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harley swap meet dudelange piscine

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While within the confines of his own country, his name joins the long list of Prime Ministers, serving twice from to and to and leaving an enduring legacy as a man of the people.

The retired headmistress, who still works in education, compiling the examinations for the French section of the European School, lights up when the conversation turns to her father, a man who she considers as the same as any other father, with some exceptions. Although, perhaps I know more about politics because of him. A daughter of a doctor learns how to help people or to recognise symptoms.

At that time things were very different. In Luxembourg you never had the impression of the cult of celebrity. Of course, my father was well-known and when I walked with him through the city, people lifted their hats to him. I knew what a minster was and that it was someone important. But, as a child you take these things much more easily. It is normal that your father does something. During the school holidays the family would take trips around Europe, to the seaside or mountains, exploring parts of the continent which her father adored and always with a focus on nature.

It was not until she grew a little older that the dynamic changed, she developed an understanding of politics and world events and would always turn to her father as a point of reference.

She trained as a teacher and in her first school was charged with the task of teaching Civic lessons to her pupils. If I had questions about politics and Europe, culture or anything, I would go to him. I remember quite well when my father told me to tell my pupils that in we would have a common money.

So, I could discuss a lot with him for my classes. I think that his generation knew and could remember so much. They had to learn more things by heart. My father had a lot of quotations, for example. Young people are not taught like that anymore. It was interesting because my father was my encyclopedia of sorts. Doffing his hat to all those he met in the street, he was also a highly approachable person, never shying away from public attentio.

His approach to political discussion was no different. He was fluent in French, German and English and spoke some Italian, skills which were crucial for the early meetings to discuss the single european currency. In the beginning there were no interpreters in the meetings and there were only six people.

My father always said that he had the chance to understand everyody except the Dutch, but they would speak German together. And he helped the dialogue because there were sometimes misunderstandings with translations- faux amis in the language, which he had to explain.

He said that was something very important.

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I think that language divides are big problems for Europe. But, my father could help bring people together by the fact he could understand. It was the beginning and it had to be a very strong link because the war was so close still. He was a man of action and reaction. Above all he was a wise person trying to find compromises and always eager to position Luxembourg on the map, especially the European one. In politics his commitment was motivated and inspired by his Christian ideals. Mr Juncker was invited to join the government when he was just 28 years old by Mr Werner.

Whenever he talks to me he says he learned a lot from him. He was in his government for three years until my father left. Travel As the conversation turns to travel, Marie-Anne boots up her laptop, where she PierreWerner seated at the piano with youngest daughter Elisabeth.

PierreWerner with MargaretThatcher in Luxembourg. So that was a great shock for him because he had hoped to have a good retirement. It was a very hard time. So we went travelling together. He used to go abroad on conferences very often. But, he pointed out how wonderful it was to stay in a town and not just be there for a conference or meeting.

He was frustrated he had visited so many places around the world for work. He loved these place but he was frustrated because what he saw of these countries was what you show a member of a delegation. The only exception was a visit to Tunisia, during his last government in the s. He was in Tunis and said that he wanted to swim in the Mediterranean. It ended up that he had to be accompanied by two security guards who had to swim with him! According to Marie-Anne he was sent to the outskirts of London as a year-old as part of a cultural experience.

There he stayed at the home of as Mr Baxter to learn English and he eventually learned about the game of cricket. At that time cucumber was only used as a salad garnish. So, he was absolutely horrified to have to eat a cucumber sandwich! He often spoke of that time. I can imagine him as a young man playing cricket in the UK in the s. I think that Mr Baxter made a very great impression on him.

On the one hand, the tiny country made waves in the athletics world, winning its first ever gold medal thanks to 1,m runner Josy Barthel. And it began to carve a name for itself on the political podium too.

Luxembourg was one of six countries to sign a groundbreaking pact that would unite countries embittered and beleaguered following the second World War, paving the way for the European Union. Thanks to expert negotiations from then foreign affairs minister Joseph Bech, Luxembourg was to act as provisional host for the new organisation.

They were great pioneers. They gave the sense that Luxembourg was going to create something. She explains enthusiastically how the ECSC was formed of four bodies, each of which evolved into key European Union institutions.

