Meet dave matthews backstage

When the Muse Strikes . . .: "So Damn Lucky" (or How I Met Dave Matthews)

meet dave matthews backstage

Dave Matthews sings during a concert tour date in June. . hotel by the buses for about three hours hoping to meet one of the DMB members. Dec 2, Was backstage last year but no sighting! Will meet my boy Dave It's all in the brow Dave Matthews Band, Rock Legends, Famous Guys, Man. How does one meet and greet with DMB or even get a backstage pass? If it is different for different venues, if you can offer specific information.

This is the first of two submissions written by Del Lyren, professor of music at Bemidji State University, after he toured for three days with the Dave Matthews Band. After answering questions for some time, Rashawn finally stated, "You can't really understand what it's like until you've walked in my shoes for a while. After a year of planning, I toured with them, shadowed Rashawn and participated in nearly all of the band's activities.

Rashawn arranged for me to have an all-access pass that allowed me to see and do everything on the tour. With the pass, I could stand backstage during the shows, wander into the photographers' pit in front of the stage during performances, mingle with the band and crew during meals and pre-concert preparations, ride in Rashawn's tour bus to and from the venues, witness the backstage hosting that is a big part of each band member's day, and attend post-show gatherings.

I stayed in the same hotel as the band, which offered me the opportunity to spend casual time with some of them, observe their interaction with fans, and get an idea of what the daily life is like as a rock star. Dave Matthews Band is one of the busiest and highest grossing touring bands. Between andthey sold more tickets to their shows than any other band in the world: Rashawn's work with DMB remains quite different than the trumpet player's role with most major rock groups.

Rather than the usual placement of instrumentalists on a platform behind the lead artist for backgrounds only, the trumpet in DMB plays a vital role.

Backstage glimpse: BSU professor gets rare access to Dave Matthews tour | Bemidji Pioneer

DMB is considered a "jam band" and they often do exactly that. Many of the tunes provide opportunities to feature the trumpet prominently as soloist. Fans of DMB recognize the trumpet player as readily as they recognize the other band members. In fact, while standing in the photographers' pit between the front row and the stage, I noticed that fans in the crowd at concerts commonly scream Rashawn's name nearly as often as they scream Dave Matthews's name.

Walking down the street or eating in restaurants without being interrupted by a fan wanting a picture or an autograph becomes almost impossible. DMB maintains some of the most loyal fans. On one during this tour, I met two ladies who planned to attend 10 shows this summer. After mentioning this to Jeff Coffin, sax player with DMB, he told me he once met a man who had attended more than shows.

It's not uncommon for fans of DMB to have seen 50 shows and more. Many fans wait outside the band's hotel hoping for a band member to appear so they can obtain an autograph.

If the hotel's security will allow it, many fans wait in the hotel lobby and surround band members when they exit the elevator. At one of our hotels, some loyal fans waited outside the band's hotel with guitars, hoping to see Dave Matthews and have him autograph the guitars.

Little did they know that if they had walked into the hotel lobby, Dave was sitting on a couch just inside. Fans wait for hours by the band's buses, hoping to view the band as they leave for the venue. Calls or texts from friends and friends of friends wanting concert tickets are commonplace. Sorting through these requests and trying to accommodate fans occupies a good portion of each band member's day while on tour.

My first day of the tour began at 10 a. I ate breakfast with Rashawn and Daryl head of security for the band. We had an intriguing chat about the music industry and the consolidation of power among just a few individuals. I had no idea that so few people control so many things in the industry.

The company that manages DMB also manages more than other bands, in addition to maintaining control over other aspects of the music industry including festivals, venues, and ticket sales. After breakfast, as we departed the restaurant a fan politely stopped Rashawn. She timidly introduced herself and said hello. They had a short conversation in which Rashawn was very gracious, and as we left he smiled and waved at her friends sitting at the table.

Following breakfast we enjoyed some free time until 2: Dozens of fans lined up outside the hotel by the buses for about three hours hoping to meet one of the DMB members. Each band member was secretly escorted through a side door of the hotel to the bus, but it's difficult to be discreet when 11 large tour buses are parked around the corner from a hotel.

Fans have a pretty good idea where to look for them, and they were rewarded with a quick glimpse of the band as they boarded their individual buses. I thought she was playing a cruel, cruel joke on me. Robin and I have attended the Tampa shows together since I moved to Florida back in Personally, I have lost count of how many DMB shows I've been to all over the United States in the last decade or more, but it's approaching 50, I'm sure.

