Failure meet success yung quang

failure meet success yung quang

And more than 13, young people across Vietnam are learning new We're doing more to meet global challenges, from preventing We're taking new steps to give our young people the education and skills that they need to succeed. .. discover is it's harder and harder to solve problems by ourselves. Meet the young award-winning director of EXE Corp. Owning a growing software company, the young programmer Nguyen Huu Quang is moving up on his career ladder Let?s hear his story of growth and success by the interview below with 24h News: SAM solves realistic problems of the education industry: support. This book was prepared by Ernst & Young in Vietnam. It was written . Up to now Vietnam has successfully transformed from a centrally-planned economy with . There are 22 seaports in the North (from Quang Ninh province to .. Schools meeting national standard in school-year rose % for pre- schooling.

Remarks by President Trump and President Quang of Vietnam in Joint Press Conference

We will also discuss the growing threat from North Korea. Safety and security are goals that should unite all civilized nations. We want progress, not provocation. I mean, we have been provoked; the world has been provoked.

We want stability, not chaos. And we want peace, not war. President, thank you for being such a gracious host during my time right here in Vietnam.

Over the past two decades, our nations have continued to grow closer in advancing our shared interests. The history of our two nations reveals the possibilities for peace and progress in our world. Moving forward as partners, we will achieve great prosperity and success for the American people and for the Vietnamese people.

I thank you very much. Can you elaborate of progress in the Vietnam-U. Over the past years, the Vietnam-U. And, in particular, high-level contacts, meetings, and exchange of delegations on the basis of the comprehensive partnership have produced substantive and meaningful results. Meetings between leaders of Vietnam and the President during his visit are very useful, and the meetings give us the opportunity to understand each other better and to work together on areas of mutual interest.

The substantive and effective growth of the comprehensive partnership between the two countries have been, and will be, delivering benefits to our two peoples and contributing to the maintenance of peace, stability, cooperation, and prosperity in the region and the world.

Can you please provide your assessment of the future outlook of the Vietnam-U. Thank you for your question. Well, during the talks that I had with the President, we acknowledged that there is still much room for further expansion of the bilateral relations, and we discussed ways and means to further strengthen the cooperation in a more substantive and effective manner in the time to come. And the two sides also pledged to increase contacts and dialogues, especially the high-level meetings through bilateral visits and meetings at the sidelines of the regional and international forums.

The two sides will also promote the momentum for development of the economic and trade investment relations on the basis of mutual interest, minimize the trade investment disputes, and will continue to effectively implement the economic and trade agreements that we have signed.

President, to you, if we could first. On the way here to Hanoi, from Da Nang, you talked about your meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday in which you said you received further assurances from him that he did not meddle in the U. I believe that he feels that he and Russia did not meddle in the election.

I believe in our intel agencies, our intelligence agencies. But they were saying there was seventeen; there were actually four. But as currently led by fine people, I believe very much in our intelligence agencies. And, frankly, Russia and China in particular can help us with the North Korea problem, which is one of our truly great problems. I think it was very obvious to everybody. I believe that President Putin really feels — and he feels strongly — that he did not meddle in our election.

Cao Cao wrote Sun Quan with a letter intending to intimidate, and in face of Cao's overwhelming force estimated to be aboutmen, although Cao claimed , against Sun's 30, and the Lius' combined force of 10,many of Sun's subordinates, including Zhang Zhao, advocated surrender.

Sun Quan put Zhou Yu in charge of his 30, men, largely stationed on naval ships, and Zhou set up a defensive position in conjunction with Liu Bei, whose army was stationed on land. About this time, there was a plague developing in Cao Cao's forces which significantly weakened it. Zhou Yu set up a trap where he pretended to be punishing his subordinate Huang Gaiand Huang pretended to surrender to Cao Cao in fear.

Zhou Yu then sent ships under Huang Gai's command to pretend to surrender and, as Huang's ships approached Cao Cao's fleet, they were set aflame to assault Cao's fleet, and Cao's fleet was largely destroyed by fire.