Jess Bauldry What is Europe Day? Europe Day commerates the moment French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman presented his plan to create an organised Europe to maintain peaceful relations. Today, May 9 is remembered through festitivities aimed at uniting citizens of member states.

Europeans would never have known such a period of peace without this organisation. This was one of the reasons why the CVCE was established. Founder and director Marianne Backes began as a onewoman organisation in the early s with a mission to make information about the European Union accessible to the public, allowing them to make informed decisions.

She pulled together thousands of resources and produced an informative CD Rom. There were a lot of arguments for and against it on TV with politicians explaining their positions. But I thought that it was difficult for citizens, especially the next generation of decisionmakers and voters, to find out what was going on. My aim was to provide enough information and documentation to help these people understand the workings of the European Union.

This would allow them to be informed on issues about the European integration process. And, the political scientist no longer works alone. She is supported by a team of 10 researchers creating interactive resources for the giant online collection of video, text and image archives that is the European Navigator www.

I take this as a sign that we are useful! Mrs Backes is quick to point out that it does not serve as a propaganda tool for the European Union and presents positive and negative in equal measure.

We really try to give all the facts and this shows in the feedback we get from our users. There was one woman from France who wrote to us after the referendum for the European Constitution in France voted against the Constitution in the referendum.

But, the woman said that had she read our research before, her vote may have been different because she would have been better able to understand what she was voting for. Of course politicians for example have their own agendas, whether they be political or personal. But, we are independent. For more information on the line-up of events, visit www. For Bea, the one girl, tension is not an applicable factor: As long as he can divide by four. For Andrew though things are different: Chas, played by Daniel Carey, had the funniest lines and made the most of them and also provided a source of energy to drive everyone along.

For of course these attitudes spring from parental pressures, and we meet the parents too, though Hamilton appears content to present them as caricatures, rather than realistically like the children. She may have been a widow, but her husband appeared nevertheless in ghostly white to present an example of ineffectual haplessness to Chas.

Camille Collas, reappearing as the apparition, rather failed to make a masculine figure out of him. The familiar accents of Gav Guilfoyle arrived as the disembodied voice of the spirit of the exam physically presented by Emma Zec putting its own kind of pressure on the children, though with little success with the insouciant Chas. All told, a very entertaining evening, with no problems over language, a tribute to language coach Janine Goedert.

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Minimum prices paid as listed below. Cash prices offered with no obligation to sell. Generous offers in a secure environment, discretion assured.

We can also arrange house calls for larger collections. Cash in your hand is better than unwanted items in your drawer. T he official opening took place on the evening of April 29, in the presence of mayor of Luxembourg Paul Helminger and Lydie Polfer among others.

The two buildings are linked via a glass walkway. This new space is home to the Municipal Library, conference centres with two auditoriums, an exhibition space and a restaurant. The exhibitions are open from daily from 11am until 7pm and are free of charge. Every last Wednesday of each month there will be an after-work cultural aperitif event held at the CeCil. For a full list of upcoming events please consult www. Send us an email with: Complete the coupon below and return to: In addition, new subscribers will receive a copy of the comic Dreamcatcher and an exclusive CD, thanks to the Zeltik festival.

Ben, originally from England, also spent six years in Malawi and then moved to the Grand Duchy where he attended the European school for several years. I have always admired her food and each Christmas I take my family to eat their as a special treat.

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After the death of her father inwho was also a chef and from whom she inherited her talent, she stepped into his shoes in the kitchen of their family inn in Frisange, just outside Luxembourg City. In the Michelin Guide awarded her a star and in she opened a second restaurant Letzebuerger Kaschthaus. In she opened Pavillion Madeleine a show room for her famous delicious Madeleine cakes. We asked her what had attracted her to this particular painting.

I cannot say exactly why I like this painting. When you love something or somebody you just follow your passion. The painting represents so nicely my dark side and my passion for food. The diners love to look at the paintings and they certainly enjoy them. We asked her where her passion for food and cooking had come from.

This restaurant is my family home. I grew up here and 56 years ago on April 27 I was born here. I studied law for two years in Metz and then my father became seriously ill and so I took over the running of the restaurant, in December My father was a pastry chef. More importantly he was an artist of life and the joie de vivre I inherited from him.

