Fanfiction glee high school sweethearts meet

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fanfiction glee high school sweethearts meet

They started off as high school sweethearts, but broke up once they . Preston go hurry up your mother and we'll meet you guys at the car. Rachel Berry met Steven James Swicegood when they were both They fell in love that year and remained high school sweethearts. So like Finn with football and glee club, I'm doing both. . As cheesy as it sounds, he's my high school sweetheart; really he's more than that. She and Finn were supposed to meet up at his dorm later once Rachel got settled.

fanfiction glee high school sweethearts meet

They are really getting serious now. Sam is going to propose after the holidays, when they are settled in their apartment. I have seen the ring. He asked me to be his best man if she says yes which I don't doubt honestly. They are the perfect match. Jacky and Sandra broke up for the 4th time now. I don't get those two. They are so in love with each other, but they can't live together.

They always end up fighting over toothpaste in the sink or bad milk in the fridge. I give them 2 weeks and they are back together.

Tina and Mike opened their dance studio just now. They are so good. You have to see them dance. They complement each other so well. It's like they're only one person on the dance floor. I've never seen anything like this before. But they are just at the beginning. They have a bunch of courses for teenagers for modern dances like HipHop and stuff like that.

They don't have teachers for ballroom dances yet. So it's slowly going right now. But they will get there. I'm sure they will find some good teachers to do great stuff and maybe even train people for competitions. That would be so great. Well, we'll see in a couple of month I guess. Trent and Thad are engaged.

You won't believe it. That proposed to Trent in the middle of classes. With a red rose and a beautiful ring. Trent cried like a baby and the professor was so stunned that he ended class after the proposal. They will maybe come visit us for a couple of weeks actually. I'm not sure when, but they will send a text if they do. And finally, Lindsay and Mark. Well, that is more complicated. They have been together for 5 years.

They were meant to be endgame. But unfortunately Mark met someone and left Lindsay last week. We aren't sure how to handle them both now. Lindsay cries all day long. She's in classes only sporadically every now and then because she can't stand to see Mark in class. I mean, I love them both, but what should I do? It's frustrating to be in the middle of their problems. I want to be there for both of them, but they want me to chose.

OK, that was the short version of the events in the last months. Your friends have an interesting life it seems. Were we ever that young Elaine? I can't remember those times. We met when we were only 16 and married with And we have two fantastic sons who make us proud to no end. I think we did a great job my dear. Her parents booked a hut for 2 months.

So we will probably meet them very soon.

fanfiction glee high school sweethearts meet

I'm looking forward to chat with her mom sometime. But I have to be careful with the alcohol. She always gets me drunk. And I feel awful the next day. Well, let's see how it goes and when we will actually meet them. Did you already plan some activities Blaine? You know they offer a lot of fun things to do over the summer. Like jet skiing, tennis, golf, mini golf, biking, volleyball, dancing and so on. We'll see in time. Maybe I will do something with Brit and certainly with Jeff and Nick, when they are here.

It's your vacation too, so relax a bit. Do you wanna take a nap? I have a pillow there in the back somewhere. You can grab it and make yourself comfortable. Hey dad, how is the hospital? Are your patients getting smarter with their habits? Patients with heart problems are so stubborn sometimes.

You can't imagine what food they eat. AU, 3 parts, romance, comedy, drama, family, life Rated: Blaine hadn't been nervous exactly, but he couldn't help but feel a little out of place here. He already missed his friends, and his team. But on the upside, the football team at McKinley seemed to accept him. He sped through his try-out with precision and had all of them cheering for him.

The coach already loved his enthusiasm for the game. She had clapped him on the back and told him that he was a shoe in for making the senior Varsity team. He had grinned back at her and thanked her for the chance. He was put on the team, he was made running-back, because they already had a decent Quarterback.

Blaine liked him, he seemed like a pretty decent guy, caring, open, honest. Blaine hadn't really spoken to any of his new team, but he could tell that most of them were great people.

He had been open about his sexuality at his old school, but he supposed he had to tread carefully in this new environment. There wasn't very many people in Ohio that you could trust would accept a homosexual on the football team. Especially when the guys had to change in the locker room together.

