Meet chris duffin workout

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meet chris duffin workout

Duffin's response to a difficult childhood was to forge the life he imagined for Training /; Powerlifting /; How Chris Duffin Engineered His Life Chris Duffin joined elitefts™ several weeks ago. Meet Chris Duffin Part 1. He has positioned himself uniquely in the fitness world bridging the gap Duffin Training – Week 48 Meet Chris Duffin Part 1 | EliteFTS Interview. Chris is making final preparations leading into his powerlifting meet. Welcome to the Athlete Journal of world champion powerlifter Chris Duffin. Outside of training my focus is on getting everything staged so that I can make my weight class.

This also increases training intensity. It also compiles all information into an online database. You can see some of the basic graphs in many of my videos. The GymAware is similar to the Tendo Unit but, in my opinion, is significantly more advanced in regards to its capability and what it provides.

With the established set and rep scheme, you will likely see many parallels with a conjugate approach when you look at the larger training cycle. Each week you will take the same exercise and do one of the following: Attempt to add more sets before speed drops off Advance weight and maintain sets, reps, and bar speed Improve bar speed within the same set and rep scheme This will be done for three-week cycles sometimes longer and then the squat movement will be changed to another variation.

These variations can be made by altering chainsboxesbarsor bands.

My Unique Methods for a World Record Squat / Elite FTS

In this training cycle, I relied heavily on the Safety Squat Bar. Regardless of the reason, I think the SSB work played a huge role in the success of my training program. When a stalling point is reached, or just every couple cycles, drop down to a five-rep workout using the same methods.

meet chris duffin workout

This is to break up the monotony and send a different signal for change to the body. It is not a bad idea to even hit a very high around 20 rep week for the same reason.

I do these weeks even more rarely on the squat than other lifts, because they are so challenging. The very high rep seems to prep the body for added stressors in the following weeks. Meet Prep A couple months out from my meet, I began mixing in an occasional test week with a regular bar and competition wraps.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 6 - Back to Training Heavy

These days were used to do a single heavy set and determine where I was for the upcoming meet. One disadvantage of using the SSB is that the bar weight on your shoulders is less because it is a more difficult movement. Leading into the meet, I began to add heavy chains at ten weeks out in order to prepare my body for holding heavier loads. I like to use very heavy chains at pounds with a full deload at the bottom.

With this approach, you are required to be very explosive out of the hole and must do so before the massive chain weight kicks in and crushes you. Notice when you review my training cycle that even though I was still using the SSB, I targeted an pound total load at lockout. After the chain cycle, I switched over to a competition squat bar with slight band tension. The slight band tension mimicked the carryover I would get from using my competition wraps instead of my training wraps.

The final few weeks were spent dialing in my attempts and deloading. I do work based on these methods prior to every workout. This has significantly improved my motor function, as well as greatly improved my assessments of my readiness for training. I may often tailor my workout at the last minute based on what I learn in this warm-up and assessment period. If stretching or foam rolling are needed, I do them on off days. Assistance Work and Deadlift Day For each workout, I typically target three additional movements after the max effort movement.

These exercises are anywhere from three to four sets and reps, depending on the movement.

881 @ 220 Raw Squat World Record (w/wraps) - Heaviest 4x Bodyweight Raw Squat Ever

On squat days, I fell short of this target and only hit movements due to the amount of time spent doing multiple sets. The day after squat day I do full-body circuit training on my lunch break.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 6 - Back to Training Heavy | Breaking Muscle

This allows me to hit a workout that flushes me body, assists in recovery, and allows me to mix in areas that I feel are lagging in training volume for the week. It also challenges my conditioning due to the short rest periods. This helps with keeping my work capacity at an appropriate level. I was consistent at hitting these sessions during the entire training cycle. Deadlift day falls three days after squat day for me.

I do not do specific posterior chain work besides sumo deadlifting.

meet chris duffin workout

My theory is that working up to a pound deadlift and then doing high-rep, deep, bent-over rows with pounds should hit the glutes and hamstrings enough. Even if it is indirect work, I believe it to be adequate, and I focus instead on lat development.

Actual Training Cycle Below is the list of max effort sets taken directly from my training log. There may be some slight deviation from what is laid out in the article. And lest we forget, he also holds a Guinness World Record for the most weight deadlifted in one minute at 17, pounds 42 reps of lbs.

Between having the brain of an engineer and the brawn of a champion powerlifter, Chris knows how to train. He shared almost ninety of his weekly training logs with us, and along the way we learned the following five valuable lessons: The Details Make All the Difference All of Chris's journals demonstrate the importance of putting in the work, especially when it comes to the little details.

Well, we say "little," but in reality they make a huge difference. For example, Chris discussed the importance of lat development and scapular mobility for the bench press in the following video: You're probably familiar with the next not-so-little detail that surfaces frequently in Chris's journals: Chris shared more about this aspect of his training in his entry, Hook Grip Development.

If you can't do that, work toward where you can hold pounds. Prehab Doesn't Have to Be Boring For some people, the word "prehab" automatically translates to "boring. His journals provide insight into how to make prehab more interesting and effective with out-of-the-box exercises. One of the prehab exercises we saw frequently in Chris's journals was mace swings, which he used to open the scapula before pressing and other shoulder-heavy movements.

Chris demonstrated how to use mace swings most effectively for prehab purposes in his entry, Mace Swings for Shoulder Health: Variety Is the Spice of Life Are you bored with your current routine and looking to add some variety to your training?