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Well, GTA 5 and Online provide more options to entertain yourself but when you get a decent group of rivals, or join a racing crew and drive with Sumo pits various players against one another in vehicles perched on a tall arena. Their members often organize car meets where you can show off your. Grand Theft Auto V on PS4. #Mic #LaidBack #Casual Just want to chill play some gta races if we can keep it through don't really mind though . Connect. No two ways about it: Grand Theft Auto V is a monster, straddling console In the years since, GTA Online has evolved to become, for many, the To put that in perspective, this is the equivalent of two football stadiums worth of We meet the team of coders making a giant sandbox of a game even bigger.

Two street races are available at the beginning and the rest are unlocked via text message from Hao after completing them. Races are only available in the evenings from To start a race, approach the racers sitting at the location on the map and then press Right on the D-pad to begin.

Livestream - GTA 5 - ARENA WAR CAR MEET and Arena War Matches (PS4)

Each race will have an entrance fee, so be sure to have the money ready! Unlike the Shift Work missionthese races have NO Gold requirements so you'll just need to win 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place. It is highly recommended that you Mod Franklin 's car to the max before doing these races.

Go to Los Santos Customs and outfit his car with the best wheels, suspension, engine, transmission, spoilers, etc. There are several sharp turns and the first one will determine what position you'll be in. With a fully modded car, you should be able to get to top position before you reach the first sharp turn.

Lightly brake and turn and then continue on the path. There is one more deadly sharp turn at the Xero gas station, so be sure to slow up a bit and make the turn. With some careful sharp turns, you should be able to win this race as easily as you did in the " Shift Work " mission.

GTA 5 DLC & Muscle Car Meet Online

When the race starts, cut corners at the first right turn to gain top position. If done correctly, you should be in 1st place within the first 20 seconds! Keep an eye on the checkpoints and don't speed too fast or you'll slip. When you get to the Vespucci Beach area, there will be several sharp turns that can throw you off, so keep a hand on the brake so that you don't crash!

The race is pretty lengthy so keep the pedal to the metal and you should win 1st place easily. After a day or so, Hao will send you a text message confirming a race at the LS Airport later in the evening.

The Airport route contains several narrow entrances and some tricky sharp turns. Join a Crew [ edit ] Crew membership likewise adds to your Reputation.

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To max out your RPs, team up with a Crew and work together to complete Jobs. Character Creation [ edit ] IGN has a full Guide to Character Creation available for new players, and we encourage you to read it since the Stats determination system is pretty opaque.

Peruse the Guide and carefully select what abilities you want your new character to specialize in.

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Loading Facial features are permanent and unchangeable, so when fooling around with the Heritage menus, be absolutely sure you're happy with your face. Barring the unannounced introduction of plastic surgery clinic, you're stuck with it! Your friends are in your contact list as well as players in the session. Winning the First Race[ edit ] Lamar 's car accelerates more quickly than yours, but you can outrun and out turn him given time.

This is not required to complete the tutorial. Indecent Behavior Leads to Indecent Treatment[ edit ] Early word from those with GTA Online access is that in-game protocol is creating a self-correcting system of player discipline. Campers, griefers, and jerks tend to be ostracized quickly in the sixteen-player maps, with more level-minded players bonding together to keep the playing field fun for all Bank Immediately[ edit ] You're vulnerable after you finish a Job. If you don't deposit your cash immediately, you're open to robbery by opportunistic players.

Protect yourself from theft by using the Quick GPS feature. You bring it up with the Back or Select key. Another solution is to whip out your phone and go to the Maze Bank website where you can deposit or withdraw money as you please. This leaves you slightly susceptible to robbery if you aren't paying attention so use this with caution. With a Garage you can begin hoarding Vehicles and putting your newfound online wealth to work.

Garages are pricey and you'll need to save up, but the investment is well worth the cash. Even the cheapest Garage is a wise day one purchase.

Some players might opt to save up for a house.

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These come with garages but also take longer to acuire. Go Solo[ edit ] If you want to experience GTA Online but don't want to spend time worrying about getting killed by other players, going to solo mode in the pause menu can be a good choice.

You don't get access to all available jobs and activitiesbut it can be a good way to get adjusted and a get few dollars in your pocket before joining everyone else. Cop Fishing[ edit ] If you're playing Free Roam mode you can do some leveling by simply following in the wake of others' destruction.

Start by stealing a car. The faster the better but at least make sure it's stolen. Then head toward the nearest players you can see on your GPS. Chances are some of them are currently running from the authorities.

Once you enter the area of the chase it is likely that one of the cops will identify your car as stolen, which will give you an immediate two-star wanted level. Now you need to evade the cops and lose your wanted level. Once you have lost your wanted level you will gain some RP.

Simply driving around with a stolen car can offer similar results but you will level faster by actively searching for cops chasing other players.