How We Became High School Sweethearts - Cody & Lexy

There were already a few people on the team that he could see himself being very good friends with. There were also quite a few he knew he couldn't trust on the team, especially not with his secret. But he hoped that eventually they would all be friends. As Blaine made his way down the corridor from the locker room, he heard a loud clatter and a couple of squeals from the hall, so he stopped and backtracked a little to peek inside.

It was the cheerleaders, Cheerios, they were practising, but most of them now were on the floor of the hall. Obviously they had just fallen, which was probably what the noise equated too. Blaine watched as their coach was shouting at them through her megaphone, and he winced a little as a couple of girls got up from the floor limping. It must be hard being a cheerleader.

Blaine was just about to turn and leave when his eyes caught pale skin, chestnut coloured hair, and bright blue-green eyes. His eyes widened as he took in the silhouette of the guy, by the coach's side, directing the girls into positions. Blaine felt a familiar feeling of desire shoot through his stomach, taking in the lithe, lightly muscled form in the tight cheerleading outfit.

Who was this guy? And why was he so gorgeous? Puck clapped him on the back as he laughed. Puck laughed as he punched his arm, before throwing an arm over Blaine's shoulder, as he was a little shorter than Puck, and guided him out of the school doors.

Kurt was following behind them and rolled his eyes. Puck had promised him that he would have a good time, it wasn't there party, they were crashing someone elses, and she had not been happy when Puck forced his way inside her house. Rachel was loud, and had been following Puck around, demanding that he and the rest of the jocks leave, but after a while Puck just stood her in front of Finn, and she calmed down.

Blaine had shaken his head as she rolled a piece of her hair while smiling up at the quarterback. Puck threw Blaine a beer, but Blaine refused to drink, preferring to just watch things around him. Will they ever be more than partners at school?

Or will they ever be just friends? I suck at summaries but give this a try, people! But when they hire a mysterious and beautiful new mechanic, Brittany's summer becomes more than just dirt and motorcycles.

Will Santana overcome her commitment issues? Following the outline of Knocked up. Cover art done by birdgin. Enslavement by littlemusical reviews When wealthy Santana Lopez finds an injured Brittany along the path of her stately home, she takes her in and out of pure greed and lust decides to enslave her.

Is this love, and how far will Santana go to keep her? Santana is cynical student athletic trainer. What will happen when Brittany sustains a head injury during a match and their paths collide?

fanfiction glee high school sweethearts meet

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Outsiders by Little-Normandy reviews AU. Brittany is a new student who transfers to McKinley. She meet's Santana and the pair do not get along. Canon characterization mostly in tact. Only Exception by PhoenixShan reviews Brittany was an orphan who watched her mother get killed in front of her by her dad. Ok i suck at writing summaries. Brittany Pierce is attempting to create the next big thing in Seattle. They're miles apart, but one wrong number just might change everything.

Perfectly Unexpected by BeeYourself reviews Santana has the perfect life: The year has started again, perfectly smooth. That is, until her older brother comes back to live in Lima, in her house, with his girlfriend. Now, that is about to turn so much more complicated.

fanfiction glee high school sweethearts meet

But what happens when they stumble into serious romantic territory? Unexpectedly, I freaked out. My hands were then released from her body, as I stood back, and glanced at her one more time before saying, "Don't be upset" Within a flash, I was gone. Birthday Letters by hlnwst reviews The deep breath held seven years of friendship and love and she was about to exhale.

Now complete with epilogue. Quinn persuades Santana to go on a camping holiday with her new friends from college. During the week away Santana gets particularly close to one of Quinn's new friends, Brittany. Focus is Brittana romance, with Quintana friendship, plus other characters from Glee.

I'm Not Calling For A Second Chance by itainthardtryin reviews Brittany receives an e-mail on her 21st birthday that changes everything. Maybe the past is the past for a reason.

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Now a full fic. M - English - Romance - Chapters: A love that burns hot enough to last by gleekie19 reviews Brittany works as a bartender in a night club in Los Angeles. Find out what happens when Santana goes out with her roommates Puck and Quinn and meets the beautiful flirty bartender!

She meets a girl in a strange encounter on a NYC street at night. Brittany wants to find out the truth about Santana and who she really is. Unfortunately Brittany is exact opposite of what she wants in a potential girlfriend. Santana thinks so too.