Inter communal relationship meaning in the bible

Inter-Communal Relationship |

inter communal relationship meaning in the bible

Peace has a great variety of meanings, ranging from imposed order to loving harmony. oppressive relationship or a destructive conflict with each other move to . Several relatively common forms of inter-communal coexistence warrant discussion .. synod of the Dutch Reformed Church resolved that there was no biblical. Topic: Inter-communal relationship Contents: Meaning of Inter-communal relationship Importance of Inter-communal relationship Skills needed for solving inter. distinct structures and practices for nurturing discipleship through communal life, they have found their inter-communal relationships of support, accountability, and its vacuity unfilled, its iniquity unchallenged, its authority to define, delineate, To understand the true nature of this chasm we have turned to scripture.

Promotion of Political Development: This is to ensure that concerned communities participate in issues related to political enhancement in their various communities. Allowing citizens of different communities to inter-marry can only be achieved when there is a good inter-communal relationship. Promotion of Government Programmes and Policies: A responsible inter-communal relationship will help government programmes to succeed due to the interference of most prominent executive and judicial personnel in the communities interchanging plans and ideas for executing of programmes and policies.

Through the exchange of business or agricultural strategies between communities, economic progress can be promoted. Conflicts can be resolved through the law court by using legal method, any community that feels cheated can present her case.

Importance of Inter-communal Relationship |

Resolution of conflicts can be done by leaders of various communities e. Obas, Emirs, Obis and Chiefs. The opposing communities can meet to map out and talk about how to resolve their differences or disputes.

inter communal relationship meaning in the bible

It comes in forms of trades, sharing of human and materials, security ties and many more. Image Communities at both local and international levels relate with one another at economic, political, and socio-cultural levels. No community can exist and survive in isolation.

Mission of God: Intra-Communal and Inter-Communal Mission

Every community has her area of strength which is referred to as Comparative Advantage. It thus, specialises in that area and depend on other neighbouring communities for things it does not or cannot produce.

inter communal relationship meaning in the bible

An effective inter-communal relationship promotes peace and eradicates hostility. It encourages specialisation and stimulates development.

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In contrast, Nigerian communities have experienced a lot clashes resulting to loss of lives and property. Being a multi-ethnic state, Nigeria needs to constantly promote inter-communal relationship to ensure peaceful co-existence.

From day one of this new year,Nigeria has recorded over 4 attacks in the different parts of the country which claimed many lives.

The federal and state governments have a lot to do in promoting peace. Schools should take Civic Education Subject seriously.