Wallin: We must teach truth and what is right.

The media has always portrayed their own ideas about the world. The media can inundate our children with bad news. But we must show the children what is real.

And what is our plan from the Lord. We must help them weigh what is happening and what is right. We must help them learn to think. Unfortunately much of the social media causes them to only see and absorb what they hear. We must teach them to think. Another problem I have is debating atheists. I believe that because of the leftist regime and administration in Washington, and because of the ease of this new social internet media, the atheists have come out of the woodwork.

I feel that I must debate these guys, sharpen my talking points, and defeat their ideas. Otherwise, what advice do I give children when faced with the same questions? Atheists choose to live a non-believers life so they can live any way they want. And sometimes it may be something within themselves that drives them to be atheists. The media is a large tool for leftist agendas. We need to be a voice. Make noise — just like this radio program.

You can let them know that no matter what is going on their Moms and Dads still love them.

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That no matter what is happening in the world somebody loves them. The bottom line is that our generation is responsible for the next generation. But we must be good examples in our lives and we can beat the bad effects of social media and instill good values.

Thursday, July 11, Perspectives Where I was brought up we never talked about money because there was never enough to furnish a topic of conversation. Mark Twain Gusher McNugget, a semi-idioticlooking gent, is somewhat of a public speaker.

Not in the sense that he pockets big bucks from it. Such as conducting seminars and standing at a podium. Presenting programs for monetary gain. Instructing nearly-normal folks in the art of flipping, say, houses, fingers or burgers. Gusher, when he is on a roll, is apt to expound on six different topics in a single sentence. At the Dirt Dauber. And a few of the regulars and a number of strays have settled. To get away from the heat of the day.

Perched on a stool or chair. To roost a spell. Competition occurs on occasion here at the Dirt Dauber. Where and when conversation becomes a contest in which the first person to draw a breath is declared the listener. For the past few years hardly a day goes by that the subject of oil is not pumped into the ears of the losers — listeners. Prompting the discussion of the latest boom in the oil busyness is that a while back South Texas was hit in the rump with a chain of lightning — the Eagle Ford Shale.

And this area is right dab in the middle of the formation. The Eagle Ford, a decade ago was merely a thought in geological circles. Today, it stretches miles from Laredo into East Texas. There were over 1, wells drilled last year and more than million barrels of oil produced. Many locals have benefited from the boom. Very few of the locals gathered at the establishment of thirst are not pooled in on a unit or two or three.

Gonzales Cannon July 11

So it stands to reason that their reasoning is to reason what the oil busyness is all about. Back to the turn of the 20th century.

When in 19 and 01 the Lucas Gusher came in at Spindletop near Beaumont considered the first big Texas oil field and blew oil just about everywhere. Then a few more fields were discovered. And the price of crude oil dropped to an all-time low of three cents a barrel. Cheaper than some were paying for water. But consumption of oil would soon catch up with production and more new fields were brought in near Ranger, Mexia and Burkburnett in East Texas. And the oil busyness mushroomed. Refineries were built and pipe lines laid.

By Texas dominated petroleum production in the U. But each area The Cannon Booms and busts: He now lives in the Moulton area. Letters to the Editor Good guys really do wear black hats! Anyway, I know one who does - Juan Esquivel! My daughter, 3 grandchildren, and I were in my home town of Gonzales recently for a very special Family Gathering.

We were heading home to Alice.