Cao Cao led his forces to escape on land, but much of the force was destroyed by Sun Quan and Liu Bei's land forces.

failure meet success yung quang

Uneasy alliance with Liu Bei[ edit ] Further information: Liu Bei marched south and took over the southern half. Zhou Yu was suspicious of Liu Bei's intentions, however, and suggested to Sun Quan that Liu be seized and put under house arrest albeit be very well-treated and his forces be merged into Sun's; Sun Quan, believing that Liu Bei's forces would rebel if he did that, declined. Sun Quan did agree to Zhou Yu's plans to consider attacking Liu Zhang and Zhang Lu who controlled the modern southern Shaanxi to try to take over their territories, but after Zhou Yu died inthe plans were abandoned.

However, Sun Quan was able to persuade the warlords in present-day GuangdongGuangxiand northern Vietnam to submit to him, and they became part of his domain. He then yielded parts of northern Jing Province to Liu Bei as well, agreeing with Liu that the south was insufficient to supply his troops.

Shi Xie led his followers to submit to Bu Zhi's governorship. Sun Quan took over the entire Jiao Province. InSun Quan moves his headquarters from Dantu to the city of Moling, and in the next year he rebuilt the walls and renamed the city Jianye. This new location gave him better control of the Yangtze River and better communications with his various other commanders.

At one point, Cao Cao tried to send his navy across the river to break Sun Quan's lines, but Sun Quan's own ships surrounded them and destroyed them. Due to the stalemate in the war, Sun Quan drove a big ship to enter the military camp of Cao cao on the other side of Yangtze River to observe his enemy situation.

Cao Cao was very impressed with the military discipline of his opponent so he said that he should have a child like Sun Quan and didn't launch an attack on this occasion. Sun Quan ordered people to play music on the ship and returned to his camp safely.

With the exception of Wan County and the immediate area, the region became abandoned. Zhu Guang began extensive agricultural projects, and he also stirred up bandits and malcontents into rebellion in Sun Quan's territory. When an all-out war was about to break out, the news that Cao Cao planned to attack Hanzhong was received by Liu Bei, and he requested for a border treaty with Sun Quan as he became worried about Cao Cao seizing Hanzhong. Sun Quan's attack on Hefei was disastrous - he was nearly captured on one occasion, if not saved by Ling Tong.

InCao Cao brought a massive army to attack Ruxu again. Still, this was not a complete victory.

Meet the young award-winning director of EXE Corp

This resulted in a stalemate in which as long as Sun Quan kept his army in Ruxu, Xiahou Dun could not hope to invade him; but as soon as Sun Quan pulled out of Ruxu, Xiahou Dun could break through.

Also, Xiahou Dun's force was simply too large and too well-entrenched to be driven away. Sun Quan had no military options, so he settled on a diplomatic solution. InSun Quan allied with Cao Cao, recognising him as the legitimate representative of the Han central government. While officially this was a surrender, Cao Cao knew that Sun Quan would not be content with being treated like a subject, so he confirmed all of the titles Sun Quan had claimed for himself and formalised his control over the lands he held.

Sun Quan was permitted to continue to rule independently but was now officially one of Cao Cao's subordinates. While Fancheng did not fall at this time, Guan Yu put it under siege, and the situation was severe enough that Cao Cao considered moving the capital away from Xu. However, Sun Quan, resentful of Guan Yu's prior constant instigation of hostilities including seizing Sun's food supplies to use for his campaign northtook the opportunity to attack Guan from the rear, and Guan's forces collapsed.

Sun Quan did not immediately submit to Wei or declare independence after Cao Pi's enthronement, but took a wait-and-see attitude; by contrast, in earlyLiu Bei declared himself emperor, establishing the state of Shu Han.

Le Quang Liem and the Soviet School of Chess

After attempting to negotiate peace and receiving no positive response from Liu Bei, fearing attack on both sides, Sun Quan became a vassal of Wei.

Our revenue has doubled since last year with very fast track of growth. Non-stop learning for success!

failure meet success yung quang

In your opinion, what are the necessary skills for new graduates to gain a good job? I think young Vietnamese students need to improve language skills, communication and negotiation skills, especially when contacting foreign partners. Most of new graduates are very shy, lack of confidence when applying for a position, they turn out not able to catch up with the workflow due to inconsequential working methods.

How would you evaluate the technology trends in the next few years? And how do you prepare to cope up with the change?