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how you meet one direction quotev

Browse through and read or take thousands of meeting one direction stories, But when a friend's death leads to Emily meeting five world famous pop-stars, her . Find out what will happen with an unexpected meeting, a friendship, an enemy, a second chance and a secret love (+Zayn 'cause as much as I still wanna. You ate another popcorn kernel. Someone sat down next to you. The theatre was crowded and there was only one seat left in the front row.

More of the same from Quotev, Wattpad And another story on Wattpad again with the same old chain letters coming true plot. On top of that, there are people putting out this slop who are attention-seekers. No kidding, some people actually demand attention in the form of comments or else they'll take their toys and go home.

If a person wants to write, they should just write regardless of how much or little feedback they get, and all Quotev and Wattpad stories suck anyway, for the reasons mentioned above.

They always seem to be written by fanbrats of some sort. I wouldn't expect Wattpad to be any better. Wattpad is the same as Quotev, only with a different name, and, they have a problem with plagiarism. Wattpad sucks, but it has more users. That's because there are more whiny teenagers who think of themselves as great writers than there are actually good writers.

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Haha my guess was that Wattpad has cool features, but the community is trash. Figment has more serious writer than Wattpad. It's very difficult to find a good critic in Wattpad as most users are there for entertainment and do not read long novels.

So if you are an aspiring writer and you put so much effort on your project, I think figment is the best place for you. I also prefer Figment site design better. A lot of top trending stories on Wattpad all have similar plotlines and unoriginal characters, but because the Authors can write, oh boy, do they get a lot of readers.

how you meet one direction quotev

Wattpad is for you. Mibba is the way for you. And here's another review of Wattpad. So, it sounds like Figment and Mybba are better, but I'll have to take the time to check them out.

In any case, if you only want to publish without bothering with ratings or criticism, you aren't aspiring to become a writer, but just want to have fun and you couldn't care less how much or little feedback you get, I'd suggest Storypassers. The only problem with them is you're only allowed one account, so be careful what name you choose to call yourself, because you'll be stuck with it.

Quotev and Wattpad have something super important to wanna-be writers, - a rating system! Every story or poll or quiz can be rated. It's not about putting out great and interesting content, it's about getting your stories the most ratings, and the higher the rating, naturally, the better the fan feels about what they wrote, even if it's tripe. You don't have to venture too far into these sites to tell something's just not right with them, more accurately, things are really messed up.

You know how different communities and places IRL have certain atmospheres about them that you pick up fairly soon, and it helps you decide if you want to stick around or leave? One can get the feeling that if you're past the age of 17, you're not likely going to fit in anywhere.

A character tortures and kills? Aww, that's okay, he's just misunderstood and had a tragic abusive past. And he's so darn smexy! Last time I checked, adding more wrong to wrong doesn't make a right. Especially not when it's a sadistic kind of wrong! Awww, that's not creepy at all, and we mustn't laugh at her for it. We must just give her lots of hugs and kisses and tell her how beautiful she is! It's neither funny nor beautiful, it's creepy and alarming, and it's something all the hugs and kisses aren't going to fix.

If she can inflict that on herself, there's no telling what she might do to the next person. There was 3 men and 1 little girl playing on an IPhone. That over there is Jamie. Jamie didn't look up from her phone. I noticed her headphones. Liam and Zayn nodded. She is the Undercover worker. He placed another plate in front of me.

We found her a few years back and she agreed to work for us. I sat down and started eating. I occasionally looked at Jamie. It's like she hasn't slept in days. I ate my food silently. Nobody spoke a word. He wasn't wearing a shirt and it was hard for me not to notice his many tattoos. You will take Rose with you.

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She needs to experience how it is out in the real world. He put away his plate. The boys left me and Niall alone, with Jamie. Then I guess I am not alone. Niall walked over to Jamie and took her phone out of her hand which pulled out her ear buds. He went to a closet and pulled out a box and put the phone in it. He put the box back. The box was on the highest shelf in the closet. He has always forgotten to give me back the stuff. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Soon everyone was in the living room. Niall was the only one standing. He will invite you in.

Could you date Harry Styles?

Once you are in Harry will get him Mad by flirting with his wife. Once a fist fight has broken loose Rose will go down the hall into his office. You will find the drugs hidden in the bottom of the table.

how you meet one direction quotev

Put the drugs in this bag. After Rose comes out with them Liam and Louis will break up the fight. If he hurts any of you then the plan is kill him back. Zayn and Jamie, you guys will stay here making sure that all go according to plan. Use these ear piercings. They have ear pieces inside. He won't suspect a thing. Do we all understand? He handed me a black duffle bag.

You guys fake badges and stuff are already inside the bag. Liam opened the bag and I pulled out a badge. It looks so real. They are already in your rooms" he said. Everyone ran to their rooms. Niall stopped me before I could get to mine. I went to ny room. There was a black suit laid out for me. There was also shades and a black headband. I put the suit on and did my hair in the bathroom.

I put the shades on and went outside. He was wearing the same clothes as It was but adjusted to fit our body sizes. Harry and Liam walked out wearing matching outfits as well. We all walked out to the living room. They are so cute! Louis and Harry snickered.

how you meet one direction quotev

If anything goes wrong then cough three times if you are in the same room as him. Otherwise just talk and we will be able to hear you. I put the duffle bag over my shoulder. Now you are probably wondering why I haven't made an escape plan yet. That's because I am planning to leave after I have gained everyone's trust.

I get in the car. I hear Zayn and Jamie testing their mics. We all cover our ears when the feedback comes on. We drive to the persons house. We ring the bell and a man with Tattoos all over answers the door.

We need to speak with you and your wife for a moment please. We all sat down on the chairs. Roger called his wife over and she sat down too. Liam makes up a story. Harry Occasionally flirts with his wife. After the 10th flirt or so Roger gets mad. He starts to charge at Harry.

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I make my way to the office. I open the door.

how you meet one direction quotev

I walk to the desk. I go underneath the desk and I find the drugs. I open the bag. I notice a book. It open the journal to a random page. I read the words. I watch her sleep everyday, Morning until night. I wish that I could comfort her, When she feel a fright. But I am almost invisible, It's like I'm not even there. But when she tosses and turns all night, I stroke her precious hair. She doesn't know I watch her, She doesn't know I hear her.

And because she doesn't notice me, I wash My problems away with beer. Ok, so one of the guys in the house watches some girl and has a drinking problem I take the drugs and put them in the bag. There was alot of drugs.

I slip one bag in my pocket in case I need it later. I take the bag and I Louis and Liam finally break up the fight. We all walked out. We got in the car.

Harry took the bag from me. I didn't know you had it in you. Liam drives us back home. The journal is in my coat. I walk to my room as Niall congratulates the boys. I put my regular clothes on and look at the journal.

It's filled with poems. I read them all night.

how you meet one direction quotev

He took the book. I swear, I didn't-" I start to say. Niall pushes me back against the wall. Niall slapped me across the face.

I hit the frame and my head started bleeding. I laid on the floor. I cried myself to sleep. I woke up with bandages on my head and I was on my bed. I stayed in my bed for as long as possible.

I didn't want to go out and face Niall. I heard Harry say that he was leaving with the others. It meant me and Niall all alone in the same house. I pretended to sleep when the others came to check on me. I heard my door open. I already knew it was Niall. He whispered to himself. Of course she would read it.