I grew up and thought that smelling and tasting were the main senses that a human had because ears and eyes you take for granted but the nose and palate were my biggest pleasures.

I also love my lobster salad. In a nutshell, I would define my cuisine as cooking with love. I cook with joy.

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Daily 2, FriSun 5, Mon-Thu 6. Fri-Sun 10, Mon 6. Fri-Sun 7, Tue-Thu 9. Sat 2, Sun 4. Next screening May 12, 10pm. Enter our competition to win free tickets on www. Fri 7, Sat 4. Thursday poker at Kockelscheuer — 7. Bike ride along the Alzette, Luxembourg — 3pm. Tel 48 53 61 www. Braderie, City Centre ville — 8am-6pm. All day market for shop keepers in town and market stallholders providing a haven for bargain-hunters.

Tel 51 61 www. Tel 55 44 Tel 22 44 Tel 40 08 15 Milow, Den Atelier — 8pm. Guitar-driven folk rock by Belgian musician. Tel 49 54 Tel 26 32 26 32 www. Moment musical - Eglise St. Organ played by Paul Kayser. Showcase for new and emerging acts in Luxembourg. Place des Bains, 33, rue des Capucins. Tel 27 47 86 Tel 26 62 02 Tel 26 20 Tel 22 28 RitaandAlfredAllmerslive entirely for themselves, against each other and with a burning senses of guilt. Tel 26 44 12 Boyce Avenue, Rockhal — 8pm.

Sensational covers from acoustic trio of American brothers. Olio Galante Owend, Bateau M. Party into the night on a cruise boat along the Moselle. Tel 75 82 Part of the blues after work season. Tel 26 20 www. Bauchklang Printemps MusicalDen Atelier - 8.

A capella electro group. Ostrich Farm open day, Feltgen11am-8pm. Electronica at its finest, blending Morricone and live playing. Last Tango in Berlin, Philharmonie — 8pm.

Tel 26 32 26 Les tsiganes, Centre ville — Nomads set up tent in the city centre performing a theatrical performance of music and theatre. Tel 27 48 93 CDs, DVDs, toys, books and more all for sale at bargain prices. Tel 78 92 Tel 26 54 Open door event at the European Union Court of Justice- 2pm-6pm. The Association Luxembourg-Peru is a nonprofit association, founded in by adoptive parents of children in Peru.

Advocate for the adoption of Peruvian children from orphanages or on public assistance; Promote the sponsorship of orphans in order to help place children with no family that can not be adopted; Carrying out projects of material and financial assistance for underprivileged children and Others regions of Ayacucho and Cusco. Between 1, boys and girls between the ages of live on the street, in appalling conditions.

By increasing their sense of responsibility through their involvement in common projects, the association tries to re-integrate these boys into their families and into society. I got in touch with the producers and I found out that all that was required was for me to sing a Luxembourgish song and I thought that I thought I could manage that.

As a child at primary school I was in a play being put on by the scouts and they asked me to introduce the play to the audience. I walked out on stage and I saw all the people and I went blank, completely utterly blank. Thankfully this has not happened since. The last time I was there with my wife and family for almost three weeks and we saw that there was a lot of misery and poverty around particularly in Lima.

Steve Easwood Las Calles is the brainchild of director and The Association Luxembourg-Peru is a nonprofit association, founded in by adoptive parents of children in Peru. I also spent five years in the government in charge of development and cooperation so I think I have a fair experience of how bad conditions can be and how important it is not to just build dams and roads but also to look after the people. This is a very worthy cause and if we can make a contribution to help people out there then and having fun at the same time.

I am really enjoying the experience and it is for a very worthy cause. I play the part of Calle de Toledo the street of Toledo one of the streets affected by the widening of the Gran Via. I am very angry with the Gran Via. I know Magali and the project was very very appealing to me and I would gladly take part again.

She said she really enjoyed the performance and asked me if I was interested in taking part in the project and I said yes. The street I play is supposed to personify a real gentleman. All funds collected are for the benefit of street children in Lima. For more information, visit: Stephen Roberts wishes all the cast and crew Photo: Flamenco is so much more than that.

harley swap meet dudelange piscine

He organises everything, choosing the entire festival programme, hand-picking the dancers, singers and musicians from Spain, flying them over to Luxembourg, budgeting, theming the venue, and so much more. For the past six years, Jang Kayser has been introducing Luxembourg to real flamenco. And they are all so different from each other. We have workshops in cante, palmas, guitar-playing and dancing, which, aside from the guitar-playing as you need to be able to play a traditional guitar first, anyone can join.

