Manhattan reefs coral swap meet

Frag Swaps – A Must See Event For Every Reef Keeper -

manhattan reefs coral swap meet

Does anyone know when the manhattan reef swap is? I assume announce-frag-meets-swaps/ Ocean paintings and murals of the ocean, fish, corals, and other sea and had a bad experience meeting a random person from Manhattan Reefs. a year ManhattanReefs hosts a frag swap where all the members of MR. As many of you asked last night at the LIRA meeting abut parking for Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap - here is the link to the directions & parking.

Our goal is not only to provide both hobbyists and vendors across the region with the best experience at an event of this type, but to donate a portion of the proceeds towards reef conservation and also give back to the community.

manhattan reefs coral swap meet

Admission will be discounted with the donation of canned goods for a local food pantry. The native fish collecting trip will be during the day and our Marine Aquarium presentations will be that night.

manhattan reefs coral swap meet

There will also likely be a frag swap and fragging demonstrations that night. More details will follow. Saturday will include several freshwater fish and plant presentations as well as some general presentations which pertain to both freshwater and marine aquaria.

Manhattan Reefs Spring Frag Swap - Reef Central Online Community

This is our annual auction of fish, plants, corals, inverts, dry goods, tanks, and anything else aquarium related. Anyone is welcome to buy or sell. A portion of all proceeds go to benefit The Raleigh Aquarium Society and costs related to the workshop. We now have confirmed reservations for 35 coral farming and exhibiting vendors who will be selling or displaying their captive grown, cultured corals or reef related products to the public. This is scheduled to be the largest Coral Farmers Market event to date.

This will also be one of the largest displays of the absolute best exotic captive grown corals ever presented to the buying public. We expect at least total attendees.

manhattan reefs coral swap meet

Our speakers will be: It will be topped off with a great raffle. We hope to see you there. Wallpapers Professionally designed wallpapers for your personal use. We thank you for your loyal support of Reefs.

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manhattan reefs coral swap meet

He has kept reef aquariums for the past 15 years. His current tanks are a gal. LPS and leather reef and a 40 breeder that contains azooxanthellate corals. He specializes in macro photography and currently spends most of his time photographing coral and marine fish.

You can contact Gary at gparr reefthreads. Christine Williams started keeping fish while she was still a fetus. While the aqueous environment did lend itself to the hobby, it limited her to freshwater species, and so she decided to be born several weeks early. Through sign language, she demanded that her parents convert her crib into a reef aquarium and thus started her illustrious career in marine ornamentals.

Acclimating Corals From Manhattan Reef Swap Meet

She frequently lectures on reef topics including marine animal disease, fish husbandry, human-tank zoonosis, and fish cognition. Contact Christine at christine reefthreads. I am new to the site. I am the principal of an elementary school in Poland, Ohio. It is thriving and completely transformed our school.

Our school has close to K-2 students who obviously love their aquatic friends.

manhattan reefs coral swap meet