So for someone to tell me I was going to meet Dave Matthews and not mean it? Yeah, that would be a cruel, cruel joke. Robin's a fanatic like me; I found it hard to believe she would trick me that way, but I found it harder to believe we were going to meet Dave Matthews. I screamed, she screamed, I screamed, she screamed, my daughter who was in the car with me screamed "Mom, stop it!

You're hurting my ears! Turns out, just minutes before, Robin got a call from The Warehousethe official DMB fan club, of which we both are proud members.

meet dave matthews backstage

If you're a fan, you'd be stupid not to join the fan club — as a member, you can request concert tickets and know whether you received them in advance of the public on-sale dates. Each year, Robin and I both request two tickets to the Tampa show, and then we use the two best seats. This year, because mine were in the orchestra pit, we were using mine.

meet dave matthews backstage

When Robin picked up the phone, a woman introduced herself and asked Robin how she'd like to meet Dave Matthews. I don't need to tell you: We're not sure exactly how they choose whom to call. We don't think it's based upon seniority, because I've been in the fan club a few more years than Robin, and I've never received such a call.

The woman gave her a quick briefing — telling her she could bring one guest moi! Hmm, what to have signed?? Ever since my first book, Tell No Lieswas published, I've thought about how I might get a copy to the band. I thanked DMB in the acknowledgements section because it was their music most often playing in the background when I was writing the book.

I often joke that I'm not sure I could ever sell movie rights, because then I'd lose control over picking the soundtrack. As corny as it sounds, I wanted them to know how much their music means to me. So now, not only would I have the chance to give Dave the book in person, I could have him sign one, too. But it's a bit hard to frame a signed book and hang it on the wall in the billiards room where much of our family's memorabilia hangs.

I thought, maybe I should have him sign my concert ticket. Maybe I should have him sign an 8 x 10 glossy of one of the great pictures I took during the cruise show. Maybe I should have him sign a CD cover.

Backstage glimpse: BSU professor gets rare access to Dave Matthews tour

Or maybe a band T-shirt? Nope, it had to be a book. Nothing else seemed as personal, as special, as one of my own books.

Rick, Jess, and Sally all agreed: So Robin shows up the next day at my house around 2: She comes from Jacksonville, and then we leave together from my house near Orlando. No sooner do we pull onto Interstate 4, it starts raining. It has rained every year we've been attending the Tampa shows together.

Usually the rain and lightning like to have a little fun with us and wait until we're in Tampa, until we're tailgating in the parking lot of the amphitheatre or trying to find our way to our seats.

So this seems a good sign.

meet dave matthews backstage

Let's get the rain out of the way. We giggle like two school girls the whole way.

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The rain stops almost as soon as it starts, and we turn up the DMB music and sing our way across the state.

At the fairgrounds, we set up camp in the heat and spend the next hour and a half wondering what we'll say to Dave and how we'll keep from acting like blubbering idiots.

It's all we can do not to tell all the other fans around us that we're about to meet Dave, but we're afraid we'll somehow jinx ourselves. We're sweating profusely because it's SO hot, so every once in a while we get in the car and start the engine to cool ourselves off.

Before we know it, it's time to head over to Will Call and wait for our escort. Once there, we immediately see others with the same, amazed "Cinderella at the ball" look on their faces, and we know they're there for the same reason.

We keep pinching ourselves, convinced it must all be a dream. Our serious-faced escort shows up, and Robin, always ballsy, says to him, "Where's your lanyard? Leave it to Robin to check the gu y's credentials. Without cracking a smile you can tell he wants to, thoughhis hand goes to his waist, where the lanyard is clipped to his pants.

After he checks everyone's names off a list, we're given special stick-on passes that will indicate we're allowed backstage.

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He then walks us to the back lot, which we enter through a small opening in the fence. About twenty or thirty hopeful fans are loitering around the opening, hoping for a glimpse of Dave or one of the other members of the band been there, done thatand we feel a bit guilty, because this time we're the lucky ones who get to go in.

This is where my husband would say, "Guilty? Do you know how much money you've contributed to this guy's career? You deserve to meet him! As we continue to follow our escort, I spot Tim Reynolds walking by in the opposit e direction. I nudge Robin and whisper, "Look! We're led to a small Tiki hut area behind the amphitheatre.

There's a bar, stools, and several patio tables, and even though I think I'm about to melt from the heat, the last thing I want to do is sit.