I discovered flamenco at a show in Spain. I dropped everything straight away, my jazz teaching, all that I know, and signed up for lessons the next day. Lots of people try it and find it very hard, so they get discouraged.

But it is this passion that made me drop all my other dancing, and now I work with people in Luxembourg who want to express themselves through flamenco as I do. You just have to let yourself go and let yourself feel touched by what you feel. We see a lot of people coming back to the festival year on year after they have done that.

For more information call 55 44 93 1 or visit www. Workshops can be booked in advance by calling 55 44 93 1. Pascale teaches group and private flamenco classes at 6. B ut before attending to the agonised screams of the Wildean purists, I have to say this was as entertaining a production of the classic play as one could hope to see. As directed by Elke Nonn and Werner Bohnen, the cast move smoothly around the unobtrusive set, tossing the verbal ball from one to another with splendid timing and characterisation, wringing out every possible laugh from the torrent of cynical aphorisms.

To please the groundlings and what else is the theatre for? And then of course there is the part that identifies all productions of Earnest: Lady Bracknell, here played by Sabine Sieben. A theatrical success therefore but as a piece of socio-economic analysis it misses its mark. Better by far that way around however. The play continues on Sunday and Monday, May 15 and 16, if you feel like judging for yourself. This year promises to be no different, all events take place in and around Centre Attert, which is central to the village and surrounded by park and play areas.

Spectacular performances from a range of groups will take place throughout the day. The festival starts at This year promises a wealth of events and activities for young and old alike. For those who are content with a relaxing day out there are international food stands, as well as traditional Luxembourgish specialities on offer throughout the day.

Brazilian, Spanish and Luxembourgish bars will also be open. F or the next three weeks this chic and elegantly decorated eatery on the rue du Nord the second restaurant in the chain is in Avenue Gaston Diderich celebrates an ancient Thai story through an epic menu. The eighth edition of the Festival Ramayana this year offers a choice of three varied and lightly spiced courses, drawing on the many rich and varied cooking styles from around Thailand.

Fish and seafood make a regular appearance on the menu with highlights including steamed bass from the Gulf of Siam and the Yam Thoil Phu, a delicately flavoured prawn salad. Madame Zimmer also spared no expense or effort in ensuring the highest attention to detail and presentation.

Each course was beautifully displayed on trays or in tiny boxes as with the dessert. The myth behind the menu The Ramayana is an eastern poem dating back to the fifth century ad.

Composed of 24, lines of verse in seven books, the story describes a myth in which prince Rama faced down a series of trials to win the heart of the princess Sita. His beloved has been kidnapped by Ravana, king of the demons. She is freed only to be exiled when she is accused of sleeping with Ravana.

Today, drawings from the legend can be found carved into temples. The story is also retold through dance and mask performances. All in all, the eight Ramayana festival offers food for all the senses and a welcome escape to the east via the palate. For more information and to find out how to win a meal for two, visit www. Fri 8, Sat 8. Fri 7, Sat 2, Sun 4. Tuesday May 17 6. Next screening May 12, 10pm. Thu 7 Pirates of the Caribbean: Audiovisual report on the Sahara by Dany Marique.

Tel 43 00 22 www. Thursday poker at Kockelscheuer — 7. Groove-based spontaneous compositions from the American saxophonist. Tel 51 61 Children of Bodom, Rockhal — 7pm. Nordic metal band who last played Luxembourg as support for Slipknot. Tel 24 55 Philharmonia Orchestra London, Philharmonie — 8pm. Tel 26 32 26 Moment musical - Eglise St. Organ played by Paul Kayser. Showcase for new and emerging acts in Luxembourg.

Place des Bains, 33, rue des Capucins. Tel 27 47 86 Tel 23 61 Tel 26 62 02 Tel 22 28 Tel 26 44 12 Aged just 15, Alba Heredia is already a Flamenco talent. Tel 55 44 Twinned with the Salsa Med Festival in Israel, this event offers curious dancers the chance to learn to salsa through workshops on Salsa On2, Ladies Styling and Bachata.

