Hollande obama meet

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hollande obama meet

It might be America's oldest alliance, but it has rarely looked more vibrant. French President Francois Hollande arrived in Washington this morning and held a joint press conference with President Barack Obama, just. Hollande's decision to follow talks with Barack Obama with a trip to Moscow two days later to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin is not likely.

hollande obama meet

President Barack Obama on Tuesday vowed to intensify their nations' military attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq at a White House meeting lent urgency and deep symbolic significance by the terrorist attacks on Paris 10 days ago that opened a new phase of the war on terror. Even before the attacks, France, as the only European nation joining the United States in striking ISIS in Syria, and after several anti-terror operations in Africa in which the two nations cooperated, had emerged as the closest U.

Obama Promises President Hollande US Stands in 'Total Solidarity' With France

And the solidarity on show between Obama and Hollande during an hour-long press conference in the East Room of the White House made clear that the U. Despite some divergence in the two leaders' ideas for how best to battle ISIS, Tuesday's press conference seemed to be a deliberate show of unity and exchange of rhetorical support between the presidents at a time of international disruption and global terror.

Turkey has the right to defend itself and its airspace Obama spoke in unusually personal and emotive terms directly to the French people about his own memories of spending time in France as he argued that the ISIS shootings and bombings on cafes, a soccer stadium and a concert hall in Paris were by extension an attack on the world itself.

hollande obama meet

Since the attacks, Americans have recalled their own visits to Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower or walking along the Seine. We know these places.

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They're part of our memories, woven into the fabric of our lives and our culture," Obama said. The President said that upstairs in the White House residence, he had a photo of first lady Michelle Obama and himself kissing in the French capital's Luxembourg Gardens. In the face of the French people, we see ourselves. Obama's embrace of Hollande represented an important endorsement from an American president who remains popular in France, despite indications the two leaders have different interpretations of the likelihood of Russia agreeing to align its military operations in Syria -- which have been mainly aimed at bolstering President Bashar al-Assad -- more closely with Western nations.

The talks, in which Obama and Hollande agreed to intensify airstrikes and to broaden the target list, was also a sign of how things have shifted in the U.

A dozen years ago, it was a French president -- Jacques Chirac -- who was calling for restraint as George W.

Obama, France's Hollande to meet in Washington on Thursday: White House | Reuters

Bush was bristling for war with Saddam Hussein in Iraq following the September 11 attacks. And it was a French foreign minister who warned that Washington might win the war but lose the peace if it fractured Iraq. The sanctions, which limit travel by Russian officials and restrict the access of Russian companies to international markets, were imposed after Putin's March annexation of Crimea and subsequent support for a separatist movement in eastern Ukraine.

The conflict has left some 8, people dead, most of them civilians. Twice caught off guard by Putin's sneak attacks — in Ukraine and in Syria, where he unexpectedly began airstrikes this fall — officials are also debating what the Russian president's next game-changing move could be.

hollande obama meet

In public, the White House strikes a confident tone, insisting that Putin won't get away with any effort to connect Syria to Ukraine. The French leader — whose country is losing lucrative business with Moscow to the sanctions — has spoken optimistically in recent weeks about their eventual removal.

Obama: We are all French now

And his outreach to Putin after the Nov. The Paris attacks have left some French officials nodding in agreement with Obama critics in the U.

hollande obama meet

Hollande hints at a similar view. Russia may now have more credibility as an anti-ISIL ally, after suffering its own horrific attack on Oct.

hollande obama meet

That is the date by which the parties to the conflict — Kiev, Moscow and Russian-backed separatists — are supposed to comply with 13 provisions of a February peace agreement reached in Minsk.