Jls competitions to meet them here

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jls competitions to meet them here

"When you hear of people fighting with their record labels and stuff No matter what time of the day I meet them (our third liaison is on They have a surprising ability to put the fact that it's a TV contest into perspective. A KENT car dealer is giving you one last chance to catch boyband sensation JLS before they drive off into the WIN! Tickets to see JLS and Rylan Clark at an exclusive party at a secret location in Kent Enter online here. JLS are performing at the Newcastle Arena on Thursday night, and we have a pair But the giving doesn't stop there, you will also get chance to meet the lads .

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Gill eventually decided that he wanted to sing rather than play rugby and melon took up vocal coaching during a year out before attending university. During this period, Gill was contacted by Oritse to try out for the band because of his musical ear and attention to harmonies. He studied theology at King's College Londonstaying in halls in Russell Square, before dropping out to pursue a music career.

Gill started dating backing dancer Chloe Tangney in latethe couple announced their engagement on 25 January He is one of seven children; he has five brothers and one sister. In the show, Merrygold played the character "Cookie". However, after developing a nerve problem in his left foot, he tried singing and acting instead.

Through acting, he met Humes.

jls competitions to meet them here

As a result, he received a call from Williams an acquaintance of Humes about joining a boy band. Music career[ edit ] — He was originally scouted for a number of boy bands but did not feel they were right and believed that a group should have a "real" connection with each other, like his heroes Boyz II Men.

jls competitions to meet them here

They signed to Tracklacers developing a sound they then called "Jack the Lad Swing", combining the phrase "Jack the lad" and the urban music of new jack swing. King and " Beautiful Girls " by Sean Kingston. Shortly thereafter, they released their second single, "Slap Ya Elbow". The X Factor and new name[ edit ] InUFO auditioned for the fifth series of The X Factorbut had to change their name because it was already being used by another groupso they decided to go with the name JLS an initialism of Jack the Lad Swing, the style created with Tracklacers some months back.

Following the elimination of girl groups Bad Lashes and Girlband in weeks one and two respectively, JLS were Louis Walsh 's last remaining act in the competition, but throughout the live shows the judges called them the best band to come out of The X Factor.

Cowell stated when casting his deciding vote that JLS did not deserve to be in the bottom two. Baby One More Time " and received negative comments from two of the four judges, with Cowell saying "at the moment you're out", but after their second performance, " You Light Up My Life ", Cowell commented that they were "back in the race" and that they could "have a hit record" with the performance.

Cowell then predicted they would win the competition. The public voted for the second time that night and Burke won the competition, JLS coming second.

They were the fourth band to make the final. Due to the success of their album, the group went on their first headline tour, with twenty-five dates around the UK and Ireland.

Jay-Z predicted that they would become as big as 'N Sync.

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As of Augustthe album has sold over 1. Outta This World[ edit ] In an interview with HitQuarters recorded in March, producer-songwriter Steve Mac said he was currently at work writing for the second JLS album, [38] Another album contributor, Lucas Seconsaid that the style of songs he worked on for the album were "a little more acoustic", prefiguring what he sees as a pop music trend shift from synthetic sounds to a more live approach.

jls competitions to meet them here

The single debuted at number one, becoming the group's third UK number one single. It was their 4th UK number-one. As a collective, they border on cheesiness: I'm "babe", along with every other female in their orbit, and they have, generally, been waiting their "whole lives" to do this.

But you'd find it difficult to say a bad word about them. They're grafters — after their night out clubbing they were at a meeting at 8am — and remarkably grounded given the fame, power and wealth surrounding them. With his help, they've taken a much cooler — and to use the X Factor buzzword — more "current" direction. They tell me they take risks, and I have to agree. They've also picked up four Mobo and two Brit awards, garnering credibility that is rarely enjoyed by reality-TV artists, and had a hand in writing the bulk of the tracks on their new album.

On The X Factor they resigned themselves to doing the ballad-and-stools thing. It's very hard for viewers to get attached to a whole band, so we had to sing songs the public connected with," says JB. They have a surprising ability to put the fact that it's a TV contest into perspective. It's comments like these that make you think they're not reality-TV puppets. Critic Peter Robinson, editor of popjustice.

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They got together in Mayand at the time Marvin was the only one in a full-time job — selling property abroad over the phone from an office in central London. They all come from the capital apart from Aston, who's from Peterborough. Put simply, it stops you acting like a dick. But his dream was to start a boy band, become famous and afford proper care for his mother Sonia, who has multiple sclerosis. He was her carer; she now lives in a hospice in Surrey, and he describes himself as the "father figure" of his family.

When this ended and he'd finished school he didn't really have a proper job, and worked in various shops: The rest of the band, who auditioned him, say they wanted him because he has a great ear for harmonies. To me, he also seems like the thinker, the one with the strategies. He says each member had their own responsibilities: But nothing seemed to bring them the record deal. Eventually they got themselves to the X Factor auditions. But then we thought: As the series went on, they started colour-coding their outfits in a very dated way, with each band member wearing an accessory in a signature primary colour.

During a break in the video shoot, which takes place on a Saturday night, JB fools me into picking a favourite band member according to the system.

As it turned out, the colour-coding Aston is blue and JB yellow was a stroke of genius. JLS say it identified them as a group from the start.

jls competitions to meet them here

Robinson says it was precocious self-management: Katherine Rose for the Observer As the group has grown, they've built several franchises: In June this year, they released a 3D documentary of their arena tour that became the fastest-selling music event ever at UK cinemas. Their manager Harry Magee of Modest! Management says they make most of their money from their tours they've just sold out their third, which will start in Marchbut then money was rolling in before they even signed to Epic.

They take the venture so seriously they donate all profits to charities supported by the JLS Foundation, launched last year. And three times a year they go out to promote safe sex to young people. I join them one Monday afternoon at a youth centre in Ladbroke Grove where they're talking to overs about gonorrhea, among other things. The condoms, wrapped in paper bags with JLS stickers, are snapped up almost immediately; more worryingly, some of the girls aren't really listening to the message.

Next thing you know, she's slipped her number into his pocket. JLS embrace the hysteria whole-heartedly though.