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Tel 26 20 Get your weekly blues fix at this funk and soul extravaganza. Tel 26 Tel 52 15 Tel 47 Dance project by Moa Nunes offers a tribute to feelings and human relationships. Live nomadic performance taking viewers on a wonderful journey strewn with catchy music and touching moments. Tel 27 48 93 Closer is an exploration into the brutal anatomy of modern love where a quartet of strangers meet, fall in love and become caught up in a web of sexual desire and betrayal.

Tel 47 96 40 While their classmates enjoy the school holidays, Julien and Jacques are in extreme need of money and become involved In a pyramid business. Theatre performance for children aged Workshop in which students create soundscapes to accompany movies.

Ostrich Farm open day, Feltgen- 11am-8pm. With musical animation, rides, workshops for children, South African wine and beers. Tel A giant fair featuring food and drinks from hundreds of stallholders.

Competitive cycling event for young cyclists. Just Musical, Centre Culturel Bonnevoie — 8pm. Boogie Nights, The Black Stuff — 8pm — 10 euros five euros in advance.

Fancy dress party in aid of the Rose of Tralee. Mandala FlamencoFestivalEschKulturfabrik — 8pm. Ayo, Rockhal — 8pm.

harley swap meet dudelange piscine

After the enormous success of Down on my Knees, which introduced her to the public at large, Ayo is back with a new album and tour. Streetfestival, Centre-ville — 6pm.

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Tel 58 40 The 80s Party, Den Atelier — 11pm. Relive the bad hair and bad clothes through a night of iconic music. Tel 49 54 Chorus sine nomine, Philharmonie — 8pm. Theatreperformance for children aged five to nine years old. Tel 31 19 Various venues around Metz and Nancy http: Demonstrations and food and drink. Open to girls and boys aged from five to 16 and parents. International sheep shearing competition. Tel 21 EZ3kiel, Rockhal — 8pm. Cult quartet of the French electro scene. Tel 26 32 26 32 - www.

Tetraphonie, Kulturhaus Niederanven - 5pm. The diversity of the saxophone is tested in this one-off concert. Tel 26 34 Les Tsiganes, Glacis — Tel 47 96 55 Saxon, Den Atelier — 8pm. The line-up has since changed but the band remains legendary in its own right.

Jazz Lounge, Catclub — 5pm until late. Tel 40 08 15 Tond Tenga - Notre Terre, Moulin — 7. African-themed conference with Katrin Rohde. In Luxembourgish and German. Tel 26 74 Historian Roger Seimetz recalls life in the Grand Duchy in the time of Jean the Blind, the most wellknown sovereign of the middle ages. Poetry and short story reading.

Tel 46 49 Explore the Grouf nature reserve with this evening event. Tel or Tel 22 44 Lorenzo Ghielmi organPhilharmonie — 8pm. Recital featuring works by J. Tel 75 84 Performance, workshops and tours at various museums around the Grand Duchy. Yuko, Rockhal — 8pm. Warm and dreamy sounds combined with fragments of electronica.

Voice, Catclub — 8pm. Tel 45 37 An operetta, set in Madrid in the s. Includes performance by Lux city mayor Paul Helminger. A playwriting contest, involving ninth graders who have written monologues on a common theme. Workshop is conducted by author Lunstedt Claudius. Zerbrochen, Kulturhaus Niederanven — 8pm.

Production by Casemates Theatre group based around the play The Broken Bowl, exploring women in violent relationships. Works by Franz Schubert.

Zapotex Pferdemarkt 1 a Trier www. She is definitely one to watch in the future. This one is pretty evocative stuff- giving off a whiff of film noir, tragedy and comedy in equal doses. New album Little Hell to be released early June. I recently discovered this incredible compilation of Robert Johnson songs, reissued in the 60s, called King of the Delta Blues. Johnson died in at just 27 years of age, but he left a legacy of truly beautiful blues music behind him.

Known to have inspired most of, if not all, of the blues artists that crawled out of the woodwork following the reissue, his sound is so raw and soulful that it really hits you in the heart.

Your fortune will be foretold based on how your toast comes out looking. Simply provide an offering of bread, and it will cook it to the toast of your soul.